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What Are You Reading Now?


Mmm, “fan of Watchmen” is a bit of a reach. I was trying to think of something superhero-y to add, as all your examples were. Anyway, thanks for the recommendation.

I did read all my older brother’s X-men and Spiderman comics about 20 years ago!


Oh well there are plenty of great non-superhero books out there as well!

Injection is a sci-fi crime drama inspired by British folklore and pop-culture.

The Wicked + The Divine has super-hero elements but is largely a coming of age story about idol-worship.

East of West is an alternate-history sci-fi western.

Paper Girls is a fantastic comic centering around 4 young girls in the 80s who while on their paper-route during Halloween end up on an epic journey through time.

There are plenty more that I could mention, but I stand by any of the above.


For me Stephenson is abit hit or miss.

I’m currently reading his Seveneves and I like it alot. The moon explodes and rains down on earth and humanity tries to save itself by moving into orbit. Snow Crash was probably the first cyber punk novel I read back when I was a young man and loved it.

Cryptonomicon on the other hand I had trouble getting through at all.


@TheComicQuest I have just finished reading two comics in between my books. I read Doom Patrol by Gerald Way which I really enjoyed. It is mad and has fun with the characters and plot.
I also read Clean Room, a strange one so far. I liked it but it is not for everyone. For both I’ve only read the first volume starting the second soon.
As for the Mushishi recommendation I second it. It is a great read from start to finish.I know it was translated into French because that is how I read them, but they are probably available in English. I know the manga received a lot of attention.


I can verify both Mushishi and Hikaru no Go have been translated into English, though I cannot attest to the accuracy of the translation. I was following Hikaru no Go for a while when I was getting monthly Shonen Jump comic, but ended up missing some issues way back when and stopped getting them entirely, which stopped my following of the series it contained. The story was very good and at some point I do hope to finish it.


The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.

Nuff said.


Doom Patrol is great fun! I am so happy Gerard Way was able to find his way into comics as I know he’s said that was his goal even prior to MCR. Grant Morrison’s run of Doom Patrol is also incredibly mind-bending wackadoodle weirdness if you want more of the sort! (though at times I find him to read a bit pretentious).

You can never go wrong with some Doreen Allene Green :sunglasses:


I love Ryan North!!

Also, I’m big big fan of Thorgal since my childhood. I learned how to draw from these books!


I’ve never heard of Thorgal but i’ll have to check it out!


This is the true Thor gal:

/bad joke


I bought a heap of comics a few months ago and slowly working through them. Been reading a lot of Remender’s work, especially Deadly Class. He’s quite trite in his writing - subtext is elevated up to text, so that nothing remains save for exposition laced with full on explanations of any attempt at visual/narrative metaphors. Low is particularly bad for it. How many ways can he explain how hope can help someone overcome any obstacle? How many times can he write “hope” and “positivity” on a single page?! In the foreword he even goes as far as to explain how he came across positive thinking in therapy - layering exposition with meta-exposition.

Deadly Class is great though. Wes Craig’s art is the best I’ve seen since Eduardo Risso’s work in 100 Bullets. The cells flow in fantastic ways and he’s not afraid to change style for effect. The dripping scenery and balloon cartoons of drug trips to hand drawn doodles and scribbles mixed with mission impossible style shifts when planning a heist. The writing is decent enough, but I don’t think I’d be hooked without the art. I especially love how the first few issues use a different colour pallet on each page. It works really well for shifting tone.

Up to the 5th trade now. No spoilers, but I’m surprised how much the story has shifted. Looking forward to the TV show now. Think it’d be interesting to see the shift in focus. It’s SyFy though, so no high hopes…


Going away without my laptop meant I actually got some reading done for the first time in ages! I read:

Heroine Worship by Sarah Kuhn - The sequel to Heroine Complex, which I loved. About a team of Asian-American superheroines. A different POV character from the first book, but just as engaging.

Six-Gun Snow White by Catherine M Valente - Should be a silly premise (SW reimagined as a half-Native American woman in the old west) but it works really well and manages to have darker themes without tipping into being a cliche “edgy” reimagining.

Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero - Basically Scooby Doo meets Lovecraft. There are some odd stylistic choices which I’ve seen people complain about, but I really liked it.

Brimstone by Cherie Priest - I’m nearly halfway through this. It’s not quite dipped into proper horror yet.

As for comics, my favourite current series is Coda by Si Spurrier and Matias Bergara. Unsurprising as I pretty much love anything Spurrier does. It’s about a fantasy world where almost all magic has been destroyed.


I just finished reading:

Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer. While I originally intended to savour it during my morning commutes, I wolfed it all down in a day or two. Good stuff, thanks @Anita!

Now I need to find the other two books of the trilogy.


I’m happy you liked it! Yeah, I have a feeling Jeff Vandermeer is one of these writers that future generations will call ‘classic’.


I’m also not a huge fan of Remender, I think his books always have a great central concept, but then rely on outdated tropes to shock readers just to hammer in a point as if they’ve never considered it before in their entire lives.

Low and Tokyo Ghost especially were hard for me because I felt his writing for the female leads felt more exploitative than empowering. There is nothing wrong with a female character being comfortable with (or even flaunting) their sexuality, but when it’s so clear that it’s being written from a straight male perspective, it feels incredibly disingenuous, especially when so many of these female protagonists are the same body type and always conventionally attractive.

Deadly Class was definitely stronger stuff but I only made it to volume 2 so maybe I’ll have to give it another shot. I still end up collecting a lot of his work as the artists he teams with are some of the best and the books end up worth a space on my shelf for the art alone.

Also Syfy has REALLY upped their game in recent years and it is produced by Joe and Anthony Russo (with them directing the first season I believe?), so I wouldn’t count out the TV adaptation just yet!


I’m not going to spoil anything, but Deadly Class has quite a big about turn after the first arc. The whole “I hate school. School sucks. I’m better than everyone else here” thing in the first few volumes goes away.

It’s still quite tropey, but it swaps for other tropes. Makes for a lot more of an interesting story. So far DC is the only Remender I’ve read that’s dug itself out of its Philosophy 101 hole. I’m still interested to see where it’s going since its still just throwing out hints about the larger story, but I think it will be worth sticking with.

Onto Black Science next. The general consensus seems to be better than Low, not as good as Deadly Class? Let’s see!

I’ve read the TV series will focus a lot more on the day to day school life and lessons. That part is hardly in the comic at all side from one or two montage and exposition scenes. Could be interesting! Hope they don’t go too Harry Potter with it all though.


Is it better than the film? I found that disappointing.

Currently reading:

Genghis Khan: the Man Who Conquered the World by Frank McLynn
Gorky Park by Martin Cruz Smith
Falcon of Sparta by Conn Iggulden
Eleven Minutes Late: A Train Journey to the Soul of Britain by Matthew Engel
Horus Heresy: The Damnation of Pythos by David Annandale

I always have a lot of books on the go


Is the film ever better than the book?

Just finished Authority, by Jeff Vandermeer. My first ever Kindle purchase. Also good.


Yes, sometimes. As evidence, I present The Hunger Games. But that’s the only one that comes to mind immediately.


Fight Club is the usual example given, as Chuck Palahniioujjkh himself says so.