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What are you singing along to?


Have you seen his cover of Black Sabbaths ‘Changes’? Because you should. Made me tear up at work when it came on you youtube shuffle.

As am I. It’s reminding me of something I used to listen to in my youth, but can’t currently remember. It’s going to bother me until I find whatever it’s reminding me of though.

Brodka seems to be music I can get on board with, even if the opening to Up In The Hill creeped me out. Eyes. Too many eyes.
The second song you’ve linked there is also good, although I feel like I’m missing out not being able to speak the language.

My Introduction to Ska is the Australian ‘The Cat Empire’, so this is a nice change. Although I might not be able to stop giggling at the way the lyrics/vocals/language seems to be at odds to the music. It adds a weirdly hilarious darker edge to what I normally associate with something that’s aggressively happy.

This is hilariously weird and wonderful. The band name fits that song and with an album named Pacifisticuffs, I feel obligated to listen to all of it. Which I will. Later.

Took me way way to long to work out where I knew his name from. Turns out, from 8in8 which I discovered via Neil Gaiman and more specifically ‘The Problem With Saints’. Never occurred to me to check out the other band members. More fool me.

This is definitely something I can get behind. Reminds me of something my Uncle showed me in my teens, which if I recall correctly (which is rare) was Native American chanting with electronic (think Moby). It was great, with a kind of relaxing energy to it. Unfortunately I never learnt the artists name and I haven’t been able to find it since the MP3 player it was on fell in the river.

New Zealand represent!
Sorry, I’ll stop that now.

I’ve never heard this before, and guitars don’t normally do much for me, but about 30 seconds in I made an ‘Oooooo’ noise of approval.
I suspect if this were a record I would wear it out fairly quickly.


@fodder256 MUETE is amazing. I’ve performed in the street, myself (not busking, just trying to attract attention to the shop I was working at, or just trying to entertain innocent bystanders as I was walking to lunch),
performing and busking at that level is phenomenal.


Bit more French stuff for you

RENAN LUCE - La lettre

Get Up - Chinese Man

Pink Martini - Je Ne Veux Pas Travailler

Les Fatals Picards - L’amour à la française

GiedRé - TouTes des PuTes


This looks interesting, lets watch… good tune… interesting. I wonder what she is singing about.

Translates lyrics


We teach French!

I really, really hope no-one heard it… :stuck_out_tongue:


This made me have to look it up. Just…wow…


@COMaestro it’s actually a feminist song to show the absurdity on how women are treated in society and by using the word over and over the impact of the word become redundant and therefore the chauvinist pigs can not using as an insult…


And it’s interesting, and a damn good tune. But still. AAAGGGHHHH!

(I genuinely found this interesting.)


More French songs for @MrJackdaw

Katerine - Louxor J’Adore

Carlos : Big bisous

Pierre Perret - Le Zizi


Oh, I assumed as much. You can’t have that much…interesting language for lyrics and not be somewhat satirical in intent.


And one in return for @Tadd31!

The French are weird. Sometimes even in a good way!

Then again… so are the English…


Thank you, I really hope the British can go back to be more silly to be honest…especially in the current climate… @MrJackdaw

The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band Equestrian Statue

Vivian Stanshall’s Big Grunt - 11 Mustachioed Daughters

It’s Just Not Cricket

THE RUTLES - Cheese And Onions

French songs:

Katerine - Moustache

How can you not love this?

Les Beadochons - Pas d’papier Water

This is song about been stuck in a loo without any toiler rolls

As de Trefle - Ca ou d’la merde

This is a song about doing anything else than listening to shit music

Mc Solaar - Bouge de là

A classic French song that you probably know about the day in a life of someone that couldn’t care less about anything.