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What are you drinking?




I can chime in with an anecdote about Japanese effervescent alcohol low malt beers.
I have a drinking buddy who works for Suntory and he has always claimed that they put a lot of RnD into developing low malt beverages that taste as close to “beer” as possible. “Beer” being your standard Japanese lager.
According to the story he tells at least once a month the manufacturing cost of the fancier low malt beers can be more than that of regular beer. But the tax on beer is such that a can of low malt beer can be sold at 100 to 150 yen while a can of “beer” is about 200 yen. They make up for the higher manufacturing costs with sales volume at the low price point.
As such, he is often upset at the upcoming tax law changes Benkyo mentioned. My friend prefers the low malt style beer and is certain that his favorite will cease production once it loses its price advantage vs “beer.”

Again, take it with a grain of salt as it’s an anecdote from a drunk. But he is always consistent with the tale at least.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Fair enough!

But it does help shed some light. Even if it’s hearsay, it’s consistent hearsay. I’ve tried looking it up, but I can’t make sense of it. (I don’t even know why I care, I just get all nerdy about weird things sometimes).


This reveals how much of a hipster I am, but I’m happy to drink Pabst. Hamm’s also isn’t bad. Guinness is great too, but I don’t always see that on tap as often. Pair any of those with a shot of whisky and I’m set. :slight_smile:


I am at a client’s Virginia Blue Ridge mountaintop lodge for the week with my company’s owner doing some consulting. It’s a little place, just 6,000 acres (!). Our host and I had a few martinis and Cuban cigars by the fire after dinner, telling tall tales and funny stories about mutual acquaintances, and I will be turning in soon. Sometimes my job has its perks! :grin: :cocktail:


I was my daughter’s birthday last Thursday so I got to enjoy the bottle of Oban I bought when she was born. 6 years and just slightly over halfway done. If I get stingy I could make it last to her 16th.



(that was the best I could do for an “envy” emoji. I’m in tech, the best I can hope for is sharing Red Vines cherry licorice with my client).


Why? Because children, that’s why… :sleeping::sleepy:


I don’t know what I’d do without Rockstar/Red Bull/Monster/coffee. Kids are energy vampires, they just suck it all out by simply sitting next to you.


I unfortunately became immune to the siren song of energy drinks awhile ago so now I need a 5 hour energy with an americano chaser to feel anything. This afternoon I had a Rock Star and promptly fell asleep while playing boardgame w/ my daughter.


I think you just need some time to detox and deimmunisize your body of the stuff.
Unfortunately, going a significant time without caffeine is not feasible with kids…


I had to do an elimination diet for 2 months once (no caffeine, sugar, alcohol, fun etc) and apart from the first coffee I had after that ordeal I haven’t really ‘felt’ anything from energy drinks / coffee. I blame a wild misspent youth in hip coffee shops drinking ungodly amounts of espresso.


Just for a moment, I thought you meant kids.



It contains no actual wine. It’s a cherry cola that can be a little hard to find around here, it comes and goes locally (though it is a Southern US soda, it is most often found in North Carolina here, where it is made).

The glass-bottle variety is still made with cane sugar instead of corn syrup, and is way better than Cherry Coke, which started tasting like the way insecticide smells back in the early 2000s.

It’s also a fine mixer, but I prefer it cold and straight out of the bottle.


Happy thanksfriday!!!


Ah. ‘Tis sad to have to have to bid farewell to old friends.

And a joy to welcome them back again!


It’s magic!


It’s a rainy, warm, winter night so time for whatever was lying around. Which happens to be a bag of “Takara gokujou” sho-chu, or “Takara highest-grade” grain alcohol(the naming is all marketing, it’s just filtered industrial alcohol. But it is essentially as tasteless as you can get.).
Combined 1:1 with hot water and a pickled Japanese apricot and I have a pretty delicious “ume-wari.”

Boozy, salty, warm, and sour. Most excellent for a Tuesday night.


On my trip back to the East Coast this Thanksgiving I had the extreme good fortune to be introduced to the products of the Aslin Beer Co… Apparently they are just a few years old, started up by some guys in a crappy industrial park (the kind of place where businesses go to die) in my boring old suburban home town of Reston, Va. Word has spread and apparently their products are in ludicrously high demand. Now, I will say, I have been drinking various versions of IPAs since roughly the start of the US craft beer revolution, and getting pretty sick of them, but the double IPA these guys offer is quite simply, the best I have ever had. Full of flavor and yet absolutely no “sucking on aspirin” bitterness in the end. If I still lived in the area I would sign up for their membership club and run through my yearly beer budget in about a month. The packaging is also beautiful and unique, as you will see in these pictures I stole from someone else’s Instagram account.



The can design is pretty cool. I’ve noticed a lot more craft breweries moving away from bottles and using more graphic heavy cans. Must be a way to distinguish yourself in a pretty competitive market. Hoping it makes its way out to NYC. :slight_smile: