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What are you singing along to?


I bought my family a Nintendo Switch for Christmas. I remembered these guys. So, so good.


I’m in the car and Im cranking it loud!



Just discovered this… I think @MinuteWalt might appreciate it… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4fHlldbRHo

(Note: Their other stuff is very much NSFW)


Today’s discovery was that I’d missed Guano Apes re-recording some songs from their first album for its 20th anniversary a couple of years ago. So I’ve listened to this multiple times today because it’s incredible.

I need them to record a new album of stuff like this ASAP.


Yes. It made me chuffed, for sure! I’m sharing this one with my older kid, he’ll get a big kick out of it (dad, where’d you get that beard and accent? And when did you lose all of your hair?)


I’ve gotten my five-year-old hooked on these little “Right On Tracks” videos, and she’s delighted to have added derriere and tush to her vocabulary.

Highly recommended by the kindergarten set.


Hard to sing along with this because there’s no lyrics. It’s a cover of Crockett’s Theme from Miami Vice and I think it’s superb. Chock full of ‘80s synthesizer goodness and slowed down from Jan Hammer’s original tempo. The 8-bit Crockett and Tubbs riding past the sunset in the white Testarossa is a nice touch too.


Right now Gathering by Kikagaku Moyo is placed very prominently in my playlist. Saw them live a few months ago and can’t stop listening them, great psychedelic music. This song being a little bit on the heavier side of their reportoire.

(and did I mention how much I love the cover art?)


Going old school with some Rosselson…


My family’s day-to-day routine in the mornings means that I typically have about an hour between when my wife leaves for work and when I leave to take my daughter to day care.

I typically like to put on celtic folk/folk-inspired music in the mornings and, lately, I’ve gotten into the habit of singing along to this song while dancing around the living room holding my 15-month daughter

Now, whenever she hears the beginning of this song, she crawls to me and expects me to pick her up so we can dance.


Today I am listening to the London Symphony and Chorus recording of Candide, Leonard Bernstein conducting, at my desk in accordance with my new “Workplace Opera-a-Day” policy. Yesterday was Wagner’s Die Walküre, and Monday will be Il barbiere di Siviglia. I have a private office, but my co-workers still hate me because I leave the door open and turn the volume up to make up for it.

And yes, I sing along. :laughing:


Some time ago I found Morgan James, enjoying her a lot :slight_smile:

In the first video you have to watch the Tambourine guy closer :smiley:


Good god, he is amazing! :grinning:


For some reason am listening to a lot of political stuff today:

Kate Tempest - Europe Is Lost

Green Day - American Idiot

MICKEY 3D - La France a peur

Noir Désir - L’Homme Presse

Trust - Antisocial

Billy Bragg New England

The Good, The Bad and The Queen - Kingdom Of Doom

Renaud - Miss Maggie Version Anglaise


That’s so cute…


Very drunk James here… I MUST <3 BILLY BRAGG!


@Tadd31 MICKEY 3D is nerdy-sexy. That video is practically a Michel Gondry film.


That is when MrJackdaw is at his best (or at least when we can make fun of him and he won’t notice :rofl:).


French and Gondry? yes we can do that


Yeah! That was one of my first introductions to him! Criterion has a whole DVD of his music videos. (I also highly recommend the Spike Jonze one, too. It may be hard to find, fair warning. Criterion was a 90s/2000 thing, I think).