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What are you drinking?


Bundy ginger beer is obviously a staple down here in Australia Land.

They also did a xmas flavoured one which was nice if you like things sweet enough to let you see through time.


I’m a bit shocked that I can buy it in every supermarket in New Hampshire.


Bundaberg is very nice but if you can get it where you are, Blenheim’s is (IMHO) America’s best Ginger Beer. It’s spicy and delicious and lacks some of the cloying sweetness of other brands.


I’m going to keep an eye out for that, I dislike the overdose of sugar you get in most soft drinks.


Bundaberg has the best balance between sweetness, carbonation, and “gingeryness” for my personal tastes. I love it over the legion of other Ginger Beers I’ve tried.

( :shushing_face: But I do have to say that Bundaberg Root Beer is revolting.)


Dang it. I’m always on the lookout for good root beers (or sarsaparillas).


When I first had root beer I thought it was disgusting.

Now I think it tastes like listerine mixed with vanilla syrup.

Bundaberg used to do a horehound beer which I really liked, but I have not seen it in years, and I have no idea what horehounds are. OK, I am aware of what whorehounds are, but let’s not go there girlfriend.


Wedding pre-game


Tonight is the last of an era, or nearly so at least.

Fuji-Sanroku blended whisky was my go-to whiskey when I first came to Japan over a decade ago. It was priced around ¥800〜¥900 (at the time $6〜$8USD) and had a nice picture of Mt. Fuji on the bottle. Combined, those are the reasons I first bought it. Its marketing stood out amongst the other corporate whiskys(It was made by Kirin, one of the big three corporate liquor companies in Japan) that were the only choices available at the local shops. Luckily for me, it was good. Really good.

Which brings us to the past tense used in this post. Due to the spike in demand for Japanese whisky over the last 5 years Kirin has ceased production of non age designated Fuji-Sanroku. They officialy announced that they can’t keep up with the demand of producing all the various whiskys that go into the blend.

I was able to snag this bottle, from the last shipment that store was to receive, from the shelf just as a fellow patron finished checking the price on Yahoo auctions. He filled his cart with the remaining three. What a day to have payday three days away.

The shelf space previously occupied by this whisky is now taken up by Fuji-Sanroku Signature Blend, a product that was formerly unobtainium in my neck of the woods. It is now available in even the tiniest convenience store aroud here. A position previously occupied by my beloved regular Fuji-Sanroku.

That isn’t to say that the signature blend isn’t delicious, it is. It’s also ¥5500 yen :cry:.

In the immortal words of Stan “Those b******s”


I’m not drinking these obviously, but I received them as payment for a favor to a valued client. They will go well with one of my single malts. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m finding doing a shot of Green Apple Smirnoff Vodka before having our Canadian Club whiskey and Pepsi is really invigorating.

We had the raspberry one and bought another, but we wanted to try some of the other flavours.

The green apple is quite good! Better than the raspberry.


I like plum wine! Currently:


Went to a whiskey tasting and blending experience yesterday. A lot of fun and educational.


Crosspost from a discussion about stickering Getaway Driver. Pictured: a 12 year Glenfiddich in monogrammed lead crystal :tophat: (ooh, fancy~)



@mistercrayon gave me a wonderful gift of the game Belratti (I wish that I had better lighting for the photo, but the days here have been gloomy and I couldn’t wait any longer). I just coincidentally decided to have some Mexican Mules with Patron Silver and the delightful Reed’s Ginger brew (it’s basically a Moscow Mule, only with tequila).

There’s something about all of the Reed’s Ginger Beers that really goes well with tequila. There’s a strong punch of lime, ginger, honey, pineapple…it’s just yummy.

Also, Mr. Bun is just hanging out. I know he looks drunk, but he’s totally sober. That’s his usual spot, he likes sitting next to the paper flowers and watching the neighbors walk their dogs. He’s a people-spotter.


This was my wife’s delightful whiskey, and she was kind enough to share a few pours with me.


A fine single malt, with lingering finish unlike any other I’ve had: fresh koji. Faintly starchy, with that fungal super-fruity thing going on. If you’ve never bothered growing warm, moldy rice for a couple of days, you’re missing out, but this is delightful, far-less-sleep-disruptive alternative.


I made a martini last night for the first time in a while, used Bombay Sapphire and whatever dry vermouth I had laying around. I really could have used an olive because I like them a little dirty. I was surprised that I didn’t have any.


You can substitute mongoose eggs for olives if you have run out?


Good lord, thank you for using gin (and a good one, at that)! I’ve gotten so fed up with jerks who just basically want vodka with an olive in it. (I do have to admit, it’s really hard to find decent vermouth. I also admit, I like them with pickled onions DON’T JUDGE ME).

Because they’re much easier to find at the convenience store than olives?