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What Are You Reading Now?


Rivers of London was very hit-and-miss for me.
I quite enjoyed some of the books, while others almost irritated me.
I think part of the problem for me was that Ben Aaronovitch is good at building interesting story arcs and his unique take on some generic fantasy tropes, but I’m not convinced about his characters, and in general I think he’s not up to Butcher’s standards as a novelist (not to mention Gaiman!). It just was a bit too much tell-instead-of-show for me.
That being said, I’m looking forward to starting book seven tonight and hope it’ll be one of the ones I like.


New list:



I got a couple for Christmas, 2 new vol of food wars manga, which ended on a recipe cliffhanger curses.
End of the Watch by Stephen King. I liked them enough (Mr Mercedes trilogy) to get in paperback, but not hard back if that makes sense.
I in a 2 mom casual book club and am half way through a the Glass Throne series, which is good but kinda every young adult book which I will add a comic to explain.

I have just got and been reading the most AWESOME cookbook! By Mary and Vincent Price. I a been really enjoying the little antidotes
It has multiple facets of interests. What It was like to have fine dining in 1965, recipes from around the world, and menus. Then the home version of their favorites.


I finished Book 4 of The Expanse. I’m reading Book 5 now.


Just started the God Eaters which is interesting so far, very interesting feel (magical wild west)


Will hopefully be running The Great Pendragon Campaign as my next campaign for my group, so was reading La Morte D’Arthur and The Once and Future King.

Gave up on The Once and Future King after it seemed more whimsical comedy than anything, which is odd as I have read it described as the closest thing to Pendragon. Also heard that Malory was pretty tough going, but so far it’s been totally fine.


How far did you manage to get? I’d recommend trying to read the Ill Made Knight, as some of Lancelot’s story includes bouts of madness and illogical choices due to his strong passions - it may help with putting those mechanics of Pendragon into context.


Re: Once and Future King:
Once you get past the “Young Arthur” part of the book, with its rather long-winded animal allegories for real-life political systems (ants as Communists, for example) and whimsy, the book takes a rather amazing turn toward serious dramatic content and much better writing. The difference is as stark as that between The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings, and I recommend you stick with it. This book’s a deserved classic, and not just because Disney made a movie out of the first third.

DIE Comic

@Scribbs and @Habilis

Yeah, I didn’t get very far, maybe I’ll skip ahead and read the later sections.

Although I have been playing Pendragon since 1st edition, so I think I have that part pretty set, but wanted to get back into it with the right feel and flavour.


I’m reading the third book of the Ryria Revelations. My boss recommended this series to me. I thought it’s a generic fantasy novel when she did, which I kinda thought at the first half of Book 1, but I end up loving it.


About half-way through a reread of Kage Baker’s The Company series. Superb stuff.


I am rereading this:

Standing Fast: German Defensive Doctrine on the Russian Front During World War II: Prewar to March 1943

I have the physical book, but anybody interested can download a PDF copy from the Army University Press.


Addendum: I just tried it and it wouldn’t let me, so maybe you can’t. Oh well. :confused:


I hate you. Do you know how much space I have for books?

Like, very little. Not a whole lot at all.

And then you make me track this down. Seriously, you are the worst person ever.

(You know I’m kidding! Thank you, I’ma gonna put it next to The Joy of Cooking and our family cookbook, but on the far side of the spiral-bound Betty Crocker which is still surprisingly helpful in a modern kitchen! [Get everyone involved next time you use it, especially if you can get it on camera]. Also, the comic made me snarf club soda out of my nose, I hope you two can appreciate my agony.)


I almost forgot!

Neil Gaiman fans! You’ve already read Fragile Things, so, yeah. You don’t need to read this.

For those who haven’t, think about sticking an extra bookmark in the introduction, he prefaces most of the short stories with a brief description or something about the circumstances of how it was written. It’s worth going back-and-forth, even if it’s just to read him a bit more, even when it’s silly and lackadaisical.

No spoilers about Easter Eggs!


I tried it, too. Several documents on the site are 404 but a few others work, so that’s something.

I tried looking for another copy elsewhere but they kept returning the same error. (The book is out there, but even the internet is having a pain in the butt finding it).


One of the titles purportedly on offer for download was really interesting (Pastel: Deception in the Invasion of Japan), but I managed to find a copy on Amazon and ordered it.


@MinuteWalt suggested I cross post this: DIE Comic. A thread on Kieron Gillen’s newest comic DIE which is… a thing. I’ve only read the first 2 issues which are really good albeit definitely playing with some dark ideas (a paladin class driven by emotions, like grief, hooray?)

Anyway if you like comics I’d recommend it (or anything by Gillen who I really enjoy)


Finally finished the Letters by JRR Tolkien. Fantastic stuff.

Just started a complete collection of Lovecraft. I’ve read a good bit over the years, but I’m going to go through it all now. I figure I should given how hooked on the Arkham LCG we are.


Finished off Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, and currently about halfway through the sequel Crookem Kingdom. I’m really enjoying the “series”. Thinking I might check out the Grisha trilogy after (which I think takes place prior to these two, but is not directly connected veto d being in the same world).


I had read those two last year and am now working my way through the second book in her trilogy. Shadow and Bone is great! I hear Leigh Bardugo’s first book for adults called Ninth House is being published this fall. I’m very excited to check it out.