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What Are You Reading Now?


I’m taking a break from re-reading Game of Thrones, picked up The Stainless Steel Rat series, always enjoyed that. I was also going to reread Bill, The Galactic hero (same author, Harry Harrison), and found there were multiple books with Bill. Then I dug a little deeper, and found they were not all written by Harrison. I got halfway thru one of them, but it was pretty silly stuff. Has characters called Captain Dirk, Splock (who of course has pointed ears).


Man, I haven’t read any of the Stainless Steel Rat books since college I think. Loved those books. Even named one of my Skaven Gutter Runners in Blood Bowl J.B. diGriz, and he turned out to be one of my most valuable players.


Finished all the Dresden Files books which I have access to at the moment (need to dig through more boxes in the garage to find the others). Meanwhile, I’m going back even further in my book library and reading The Legend of Huma, a book from the Dragonlance line, and one of the first fantasy books I ever read. I haven’t been to Ansalon in a long time, and it feels nice to visit.


What did you think about the live-action show (if you’ve seen it)? I liked what I’d read (not very far, I got distracted), and it seemed like the short-lived show was as on-point as anyone could expect it to be.


Currently reading the collection of Gaiman short stories Fragile Things, and finding every once in a while I’ve already read one in some other anthology somewhere. I have queued up The Graveyard Book, next.

I need to read The Magicians to find out how the show is different from the books, I won’t say anything more about it, yet.

I think after that, some technical manuals and/or some used science textbooks. My fiction tank has gotten a bit full, and History texts can’t clean out the fiction tanks the same way.


I enjoyed the show for what it was, but it wasn’t Dresden. It was like alternate universe Dresden. They kind of got the feeling of the setting, but the characters, especially Harry, did not feel like the characters as they are in the books. Production values were pretty good, and I totally understand why they made Bob a human ghost rather than try to animate a talking skull (and the actor did a great job). It could have been so much better, though, and by making this alt-Dresden universe instead of something more accurate to the characters in the books, it alienated many fans and turned them off the series, basically wasting the already formed fan base.

That said, I liked it enough to pick up the DVD set.


The live action seemed to be promising as heck, but lacked the edge of the books (even though it actually had quite a bit of “edge” for the time). I had read just beyond the TV series’ end, but I know someone who has all of the books.

I recently thought I had had nothing to read, now I realize I had a lot that I wasn’t thinking about. I have a plan again!



I’m too lazy to go back and see if you’ve read these already, but the aforementioned
Rivers of London series would be very much up your alley.


Rivers of London was very hit-and-miss for me.
I quite enjoyed some of the books, while others almost irritated me.
I think part of the problem for me was that Ben Aaronovitch is good at building interesting story arcs and his unique take on some generic fantasy tropes, but I’m not convinced about his characters, and in general I think he’s not up to Butcher’s standards as a novelist (not to mention Gaiman!). It just was a bit too much tell-instead-of-show for me.
That being said, I’m looking forward to starting book seven tonight and hope it’ll be one of the ones I like.


New list:



I got a couple for Christmas, 2 new vol of food wars manga, which ended on a recipe cliffhanger curses.
End of the Watch by Stephen King. I liked them enough (Mr Mercedes trilogy) to get in paperback, but not hard back if that makes sense.
I in a 2 mom casual book club and am half way through a the Glass Throne series, which is good but kinda every young adult book which I will add a comic to explain.

I have just got and been reading the most AWESOME cookbook! By Mary and Vincent Price. I a been really enjoying the little antidotes
It has multiple facets of interests. What It was like to have fine dining in 1965, recipes from around the world, and menus. Then the home version of their favorites.


I finished Book 4 of The Expanse. I’m reading Book 5 now.


Just started the God Eaters which is interesting so far, very interesting feel (magical wild west)


Will hopefully be running The Great Pendragon Campaign as my next campaign for my group, so was reading La Morte D’Arthur and The Once and Future King.

Gave up on The Once and Future King after it seemed more whimsical comedy than anything, which is odd as I have read it described as the closest thing to Pendragon. Also heard that Malory was pretty tough going, but so far it’s been totally fine.


How far did you manage to get? I’d recommend trying to read the Ill Made Knight, as some of Lancelot’s story includes bouts of madness and illogical choices due to his strong passions - it may help with putting those mechanics of Pendragon into context.


Re: Once and Future King:
Once you get past the “Young Arthur” part of the book, with its rather long-winded animal allegories for real-life political systems (ants as Communists, for example) and whimsy, the book takes a rather amazing turn toward serious dramatic content and much better writing. The difference is as stark as that between The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings, and I recommend you stick with it. This book’s a deserved classic, and not just because Disney made a movie out of the first third.

DIE Comic

@Scribbs and @Habilis

Yeah, I didn’t get very far, maybe I’ll skip ahead and read the later sections.

Although I have been playing Pendragon since 1st edition, so I think I have that part pretty set, but wanted to get back into it with the right feel and flavour.


I’m reading the third book of the Ryria Revelations. My boss recommended this series to me. I thought it’s a generic fantasy novel when she did, which I kinda thought at the first half of Book 1, but I end up loving it.


About half-way through a reread of Kage Baker’s The Company series. Superb stuff.


I am rereading this:

Standing Fast: German Defensive Doctrine on the Russian Front During World War II: Prewar to March 1943

I have the physical book, but anybody interested can download a PDF copy from the Army University Press.


Addendum: I just tried it and it wouldn’t let me, so maybe you can’t. Oh well. :confused: