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What are you singing along to?


Criterion still produce some amazing box sets even now. I want their True Stories Blu Ray!

And I’m listening to The Dead South…


I love The Dead South! Nice post, man.

I also want True Stories, there’s a lot of extra stuff even on the DVD. The whole Criterion story is pretty interesting (not going into it here, you can look it up online if anyone’s interested).


Hello youse all!

I am currently fully unable to stop listening to two songs: Are you sitting comfortably? by Megson and We Need Each Other Now by Merry Hell

I feel it may be joyful to actually share this with a group of people who, unlike anyone at work, seem to appreciate a bit of a folky bent.

Edit: the studio version is better but there’s no official video to post


Since we’re all getting a bit instrumental and folky and a bit bluegrass (I’m looking at you, @MrJackdaw), I have to share the video of this kid, who’s an amazing one-man-band. Just wait through how he got his name, when he starts playing, it’s a revelation:

(EDIT: when I say “kid,” please remember I’m starting to push the back-end of forty. Everyone who is younger than fifty is like a little kid to me, now. I’ll totally be twelve in my heart forever, though).


Just did an inventory of my hard drive. I really wish I hadn’t.

I have over 18,000 music files in around 2.5K folders, somewhere around 104 GB, and that doesn’t include my magnetic tapes and vinyl records. I swear I can name each track when it starts playing, classical, modern, traditional, whatever.

I feel like I should be on one of those hoarding reality shows, now.

I need to get a new hobby, like pornography or something, this is ridiculous.


Organizing music files (or trying to, at least) sounds like a hobby that might occupy a significant portion of your time…


Whenever I need a pick me up, I listen to this.
60% of the time it works Every time.


Oh @MinuteWalt , you don’t have a problem until you build a storage server to hold all the audio and video.

Mine’s at 48TB with headroom to go to 72. And of course there’s a backup server with the same capacity.


Ooo what filer are you using for this beast?


Since the series finale, I’ve really been feeling old The Mountain Goats albums.

Also tangentially how I first heard about John Darnielle


zfs on Linux. (All my machines already run Debian so that was an easy choice.) Access is by http, smb, nfs or sshfs.


I have a DIY NAS built in a whitelabel 4U rackmount running FreeNAS. It also has a ghetto DAS for extra disks. Raw capacity at the moment is about 46TB; most from 5x8TB and the reset made up of some SSDs, the 12x500GB array in the DAS that was demoted to a scratchspace DAS after I built the 5x8T, and a handful of 15k RPM disks (that just haven’t been replaced by SSDs yet).

I regret all of it: if I had it to do all over again, I’d just build something like you pictured with 8TB’s for tonnage and a handful of SSDs for speed (since my NAS also provides iSCSI targets for my virtualization lab)




I tried to go through and organise/tag it all when I got my new laptop. I made it through C before giving up (mainly because I switched to Ubuntu and haven’t sorted out a new tagging program to use).


Woah now, that’s pretty great. Thanks for posting.


Nice find!

I once saw this guy, Jim White, in concert as the warm up for David Byrne. Jim was amazing (Mr Byrne was breathtaking).

Jim didn’t have a band and ‘built’ each song one instrument at a time using loops. I’ll never forget it!

This is my favourite track though…


This guy was a warm up for Byrne? He blew my socks off!

Of course he’d have to be amazing, to open for that show, sure. But Jim White should be a headliner.

(I would have gone to extraneous efforts to have seen that concert. If you have any video, please share).


Sorry, no video. This was a LONG time ago in Manchester! Crickey, how long ago?..

Ok, a bit of research shows I ordered that album in 2004, a few days after the concert.

Holy carp, that’s a long time ago!


My mental state this week…


@Griffster77 I shared that with my 22-year-old, we were rolling on the floor.


I have done that, but only once for myself. I made a server with a broken-down old 9x a long time ago, but I don’t want to be the family’s “tech guy” anymore. I’m way to lazy to do that at home these days (except for on the part of my drive I partitioned for a Tux boot). Linux and Unix usually gives me the shakes, iOS makes me tear all of my hair out with anger, I’m perfectly fine with taking the middle ground of Win 10.