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What Are You Reading Now?


Right out of the Muenster Manual, right?


My Lord! The Brie-gands are attacking!


My move seems like it’s taking weeks (because it has) but I’m starting on my books (Jesus! Why did I buy all of these heavy BOOKS!). In the process, I’m rediscovering some great titles I’d forgotten about like this one. I urge anybody interested in conflict simulation, military history, or even supply chain management, to buy it and read it immediately.


I’m quite excited as tomorrow is the second meeting the Comic Book Club I started on my campus this year, and we will be handing out the first selection of books to the members (Ms Marvel, Gotham Academy, Ultimate Spider-Man and Super Sons).

I’ve read all of them before (Except for Super Sons) but I am super thrilled to see what others think of them and the discussions they bring to the table!




I’m actually reading an interesting book called The Subterranean Railway by Christian Wolmar. It’s the story of the London Underground.

Not being familiar with the geography of London, it’s a little bit hard to follow sometimes, but it’s still interesting.

I’m about half-way through and just crossed the turn of the 20th century.


Just finished The Climb, which was very interesting.

I’ve never read or seen “Into Thin Air”, but it was fascinating to read what was in large part a rebuttal of it, ably demolishing (what appeared to be) some of the central tenets of that conflicting account of a disaster on Everest. High altitude climbing is crazy.


You might like the film Everest, which also tells the same story, and (I think) does it really well


The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government

Fascinating book so far about the rise of the CIA and its possible involvement in the assassination of JFK. Having done some digging, the CIA themselves deny strenuously the 2nd part of the book, dealing with that kind of stuff, but even the stuff they don’t really dispute in the 1st half of the book is fascinating and (in the many ways that a lot of people in the secret services and the government of the US* knowingly let the Holocaust happen) disgusting in equal parts.

*I’m sure other governments were as bad but they are not addressed in this book!


I did really like this book too, though I wasn’t sure how much to actually believe.

But it was entertaining and intriguing as well. I think it started to get way out there when talking about Kennedy, but even that was thought-provoking.


That sounds very interesting, so I looked for the author on amazon and found a book of his called “Pussycats: Why the Rest Keeps Beating the West”. Reading its description I am not sure what to think about that man and his ideology…

But a book about logistics seems to focus on history and the importance of logistics for wars which is a fascinating topic and one I’d love to read more about, so I put that one on my wishlist :smiley:


Oh yes. Van Creveld can be a very controversial person. He has said many…pointed things in interviews and some of his books. But my experience with him has been focused on his military historical analyses, and strategic theory. These I have found to be compelling and interesting, particularly his views on low intensity conflicts, which I think are very relevant today. Supplying War is on the officer’s reading list for the US Army. (I posted that picture elsewhere and a friend of mine, a retired US Army colonel, replied that he thought the book was a “snoozer”. He’s wrong, of course, but he was a tank commander, so we can chalk that up to him banging his head on things inside the turret when he was younger!) The chapter on the Deutsches Afrikakorps, for example, turns most of what I’ve read about Rommel’s supply problems on its head. I would be very interested to learn what you thought about the book if you decide to read it.


I put it on my list, I am curious :slight_smile:


I picked up a copy of His Dark Materials (all 3 books in one) while I was in London this spring and am re-reading that (although new boardgames are occupying a bit more time than usual) in preparation to read the final book.

On a related note: why are book covers so much cooler in the UK vs US? We were sorely tempted to rebuy various books over there simply for the far better visual presentation, but ended up just picking up a variety of books we hadn’t seen in US bookstores instead.


I’m still working through Book 3 of Locke Lamorra (Republic of Liars, I think?), but I leave it at work so I have something to read over my lunch break instead of going out for tasty, fatty iced treats.

But that leaves me with nothing to read when I’m at home, so when my partner sent me for a book from our FLBS I picked up two for myself:
The Guns Above by Robyn Bennis, and Ancillary Sword by Ann Leckie.

I’m about 100 pages into the (delightful) Guns Above so far, and it’s been really nice.
I also picked up Ain’t to Place for a Hero. Borderlands by Kaitlyn Tremblay, which is a critical analysis of the series (both from a video game and a writing perspective). I usually hate (HATE hate) critical literary analysis, but this one is much funnier and more self-aware… much like the series itself.

Ooh. I see what she did there. Anyway! I’m enjoying it.



I had never heard of the series, but book 1 was in a random assortment of second-hand books I picked up. Good read so far!


Oh you’re in for a treat! I wish I could forget it and start fresh. Let me know what you think when you finish the first book!


It was good! I’ve not read any “teen” fiction for a long while, so I enjoyed the ride =)

Bought the trilogy as an ebook.


Just finished reading La Belle Sauvage, a strange prequel to a strange series (having read the trilogy years ago).

I quite like the setting and story, but something about his writing style does not make it easy reading or unputdownable for me.


Finished The Name of the Wind and just picked up The Wise Man’s Fear which I will start at lunch today. Then I will probably join the chorus of people clamoring for Rothfuss to get Day 3 published!