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What Are You Reading Now?


I can respect this. I have not read Empowered but know of it. Critique and satire are hard lines to draw with the same pen. Even when successful it always comes down to audience interaction and interpretation. (Fight Club, Rick and Morty, etc).

I dont think theres anything inherently wrong with cheesecake personally, it’s just a hard thing to defend when its disproportionately drawn by men with an extremely mysoginstic lens.

Kris Anka is one of my favorite artists currently in comics and his work is very cheesecake (beefcake?), but never sexist (at least in my opinion).

Babs Tarr also leans heavily on cheesecake.

Nothing wrong with sex-positivity in comics as long as its matched with inclusivity and not conditionalized to only be acceptable for the male gaze.


As a middle-aged white heterosexual male, I can only very hesitantly certify as something as inclusive, because what the hell do I know? I feel like Adam Warren is writing and drawing from a place that he considers respectful of and inclusive toward women, but I am not the person who should decide. It’s kind of in the same philosophical grey area as “I think strippers are exploited and objectified but some people think stripping is women empowering themselves by commodifying their sexuality on their own terms so maybe I’m just a prude???”


I’ve really enjoyed the Locke Lamorra books as well. I’m a little fuzzy on parts, so I’d like to re-read them at some point. Not sure if it will be when book 4 or 5 releases. Given the time between 2 and 3, and now 3 and 4, it could be awhile!
I think you’ll enjoy The Republic of Thieves. It’s been a few years, but I think I enjoyed it a bit more that Red Seas. I will say it ends on probably the biggest cliffhanger of the series, which is annoying given the time between releases.


August 2020!! FFS! I pre-ordered it in 2016!!


Seriosuly??? WTF?! Last I heard he was aiming for 2019. He’s worse that G. R. R. Martin!


Thats what it says on amazon.

Patrick Rothfuss is another one


Not quite George R.R. Martin levels of writer’s block. A Dance with Dragons was released 2011, Republic of Thieves 2013.


@Griffster77 I actually forgot about Rothfuss. I loved those first two books. I don’t think he’s even hinted at a release date.

@Scribbs yeah that fair. As Griffster reminded me, Rothfuss is in Martin’s camp, as The Wise Man’s Fear released in 2011, and so far…not a word (that I’m aware of).

I used to swear against starting a series before it was finished being published, so that I could read it all in one go. I kind of wish I’d stuck to that!

Edit: The exception being thibgs likethe Desden Files, as that’s on on going series with no confirmed stopping point.


I too used to refuse to start a series until the author finished it.

Then I became an author. And nuts to that… I need people to buy my books NOW so I can eat NOW. If nobody picks up a book because I haven’t finished the series, I’m going to be in a lot of trouble*!

*So far I have only one series that I’m writing that I self-published, and it’s based very heavily on Tintin (Tintin! In! SPAAAAAACCCEEE!)… which is a lot of fun to write, but by the same token I think there are like 30 books in that series, and I’ve written one-and-a-half of them so far? The rest of my works are all stand-alone that, if they become popular/picked up by a publisher, COULD be series but aren’t written to be “part one of X”.

So, in conclusion, go buy that book by that author. Unless they’re super-super-super popular, they absolutely need your support.



Thats a completely fair argument.

Realistically, its been awhile since I’ve consciously avoided starting a series because it was finished. Most of the time, it’s because I’m just getting to a series in my back log, or I’ve only really heard about it after it was finished.


And Hilary Mantel. But although I’m very much on the lookout for the Mantel and Rothfuss books when they arrive, it doesn’t bother me hugely that there’s a delay. Maybe it’s because I work in software - I never expect things when they are originally promised.


The trick is to have enough pet authors on rotation so that you read the others whilst waiting for the other others to complete the next in the (inevitable) series.


@chrislear - I agree. Normally its not something I’m sitting around fuming about, just when it comes up and I’m reminded how long ive been waiting…and how little I remember. I’m already at the point that will have to re-read both of Pat’s books before I can start the third. Not sure I’ll bother with George’s since there are 5! Lol.

@adrian - That works, unless You have a memory like mine. It basically means I need to re-read a series when the next part comes out to have any idea whats going on, lol.


That chubby beardy bast…nevermind. I’ll wait. Still.

He’s been enjoying himself on the PAX circuit and being a bit of a “celwebtity”.

Which is fine, he’s earned it. (But for [email protected]**ks sake finish writing the next book before either you or I die, it’s been 7 years already.)


Doctor Grordbort’s Contrapulatronic Dingus Directory

I love the Dr Grordbort stuff, and wish I could afford to buy one of his rayguns. I have a couple of the plastic ones (which still look pretty cool).


I’m halfway through Cibola Burn.

It didn’t go in the direction I thought it would and for that I’m happy. To paraphrase Yoda, page-turners they are. Has anyone else been reading The Expanse?


Read them all, enjoyed them all. Slight spoilers without trying to give anything away at all:

I don’t know whether it was intentional, but the books seem to fit into a loose trilogy cycle. Cibola Burns and the next two books pretty show how the longer reaching impacts that the events from the first three books had. The seventh book (Persepolis Rising) seems to start up another cycle.


I started The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss on Sunday. Really good so far.


George Saunders’ Lincoln in the Bardo is everything people say it is, and more. It’s been years, possibly decades, since I’ve been made to laugh, cry, and freak the hell out by a book. Note: if you are a parent, as I am, you may be surprised how hard this book hits you. I can’t recommend this book highly enough. The vision of the afterlife presented in it will go up there with Toni Morrison’s Beloved and Hilary Mantel’s Beyond Black in my personal Pantheon of Spookosity.