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What Are You Reading Now?


I agree with @brattyjedi. I’m currently deep into Hideo Yokoyama’s Six Four, which I highly recommend for anyone who likes hard boiled noir detective-y stuff.


Well having persisted for 3 more chapters, I’m now in - time to see where things go! Thanks for the input folks! :slight_smile:


That’s pretty much where I am with it. I kind of want to finish them just to see the end of the story but I cant face any rereads to remember what went on!




Just started Vincent Price: a Daughter’s Biography by Victoria Price last night. Only read the foreward and preface so far, but am looking forward to reading more.


Finished ‘Sleeping Giants’ by Sylvain Neuvel (Themis Files part 1/3) and moved right on to part 2, ‘Waking Gods’. I’m in the delightful position of really enjoying a trilogy that I haven’t read before.


Okay, so here is my current reading list:
“Heroics for Beginners” by John Moore
“The Snow Queen” by Joan Vinge
“The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet” by Becky Chambers
“Diving Universe” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
“The Southern Reach” by Jeff Vandermeer
“Icarus Down” by James Bows (sp?)
“Nine Fox Gambit” by Jun (Yun) Lee
“Expendables” by James Allan Garner
“The Risen Empire” by Scott Westerfeld
“Whitechapel Gods” by SM Peters
“Her Majesty’s American” by Steve White
“Target Rich Environment” by Larry Correia
“Fifth Season” by N.K. Jemisin

Any suggestions on a particularly good one from that list that I should tackle next? I have to finish editing my 3rd novel this week, but after that I have a week or two to dive into a few books, and I don’t know if some of these are better than others.


Everybody except me loved The Fifth Season.

The Risen Empire is excellent, but make sure you’ve got both parts (that is the title both of volume 1 and of the omnibus edition with The Killing of Worlds).

The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet is generally excellent.

Diving into the Wreck (the first of that Rusch series) was OK, but didn’t really grab me.

Ninefox Gambit is also excellent.

I’ve reviewed all of those; my reviews are collected at blog.firedrake.org (there’s a page with all the book reviews - which I’ve apparently linked here before so I won’t do it again).


Personally, I’d ask what sort of mood you’re in but in general I’d say:

Nine Fox Gambit could be a bit marmite but despite it being quite hard work to get my head around for the first few chapters I found it to be an absolutely thrilling read and ripped through the final third of the book at a rate of knots.

If you’re in a more light hearted mood The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet is one of the more joyful books I’ve read in the past few months. As an author and/or editor yourself, your mileage may vary on the character writing.


The southern reach is the only one of those I have read, but I liked it. Presumably your interest will depend largely on what you thought of Annihilation.


I’m am pretty much just endlessly reading P. G. Wodehouse stories at the moment. I am very happy with this arrangement.


I was in a forum with my old chum Phil when he said the darndest thing.

“What’s that Peepot (for that was his unfortunate nickname, bestowed after he drank three coconut in a howdah in Burmah back on the grand tour)?” I exclaimed. 'Endless reading? Seems rather tedious and cerebral doncha think?"

“Why Crumpet old chap not a bit of it! I enjoy it with surpassing immensity. I dare say I shall be endlessly reading until my eyesight gives out entirely. I can only hope to have met the right woman who will read to me in my dotage when that unhappy state is reached” replied Peepot with umbrage

“It still seems like an unseasonable burden if you ask me” I replied “All that reading and women, it’s enough to turn a man’s intestines to custard. No, I believe I’ll have my man Jeeves read for me if I ever start to get urges in that direction.”

“As you say sir” said Jeeves sanguinely. “Perhaps I could fetch some brandy and cigars and read for both the learned Gentelmen?”


Oh yes, I was just considering a return to Woodhouse yesterday! I loved those books when I was young. And since I have been watching miss fisher’s murder mysteries, by the strange associative processes in my brain, I have had the Jeeves and Wooster theme tune in my head constantly for about a month.


I finished The Gate to Women’s Country a while back; was… interesting? worth a read but a bit of a slog.

Now reading Command and control by Eric Schlosser which is well worth reading albeit equal parts terrifying and depressing. It’s a history of nuclear weapon safety and policy in the US. So a fun collection of near misses and terrible decisions. It intersperses the broader history with chapters that closely follow the events of the Damascus Incident.


Finally finished the fifth Game of Thrones book, I guess In need to get HBO and watch the show now.

I’ve started reading John Marshall: The Man who Made the Court. It’s been good so far, interesting insight into important Supreme Court cases that built the power of the court and really control, the US court system every day. Also he’s kind of funny. One of my favorite stories so far is the Supreme Court’s tradition of having wine with their dinner only when it was raining. So they would go to the window and check, and if it was sunny out, Marshall would say that their jurisdiction extends so far it must be raining somewhere, and they would serve the wine.


Currently about halfway through Patrick DeWitt’s French Exit. It’s a bit early to call it, but I think I may like this one more than Sisters Brothers, and that is high praise indeed.


Got some free time coming up, and I’ve been thru the Game of Thrones books, so looking around for something to occupy my time.

I’ve got the first two Dresden Files books ready to go - but I have read them before. Might be time to have a scan thru this thread and see what I can find.

Last night and today I was reading The Night Stalker, based on the 1974 tv series (which was one of my favourite shows growing up).


“Sleeping Giants” by Sylvain Neuvel (Themis Files #1)


Well, I finished The Wheel of Time, all 14,000 or so pages of it (give or take a thousand or so).

Hot Take? Robert Jordan was a confirmed breast man. I don’t believe there’s a single woman character, and there are many, who is not at one point described in terms of her relative breast size and exposure.
There are several strong, well-written, absolutely pivotal women in the story, which is great, but don’t expect to get by with not hearing about her “bosomy form” or “scandalous cleavage.”
It’s just kind of silly, because overall, the books are definitely pretty mild PG.

More thoughts on these massive tomes later, once I’ve organized my thoughts a little better.


For all the times I’ve tried to get through the Wheel of Time I’ve never made it past the 6th book, or early into the 7th maybe. By that point all the untamed plot threads have gotten so out of control that I can’t keep it all straight anymore.

The first 3 books would have been a really tight fantasy world if it had wrapped up there, and 5 would have been ok. But dude just could not tie up a loose end to save his life.