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What are you drinking?


Also, I would imagine that Abita is available in your neck of the woods, given that it’s brewed in Lousiana. They have a number of interesting beers that are worth a shot. Also, of course, Shiner Bock from Texas is a pretty good “next step up” from Budweiser, etc.


Wow @Habilis thanks these are great recommendations! You’re right I’ve seen most of these around, and had eyed the Sam '76 especially but hadn’t taken the plunge yet.


It’s a pretty great time to be a beer drinker in the US. There are so many different styles available to try, from the lighter end like pilseners, hefeweizens, through marzens, lagers, ales, to IPAs and double IPAs to the heavy stuff like imperial stouts, barleywines, etc., not to mention weirdnesses like goses, sour ales, lambics, and so on. And that’s just US stuff! If you spend some time, you may find British, Japanese, Belgian, Czech, New Zealand beers all worth checking out as well.

My advice is find a style you like and explore the different makers of that style. You may also find that you prefer different styles for different situations. I like a lager or something lighter for game nights, but if I go out for a fancy dinner I’ll try something richer like a Belgian ale or a barleywine.

When this whole craft beer thing really took off in the US, it was fun to dig up new beers and try them out and tell your friends all about 'em. But then the whole “Who can make the bitterest IPA” thing turned into a typical hobby-subculture dick-measuring contest, and I unplugged for a while. Now I just randomly check stuff out that catches my eye and I don’t pretend to be any kind of an expert.


Does Alabama allow the purchase of mixed 6-packs? When I want to break out of a rut, it’s always helpful to buy a mostly-random selection of beers I don’t know. If there’s a winner in the mix, then I make a mental note and scale up the purchasing accordingly. A single bottle of something you don’t much care for isn’t that much of dent in the budget.

Or, do like I used to in college. Buy cases with friends, then swap the bottles around.

Then again, I’m the guy who just bought a case of Brooklyn’s Black Chocolate Stout, which is the most delicious nap-in-a-bottle I’ve had in quite a while.


Damn, for a moment I thought–against all reasonable sense–that you meant Ontario, California. The designs look awesome. And that’s really cool that they support the artists!

Probably the best designed cans I’ve seen around here are those by Mikkeller.


Apparently the city of Ontario, California was actually named after the province of Ontario in Canada. The men who founded the city in 1882 came from Ontario, Canada and wanted to name it after where they grew up.

Those are some pretty neat cans too to go with this neat historical fact.


Picked up a bottle of Laphroaig Select last night.

I’ve only ever had the 10 Year, so thought I’d try something new. It’s quite nice, milder than the 10. I prefer the harshness of the 10, I think, but I’ll enjoy the bottle.

Good news, though. The liquor store said they should be able to get in some 25 Year early next week!


Good news! The 25 year is wonderful (based on a test sample of one, when I have already been a few deep)!
Even better news, you must be doing ok if you can afford it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Last night I made a shaker of French 75s, because I could and I had a guest. Really very nice indeed. (And then there’s the rest of the champagne to be finished.)


Friends and family were nice and generous last week. Happy birthday to me!
Was a wee bit generous sharing round the balvenie doublewood so it didn’t last til the photo. Was tasty though


Now through the 23rd come to Hibiya park in Tokyo for the Christmas market. But stay for the Tokyo Sake Brewer’s Association craft sake festival.
The 金婚たる酒(Kinkon barrel aged sake), pictured below in the paper cup with the “Christmas tower” barely visible through the plastic tent, is particularly good.


Several cups later and I am on to an “atsu-kan(warm sake)” from Fukushima whose name I forgot since it has been several cups. It’s accompanied by “shio-kara,” salted raw squid marinated in it’s own guts. A good comparison for my American compatriots would be pickled pigs feet. A great companion food for booze that sounds suspect when one is sober and thinking too much.


I’d eat it. I’m 1/2 Korean after all! :wink:


During the summer we but this from a nearby farmer’s market and save it till the holidays. We typically drink it neat or on ice. So so good.


Known in these parts as Bear Restorer, for the commercial version:


So, my wife found out I was going to spend $480 on a bottle of scotch.

Yeah, that’s not happening. I have to save up for it out of my allowance.


They’re going to try to get a bottle of Lore, though. That’s within my budget.


I discovered this get at the local liquor store and it’s fast becoming my new fav holiday beer. It smells exactly like a chocolate orange.


Nothing ATM


When I was 25-29? Within an hour.

Nowadays, if I was trying hard, they might be carrying me out at the end of the 2 hours, but I’d probably not be that focused on getting bombed, so most likely I’d only have 2-4 drinks, which seems like a fairly reasonable price anyway.

(Sorry I’ve been away everyone, this has been a harsh Holiday season)


Sorry for chiming in so late, but (yes, I know this is a “hipster” beer) Pabst Blue Ribbon is actually not bad. Olympia is cheap as can be, and is a good hot weather quaff. Neither of them are “wimpy,” but neither of them are showy or pretentious. Old Milwaukee is another one that just tastes like beer.

If you want to get a little fancy, Dale’s has some good stuff in a can, but is a bit pricey for the quality. Fat Tire is good.

Realize this is coming from a beer snob! I’ve brewed myself, and have been to many breweries and brewpubs, and I seek out the indies and the best.

I do have to say, I’m fine with cheap beer. Sure, I’d rather spend the money for a $13 single pint of a fine stout than a Budwiser, but I’m also a cheapskate, so I’d also take a $8 case of Narragansett or Utica Club over a $12 case of Miller.