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What Are You Reading Now?


Make sure to read slowly…


Don’t get too attached to the series…


It’s so good! The Wise Man’s Fear is great too! Just don’t rush into it. It could be awhile for the third…


Yes, I’m aware. Thanks for the warnings though. :slight_smile:


3rd book isnt out yet. You have made a serious mistake :rofl:


Im reading the Riyria Revelations. Im at Rise of Empire which is part 2 of the trilogy. Im very engrossed at the series righr now


Let’s be fair: if no one read a book series until it was complete, no book series would ever be made because the first book would flop!


Maybe publishers ought to be like Netflix and drop the whole series at once! :slight_smile:


Thanks @MinuteWalt for reminding me of Gaiman’s Nordic Myths. Read it here on vacation and it’s great. I think I agree with Gaiman that this was my favorite pantheon if I had to chose.
I love that it’s a relatively simple, yet deep view into human behaviours.
I love that the gods are obvious stand-ins for humans (no mingling with mortals, no half-deities or such).
I love the hilarious, thrilling, terrifying stories told in Gaiman’s prose which make them appealing for contemporary readers without modernising them.
I love the interaction with the Giants, arch-enemies and relatives at the same time.
I even love the many incongruencies regarding details like size and time.


But in the olden days they at least managed a steady publication rhythm without getting distracted by screen adaptations or sudden fame.


Or they died. Like Goddamn Patrick O’Brian, who had the unmitigated gall to die in the middle of writing the 21st book in the Aubrey/Maturin series, the one that should have wrapped up a shit-ton of dangling plot threads, leaving us all forever wanting. THAT BASTARD.

I mean, yeah, he was like 127 years old, but STILL.


That whole series is great, and fortunately Sullivan is pretty good about cranking about new books at a reasonable rate.

I’m stuck now reading Swafford’s biography of Beethoven - it’s good, but slow going. I devoured his biography of Brahms, but that was 15+ years ago, and apparently my taste in books has changed.


This 100%. Love those books




If I didn’t have so many books on my ‘to read’ pile I’d go back and reread them


Carl Hiaasen, Bad Monkey. (I had to do a few searches to make sure his name was spelled right, it defies all the spell checks).

I used to hate this guy before I read any of his books, because I used to work in a remainder bookshop. We used to get, every day, elderly people asking us if we had any Carl Hiaasen (always in the same tone and cadence, “HIGH-a-Sin, Carl Hiaasen, do you have any Carl Hiaasen?”) right in our faces, like they were speaking to their yard and lawn people, and assumed that by speaking louder and using over-annunciation, they could make us (“us” meaning both the workers at the bookshop, as well as their gardeners who spoke perfect English) would somehow understand them better and magically give them what they wanted.

Anyway, I caved in and read him. Humor, plus procedural, plus mystery (multi-genre already had me interested), plus this-is-where-I-grew-up. That’s good enough for me.

I am ready for the retirement book club.


Current delivery date for my pre-order on Amazon - September 23 2020 - September 25 2020


Sweet booky goodness. Book deliveries are the best deliveries


You’re using all three in your next campaign, right?


Absolutely. The attack of the Killer Brie!