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What are you drinking?


I’m in love with that shaker, and I don’t even drink shooken drinks.


I tried to find a legit “Shoryuken” cocktail, or anything with Ken and Ryu, because I was sure there was a pun there with “shooken.” I couldn’t find anything worth drinking.

I have failed.


It’s my rocket shaker. It rests on my Earth coaster for now, but is on Launch Standby whenever I need it. :wink: :rocket: :cocktail:


I spy a bottle of the local whiskey hiding there. Are you able to get Oban Distillers Edition easily where you are?


Yes. I think there’s more here than in Scotland.


…5…4…3…2…1…ignition. :grin::+1:t3:

Addendum: I have to be honest, I really enjoy Chopin martinis, but I like eating Roquefort-stuffed olives even more.


Tell me you have a copy of Leaving Earth too… :slight_smile:


Alas, no. But I do have a copy of SPACECORP coming to me when it’s shipped out later this month.


The Nadurra is my go to right now and the bottles behind are ones I bought to celebrate my kids being born (and only get drunk on their birthdays). The Oban is from 6 years ago and the Talisker is 2 years.


BewDog bars (all 52) have collaborated with local breweries and developed a beer each, which they’re selling in all bars from Thursday to Saturday. Details on their facebook page. I am off there on Thursday and Friday nights. Should be a hoot.

I also tried Accept All Cookies, the new imperial stout from Siren, which is ace. Siren are crowdfunding by the way.

I also tried Parkin Cake from Cloudwater, which is an exceptional imperial brown ale.


I’ve been really enjoying Roku Gin lately. It’s made by Suntory and the botanicals they use are yuzu peel, sencha & gyokuru teas, sakura flower & leaf, and sansho pepper which gives it a really distinct a lovely taste. I just wish I could get fresh yuzu easily here as it would be the perfect accompaniment!


There are a couple of local (Dorset ) gins and vodkas I’m keen to try. Will report when I manage to buy any of them!


That sounds lovely. Interestingly summery yuzu beer has really taken off in the American and Canadian craft beer world this year and last.


Too much. I’ve been drinking too much. :persevere:


You can’t have been drinking too much because there’s still some left.


This evening I’m sitting back, preparing to watch The Solitary Cyclist and have chosen to run with a red-white-and-pedigreed American bourbon. I’m tasting my most loved whiskey: Woodford Reserve Double Oaked. It’s smooth and luxurious with a great waiting caramel wrap up. Yummy.

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Good choice. I really like the Double Oaked.


Tonight, I drink. Mostly a bunch of beers I have picked up but haven’t had the opportunity to try. I must say, New England IPAs May be trendy, but thery’re an excellent style. Give them a go, if you like beer.


I’m not drinking anything right now but I wanted to lament somewhere about the repercussions! How unnecessary it is for the world to give people 2-day hangovers. I didn’t even drink that much. :face_with_head_bandage: I never believed when I heard that as you get older the hangovers get worse but the only 2 I can recall in my 30s have been the worst yet…


I drink a lot less than I did, but the beers are higher ABV. Also, the craft brewers seem to use all natural ingredients, so less chemicals means less crap which is better for you (relatively, it’s alcohol and it’s calorific and liver damaging and all the other bits). As a result, I get less hangovers! However, the last time I drank spirits (rum) I was absolutely banjaxed the next day.