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What are you singing along to?


For what it’s worth, if I was tasked with solving storage and A/V streaming for a friend or family member (who didn’t already know and feel comfortable with tech), I would go straight for Plex + NAS product:


I will admit, however, that Plex-for-Music is not a particularly strong suit in the overall Plex line-up.


Hahaha! I hear that! Plex is a decent tool in the toolbox, @pillbox. It may not be ideal for the function you want it to serve, but it’s versatile, easy, and has a bit of adaptability. Kind of like that one screwdriver that only fits the weirdest screws you swear you’ve never seen before.

Anyway, let’s get back to music!

Big fan of Puddles Pity Party, and I really should have waited until October to post this, but it really cheered me up and I hope you kids like it, too. It’s Creep: the Creepy Version:


When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

To some, that means they should buy a screwdriver. To others, that means they should buy nails.

To me, it means to start buying things that can survive being hit by a hammer.


I have a hardy multitool that serves most of those functions. However, that last qualification, survive being hit by a hammer, can’t apply to my kids.

(EDIT: they can play with my screwdrivers and pliers and hammers and nails all they like though, just as long as they keep them away from my Legos).


In keeping with my latest “What Are You Watching” post, I’m listening to the soundtrack of Bad Times at the El Royale. It’s very good, but I was miffed that Hush by Deep Purple wasn’t included. It’s an important song within the film, so I was a little surprised. Luckily, I already have it so I placed it in the proper spot within the playlist.


Yeah, BTatER (wow, that’s a really awkward acronym) had an amazing soundtrack. I am surprised Hush isn’t in there, it seemes like an obvious and appropriate inclusion.


I’m surprised this hasn’t come up here before.

I just came back to Miike Snow because I was bored, and this is kind of a crisp, catchy song I wanted to listen to again. Also the video is really fun.


Not seen that before… What a cracking video!


I was totally defenseless against the villain/hero love story.

I’ve been looking for an archnemesis since at least 2010. In fact, I signed up on OK Cupid because I found out they had an algorithm to determine who would be the absolute worst match for you. (It didn’t work out so well. It wasn’t dramatic or anything, it was just boring).

I just kind of want to find my opposite number. I’ve given up on true love, I’m getting too old for that nonsense. I was just hoping that maybe I can find a true enemy.


Have you seen Kate Beaton’s nemesis comics?


I have a Fat Pony stuffed animal. It’s in my bed.

Yes, I am familiar with the work of Kate Beaton :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just bought JoCo’s new album! (I think I mentioned this somewhere else!) it’s… different. Pleasant. Recommended? Listen to this for example;

Edit: Never heard of Miike Snow. Just watched this too, same actor/dancers. Another good un!


I’ve had the dammed JoCo CD case looking me in the eye for days, like some kind of twisted cheezy cotton-candy prize from the county fair.
(EDIT/INSERT: I was also listening to it sometimes.)
I am a total sucker for his crowdfunds, they tend to dry up when he’s focusing on the cruises.

Also, yisss, Miike Snow is not a one-trick-pony.


Supplied without comment…


Like this, @MrJackdaw?

You jerk, I can never spell any of this, but I will never get it out of my head.


Ok, Doom Patrol version better than original…

EDIT: I would so move onto Danny the Street if I could!


Disco metal. I like this, but I don’t know why. The video is execrable.


That’s an odd way to spell “masterpiece”.

I love Tragedy.


I love BOC, but I think this might actually be even better than the original?? :open_mouth:


Barrett’s Privateers by the late, great Stan Rogers: