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What are you drinking?


There isn’t an emoji for covering my face while giggling watching you try something weird.

But, I’d be the next.


To answer your question The suggested method is to put the open can in a pot of water and then simmer the water. If you are being fancy you can do it the “proper” way and pour it into a little server which you then hook onto the rim of a large pot of simmering water, such that the server does not touch the bottom of your pot.
Methods may vary depending on who you ask and there is really no right way to do it. I have used your “exhaust manifold” method before myself to great affect.

Kikusui recommends that you drink it chilled. So that’s what we did.
Sake seems to me to be a lot like Italian wine. The best stuff never really leaves the city it’s made in while the plonk is exported cheaply.


I was shocked that it worked so well when we tried it!


When I was a younger man in the state of Arizona i used to warm tamales using the same method. I’d buy them from an older lady who would come round the convenience store near the lab in the afternoon. They were wrapped in foil so I’d pile them in the engine compartment before heading home for the night. They were piping hot by the time I’d get home. Add a beer and I had dinner for under 5 USD.


Hahahaha! That’s awesome! :+1:

We actually sold a cookbook at the remainder bookshop I used to work at that was filled with recipes you could cook under your hood, complete with where-to-put-what, and approximate mileage until it would be done! I wish I still had a copy.

Sorry for diverging, everyone, let’s get back to the liquids.


Whoops, found it!

Sorry again, I just had to post this. These are actually doable, real recipes that work, and it’s funny as hell. Somehow we got a late 90s copy before the “original” 2008 printing, but these guys had been doing this since the late 80s, apparently.