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What are you drinking?


Mexican Fanta of course.


It doesnt get much better than this


I think I mentioned it before but I’m back on that Dragon’s Milk Chocolate Orange. It’s good stuff. I don’t regret getting back in there.

I’m also enjoying White Russians again.


I just found out about gochujang Korean chili paste. I was going to talk about it in the cooking thread (for many reasons, it’s awesome), but I had to put it here first.

This is the best thing that’s ever happened to making a Bloody Mary.


It’s a snowy afternoon here in the Kanto plain. Seeing how it only snows about once a year in my town it is better to stay off the roads if one is able.
Luckily, today we are able to do so.
But we did stop by the grocer before the weather got bad. So today we will watch the snow why trying a sampling course of every “one cup” style cheap sake the supermarket had. Most of them come in glass “cups” that make them super easy to plop in a pot of simmering water to heat them up a bit.
So cheers to drinking warm sake(atsukan 熱燗 )while watching the snow fall(along with a game or two of Brass: Birmingham)

Anyone have any other inclement weather drink recommendations?


This is weird, and I’m sorry. Please, @Spoof and anyone else who reads this, just ignore this and move on.

Hot beef tea and gin, with a touch of butter, and a shake of Hungarian paprika. Mixed with a raw egg if you live in a country with safe raw eggs.

It’s disgustingly satisfying, and a great shortcut to ward off the weather.

Let us never speak of this again.


Sweet or hot? Or does that depend on the severity of the hangover?

Guess I’ll stick with my old-fashioned, unfussy hot toddies when the snow falls.


What? Surely you mean soup. Or broth? Or anything but tea?

Or is beef tea what you threw in the harbor. Just lots of cows paddling poorly.


“Beef tea” was traditionally minced beef left to steep in water overnight.

MW is probably old enough to remember him Mom making it this way for him.

No wonder life expectancy was lower then . . .


Sounds… Bad? All I can think of is making a massive pot of soup then adding a bottle of gin. Which sounds very much like some of the food I cooked as a student, but with less ‘wine’ and more gin

I’ll try it next time winter rolls around.


I am hoping that MW has a “non-traditional” version of “beef tea” made with bonox or something, I wouldn’t recommend the “original” version as I posted above.


I assume that with enough heating and gin I can make nearly anything safe-ish to drink.
If you never hear from me again, you’ll know I was wrong.




Also, I said let us never speak of this again.

I just imagined the Boston Tea Party, only instead of drunken Bostonian’s dressed up like natives tossing tea in the harbor, they were cow tipping.


I stopped by a place (one of the bigger, fancier, more “egalitarian” ABC Liquor stores) on the way to delivering something, today. I had to return my son’s favorite stuffed animal to his mom’s house, and also had to pick up something for his mom that they sell there (they have really nice cheese and produce in some of these), and I thought I’d be efficient and get something for myself on the way.

And guess what I saw! They had Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA! Just sitting there, on the shelf. Like just some beer. No armed guards. No fanfares. Nothing. Like it was just some other beer.

I didn’t have the $44 bucks to spend on a 4-pack, though, so I got some Old Rasputin Imperial Stout instead, kind of like a consolation prize (also not easy to find and a bit pricey, but it has a similar flavor profile, if not quite as amazing. It’s a hell of a stout!)

They had at least 4 of the packs, though. I’m going back on payday.


My friends we are slacking here!


We have 20 some odd days to make up for everybody in the pool woohoo


Snowy afternoon with my favorite ginger beer.


@Boydesian It’s so delicious. That and Fever Tree.


I am a big fan of Reed’s (it’s got more zing than Fever Tree, with the lime and pineapple and a serious hit of ginger) but I can’t seem to find Bundaberg around here.

(also, well done with the Pyrat, @Boydesian. I couldn’t care less about anything else in that photo, just the Pyrat and the Bundaberg. Not mixed! Well, possibly).