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What are you drinking?


Happy new year to the silent and seated from the land of the rising sun!
A bit early, since at this rate we might not be conscious for the actual “ball-drop.” But we do hope to make it to the end of the traditional “Kohaku” music battle broadcast.

Tonight I am drinking sake, specifically “Dassai 39.”

Courtesy of my currently snoring brother-in-law. Dassai is one of the “famous” sake, in that those who drink sake would almost universally agree that it is a "good one. " The 39 signifies that it is a daiginjo grade(there are quite a few grades in the Dassai line), a sake made from rice milled so that only a small percentage of the inner rice grain remains. The exact percentage required to be classified as daiginjo is codified(although I do not remember the exact numbers, no do I remember the method of codification). But the “39” in the name of this sake has always been a suspiciously exact number in my mind. It signifies that the sake has been made with the remaining 39 percent of the milled rice grain. But I have my doubts that rice milling is that exact.
Marketing aside, it is delicious. I highly reccomend Dassai, in whatever grade you can find it.


Wikipedia to the rescue!

Look as though the two daiginjō grades are the highest.


They are. And the Dassai I am currently finishing drinking is a Junmai-daiginjo. The “highest grade.” But as the Wikipedia article indicates, anything above 50% milled is qualified as daiginjo so the rest is mostly marketing.


I have been drinking lots of Pedialyte. No, I don’t have a monster hangover, but I am feeling like I’m coming down with a cold. So…yeah. It’s just a whirlwind of excitement down my way. :sweat_smile:


I bought 6 different beers in a choose your own 6 pack situation. I liked many of them and failed to learn their names. Hopefully I’ll recognize the bottles of the ones I like next time I go beer shopping.

I think someone here suggested this. Thanks for the tip. Hopefully I’ll do better next time.

Since then - Jack and Coke Zero.


Ah, well you’d better go back and buy another six pack before you forget what the bottles looks like. And then another. And then you become a beer enthusiast.


In the email your message was cut off at the end and I was excited about the prospect of becoming a beer ent. I imagined being a tree man with hops growing off me.


Yeungling Black and Tan, a fire on a really-not-all-that-cold Alabama winter night, and a good book about WWII for me!


Monday night I found an American Wild Ale that I liked called “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien” made by Une Anne. I liked it a lot, a taste of limes but not overly sour. Goes down easy I really enjoyed it.I also enjoyed Victory’s Golden Monkey, a good Belgian Tripel. Kinda like drinking a lightly flavored banana bread.


Finally opened one of my Christmas gifts. It’s a rather pleasant blend that starts like The Dalwhinnie, but has a surprisingly peaty finish. The background is really interesting too.



I did the Bermondsey mile yesterday. Only 8 of the 18 pubs, but if you live in or around London, and you enjoy craft beer, then do yourselves a very large favour and get down to Cloudwater Tap at 73 Enid Street. Absolutely outstanding beers. I intend on going back, but starting from the FourPure end, not the Southwark Brewing end.

And if you’re not from the UK, and you find yourself in London on a Saturday, get yourself on down. They’re all breweries in railway sidings and all the beer is terrific. They’re only open at the same time on a Saturday.

There’s a website dedicated to it if you use your favourite search engine for Bermondsey Beer Mile.


8 out of 18 is still f#[email protected] impressive if you managed your way home under your own volition. A pint at each is certainly worth a journeyman’s effort.

(I in no way claim to be a professional pub-crawler.)




Oooh, I think I’ve had that! I like a good icewine.


Well, a friend brought this over, and i consumed it quite blithely, having not really noted the 11.7% !!! Alcohol content. I’ll be honest: Internet, old pal, I’m basically drunk dialing you.


Holy heck, where did your friend find that?!?! I’d buy it for the bonkers “Rat Fink” Ed Roth-style art alone.

(And also the 11.7% ABV, I won’t lie).


Everyone who likes coffee and imperial stouts should get their paws on Mavka from Siren Craft. It’s one of the best beers I’ve had.


She found it at our local semi-hip beer emporium here in Echo Park, Los Angeles. I believe they are a San Diego brewery. There’s a long-overdue beer renaissance going on in SoCal right now and it’s a real pleasure to be a consumer at times like these.


I enjoyed of bottle of Dragon’s Milk reserve, Chocolate Orange. I was hesitant about buying this but I loved it. Very smooth, and the chocolate orange flavor is a natural addition to the regular dragons milk flavor. I may buy a full pack of them when I get a chance.


It’s the Siren Craft Tap Yard’s 1st birthday on Saturday, where they have a skittle alley, giant Janga, giant Connect 4 and some very, very lovely brews on tap. I will be taking Crossing with me to entertain the small people, and will report back with the wares they have.

They may even have Mavka on draft. I know I mentioned it not two posts above. It’s a coconut coffee maple stout, and it’s very impressive, given I like neither coffee nor coconut in their native forms. Should be a cheeky three hours of a Saturday afternoon!