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What are you drinking?


Still mostly drinking Jack Daniels and Coke Zero.

I also tried the Game of Thrones 4 pack of beers from Ommegang Brewery, the one themed around Cersei was probably my favorite, along with the one themed around Daenaerys. I forget their names.


I had the pleasure of drinking some of Siren Craft’s Death By Caribbean Chocolate Cake, Caribbean Chocolate Ginger Cake and Accept All Cookies at the week end. So, so good.


What is this, and why isn’t it in my mouth right now.

Edit: I wonder how well that would ship to new Zealand…


It’s an imperial stout, so it will mellow or change with age. As for Siren shipping to NZ, I’m not sure that they do? They may have distribution in Australia (Thornbridge and others do).

So much good times. We did the brewery tour beforehand, and it’s one of the best I’ve been on. Such a tiny site to produce such heavyweight beers.


There’s a brewery in Ontario called Collective Arts that even features rotating art on its cans. They’ve worked with hundreds of artists and their beer is also pretty good. On their website you can go back and look at all of the past art with information about the artists. Outside Canada, it looks like they now distribute to parts of the U.S., U.K., Italy, and Spain.


Recommendation Request:

I’m going out drinking with night shift nurses tonight. I have to get up in the morning and be a lawyer. I’m 31 and overweight. What can should I drink tonight so I can be fun and survive tomorrow?

I like cocktails (pretty broad range, preferences include gin and dark liquors). I also like beer, tend to prefer a sweeter over bitter.


Going by my experience of nurses when they are drinking at all, you are already doomed. Be the designated driver?


Nurses are hard core. Back when I used to tend bar some nurses would frequent it and we went out on a night out, which was pretty wild. The next day I woke with a broken rib and in the next town over. Still hazy on the details from that evening, suffice to say it was mega.

My advice would be to stick to session strength beer (not lager) and drink water in between. Also, if you go craft, you can get away with a smaller glass because you can convince anyone of anything if you put the word craft in front of it.


I’ve got an escape plan: It’s the holiday party and we have a hotel room where the party is at. I can bail out and go to bed if I get in too deep.


Oh crap. The party just went open bar. Pray for me.


Talking of open bars, here’s a question for you all:

In Japan, all-you-can-drink deals are very common and very cheap. When I got here in my early 20s, I abused such deals and then some. Now, maybe once a year, if that.

Assuming a business local to you started doing a $10 for 2 hours deal (standard spirits, lagers, wines, nothing fancy), how long do you think it would take for them to be drunk into the red and out of business?


I recommend calling in sick tomorrow. Best of luck!

As most beers here are $6-8 on the cheap end, I’m guessing about three weeks? Happy hour is sort of a thing here, with two for one drinks. But nothing like what you’re suggesting. And I know we have a serious cultural drinking problem here. Cultures are weird.


I’m hungover but I’m going to make it. If you’re at the Georgian Terrace in Atlanta I highly recommend trying the Story Teller.


Considering I just discovered an entire article on where to go in Toronto to get drunk for $11, I think it’s actually possible they could make a go of it for at least a while. Although that article says $11 gets you 3-4 drinks, which I think is a bit low for a 2 hour all-you-can-drink deal, it’s not all that far off. https://www.narcity.com/ca/on/toronto/things-to-do-in-to/11-toronto-bars-where-you-can-get-drunk-on-an-11-budget

That bar would be an absolute shit-show though, and I would never want to go near it. That said, I’m pretty sure it isn’t strictly legal given provincial control over alcohol sales and the fact that I’ve never heard of it advertised here. Considering there is a bar called Bovine Sex Club (interestingly, just a regular bar, not a sex club), I’m pretty sure it would be around if it was allowed. That being said, a lot of businesses that aren’t strictly legal have been around right out in the open in Toronto for quite a long time, so there must be a couple of places that do something like this without putting it on a sign out front.


So here’s a question. If you were advising a young(ish) married dad of two who is just now converting from a never-drinker to an very occasionally-drinker, enjoys beer and has a relatively low budget but doesn’t want to drink Budweiser (and this person might be me)…

What might your advised beer(s) be?


In what country?


U.S., Alabama.


Ah. Sorry, in the UK I could give you advice that might actually help. But I’m sure another USian will come along soon.

In the very broad sense, “craft beer” especially in the USA is a specific style that’s often very highly hopped by other beer standards; it may be the only sort of non-mass-market beer that’s easy to get hold of, but it’s not the only taste that’s out there.


@RogerBW No worries! So far I haven’t dipped my toe deeply into the craft realm, mostly due to the entirely shallow reasoning that I do not want to be That Craft Beer Guy or be around Those Craft Beer People. :rofl:


“What might your advised beer(s) be?”
Saranac, Anchor, Firestone, New Belgium, Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada and a number of other mid-level craft brewers often use the holidays to sell sample packs of 4-6 different beers they make. These brewers enjoy pretty wide distribution and frequently are discounted at the bigger grocery store chains (or Costco). I suggest you take a gamble and invest $12-20 in one of these 12 -packs. You’ll find a style or a label you like, and you can go deeper from then on. My current readily available and not -too-pricy drink of choice is Sam Adams “Sam '76” which is an ale-lager combo. It has more heft and complexity than your typical yellow beer but isn’t forbiddingly bitter or heavy like some of the more “challenging” craft beers.