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What Are You Reading Now?


So I’m trying to practice stoicism,which is extremely hard to me since I’m such an emotional and dreamy person (Pisces, anyone?). I’m reading some texts, lately Consolation of Philosophy by Boethius, sixth century advisor of king Theodoric the Great.

Guy had everything: respect, fame, wealth, health, loving and respected family, education and wisdom. But one day he got arrested and senteced to death for treason (arguably innocently). What does he do in prison during last days of his life? He writes a philosophic dialogue. Remember, he does it in early Medieval era, when philosophy was considered pagan and evil. He writes a dialogue, which is very Plato style, and he doesn’t talk in it to an angel or God,like St Augustine would do, but he talks to madam philosophy herself. Bold move.
Understanding the text and meditating on Boethius’ thoughts took me a lot of time and made my brain overheat.

I don’t recommend philosophizing during heat wave :fire:

I needed something light, so I picked up The Word is Murder by Anthony Horowitz. My fave mystery writer from now on.

If you read anything by him, you know he likes to play with formulas and style. Oh, his style is great! It’s beautiful and funny how he disses a character when he discribes them. And he gives you all the clues you need to solve the mystery. You know exactly as much as his detective. In this particular book, he even told us Oh, there is huge clue in chapter one, it makes the murderer’s identity obvious. Guess what, I’ve reread the chapter and didn’t find the clue. Now, when I know the end I find it super easy to guess and I feel like the most stupid person on this planet. I love the feeling! The book is 400 pages long and I finished it in 2 seatings.

And then I grabbed another book of his, Magpie Murders which is whodunit inception and then House of Silk which is new Sherlock Holmes adventure (just finished, didn’t like it too much, though, it was too Conan Doyle style).

Ok,I think I’m ready for Marcus Aurelius now :wink:


Finished Thrawn: Alliances so I’m moving on to Vampire Hunter D: Undead Island.


Just dont think Book 4 is going to arrive anytime soon!


Me too. The daily Stoic is a place of start


One year between Book 1 and Book 2 being published, 5 years between Book 2 and Book 3.

That means we should expect Book 4 around… 2023? Ten years? That’s not too bad.

Or is there a reason there won’t be a Book 4? No spoilers! No spoilers.


OK, in for a penny.

I’m reading;

(Amazon - but always buy books from your local bookstore!)

Which sounds like an awful self-help book, but is part-memoir, part advice on meditation, and genuinely an interesting read.


I just finished 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami (an author who I love to bits) and was left feeling meh. It’s waaaay too long. The first two thirds were quite interesting, but the last third is criminally boring and nothing came together well.

On a more positive note, I’ve been on a massive Kurt Vonnegut kick and am in the middle of The Sirens of Titan, a book that I may very well finish today. Straight up sci-fi, but with all of the simplicity, insanity, and wit of Vonnegut.

Incidentally, I am taking all recs for writers similar to good ol’ Kurt. I just love his style so friggin’ much. I’ve read Slaughterhouse Five, Cat’s Cradle, and Breakfast of Champions.


I know this sounds odd, but coming down from Kurt Vonnegut may require Samuel Clemens. Specifically 1601, the Mark Twain fart joke he almost never admitted to writing. Conversely, Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 if you want to continue on the more serious side of Kurt.

But, really, I’d have to say Catch 22 by Joseph Heller. It has that mix of humor and pathos and irony. It doesn’t have Vonnegut’s creamy smooth writing style.

Or pick up some John Irving, for crying out loud! He doesn’t have the fantastical elements, but he can write. Salman Rushdie is another good option, but he’s a bit stream-of-thought sometimes.

OH! Don’t forget David Foster Wallace! Even though I would punch him in the face for Infinite Book Infinite Jest if he wasn’t already dead, this guy could write. The Broom of the System and Brief Interviews with Hideous Men hold up well to Kurt.


Fahrenheit 451 is great - may have to give it a re-read.

I remember trying to read Catch 22 as a middle-schooler and it went over my head. I should try now that I have an extra decade of WIZDUM.

Huh, I’d never really considered reading Twain (I mean, Huck Finn was required reading in school, and there’s no faster way to make an author poison than make them required reading) or Wallace, so I think I’ll have to throw a bunch of their books on my Infinite To-Read List.


Ooooh, John Irving is a bit of a minefield. His earlier work has a bit more biting irony than his later stuff. There are really maybe just a few books of his that I would heartily recommend, starting with “The World According to Garp,” “The Hotel New Hampshire,” and “A Prayer for Owen Meany.”


You might also like Tom Robbins, although his wacky '70’s anything goes style has gotten a bit dated. Jitterbug Perfume is still pretty solid, though. John Barth’s Giles Goat-Boy is also extremely dark and absurd.


“Garp” and “Meany” were the two specific ones I was actually thinking of for Irving.

Also, I was thinking of Vonnegut’s later works, too, to match my sugguestions. Dude got bitter with his later works, especially after he said he was “retired,” twice (Timequake and Man Without a Country, specifically. There’s stuff that was published both during his “retirement” and even after his death, it’s a little hard to sort out.)


So many books to add to my list after going through this post! :smiley:

I just finished reading Dune and I am currently reading Watership Down by Richard Adams. Enjoying it so far.


The Sirens of Titan is so great! Loved it. Especially the Psalms for God the Apathetic.

If you enjoy Vonnegut, George Saunders is a decent shout. Short stories with a similar sardonic humour. They remind me of the tiny mini-stories Vonnegut peppers throughout his books - almost depressing fables for the modern age. The story The End of FIRPO in this World in the book Pastoralia really floored me. George has a much more flippant approach to language than Kurt (a polite way to say he writes like a 12 year old), but similar themes and ideas are there.


Aaaargh, I love DFW!!! His essays are a delight! Such a shame that his books (esp. IJ) have become some joke of masculine intellectualism.

His essay on television in A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again - about how television in the 60/70s started to break the 4th wall and reference itself, starting a progression of shows becoming more about involving the audience at home than sharing a story - was crazily on point and inciteful. I’d love to know what he’d think about how technology has progressed, now that his prediction of a solpsistic society feeding Pascal’s boxes to the masses has come to full fruition.

Argh, what a guy :heart_eyes:


He was a fantastic writer.

It still doesn’t make me any less pissed of for reading the huge doorstop phonebook that is Infinite Jest, loving everything even if I had to read another book when I was halfway through just to take a break, and just, then…

[email protected]$#&%&*(&!) a b1tch… (sorry, I do not curse lightly here, but that [email protected] [email protected][email protected]…)

Anyway, re-reading Brief Interviews…, will probably go on to A Supposedly Fun Thing… next, I haven’t read that yet.


Currently reading Serving the Reich: The Struggle for the Soul of Physics Under Hitler by Philip Ball. Which is interesting. Especially as a “how do people get so evil/let such evil happen” point of view.

Pretty depressing though


Any comic book fans here? I’ve seen some cool comic-avatars so I’m assuming so.

I read an absurd amount of comics (of which i spend a concerning amount of money on) monthly.

Current favorite ongoing’s are:

Mister Miracle, X-Men Second Genesis, The Wicked + The Divine, East of West, Cosmic Ghost Rider, Injustice 2, Injection, honestly I could go on for a while…

Anyone else got some comics their currently reading? I’m always looking for new recs!

(also if this is not the proper place to discuss comics I totally understand and could possibly make a new thread?)


Mostly manga, and mostly in Japanese. I don’t know if English translations are available and/or any good, but I recommend Mushishi and Hikaru no Go as good reads from book 1 right through to the end (I can’t bring myself to recommend anything that gets good after X books, or that falls apart mid-series).

The former is about a kind of doctor travelling around sorting out problems with “mushi” (think “spirits”, but running the gamut from bacteria to forces of nature), while the latter is about a young boy sharing his headspace with a long-dead Go master.

I also liked Sandman, Watchmen, Preacher, the Ballad of Halo Jones, Zenith… lots of comics like that. Haven’t read anything good in a similar vein for a long while though.


I definitely recommend Tom King’s work, if you’re a fan of Watchmen, King is hitting a lot of the same thematic pillars as Moore without relying on largely problematic tropes.

His Vision and Mister Miracle runs are 12 issues each, self-contained and tell a wonderfully twisted yet heart-filled story about the inner workings of a super-hero.

I don’t reach much in the way of manga, simply because I already spend so much money on western comics. I am trying to catch up on Golden Kamuy (which I’ve loved so far), and I am considering reading Boku No Hero Academia as I love super-heroes, i’ve only watched the anime so far (dubbed because I’m a heathen).