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What are you drinking?


Why is “blue ribbon” in Japanese, in Texas?


(I was wondering that myself)

EDIT: I just Googled it, there was a design thingy, Pabst tweeted about it.


I am impressed at the gumption of someone who mixes two languages for their nom de plum while managing to be grammatically awkward in both. Doubly so because they still have more artistic talent than myself, although that is not a particularly high bar to clear.

So I will ponder my life’s direction while enjoying a “purine free” slightly grape flavored chu-hi. The perfect drink to weather the coming typhoon with.

Good luck down there in Osaka. I hope it’s not as bad as the last one and that you and your’s stay safe.


Cheers. Seems pretty tame compared to the last one.


Good to hear. NHK was still broadcasting DOOM before we left the inlaws place.
We decided to ride it out while playing Minecraft/Pandemic Rising Tide. But it looks like it may be pretty tame before it makes it up to Northern Kanto.


El Super Bee was dan good, a saison from a brewery in Dallas that I can’t remember the name of. Also a beer called Love Street from Houston was really good. Started out with a “tornado” which was Alaskan amber and Stella Artois not bad at all


I am jealous. :angry:

But I can’t complain too much since SWMBO’s house is right down the street from the store I’ve found! :smile:


I went to The Experiment on Friday (plus a few other London pubs), but if you like your craft beer, and you’re in London, I highly recommend it. It’s completely basic - benches, a brewery where you drink - but the beer is incredible. It’s a collaboration between Verdant (Falmouth) and Pressure Drop (London) who put on regular collaboration beers and guest beers. The Northern Monk ONce, Twice, Three Times a Whale NEIPA was one of the best beers I’ve had recently. Do yourself a favour and get on down, though it only opens at 5 on Thursday, Friday and 12PM on Saturday.

EDIT: It’s near Hackney Central station, and easily internet searchable.


Attention @Boronian :grinning::+1:t3:


It is a very lovely beer. And I’ll be in Germany later in the month…


So beautiful :smiley:

I hope you enjoy the German beer in your German Steinkrug :wink:


Vielen dank!


I set up my Nespresso machine yesterday. It is treating me well. :coffee:


No Where in Perticular is a fantastic nomadic “brewery” the rents unused brew space at different breweries to make a recipe once and never again. Very fun to see what’s next in the pipeline.


That’s the new model which reads the barcodes on the pods for optimum extraction?

I love coffee, but currently trying to determine if it’s causing or exacerbating sinus issues.


My issue with Nespresso is rather the bad eco balance caused by the pods.


In what sense? Aren’t they recycleable aluminium?


The problem is

  1. How sustainable and efficient aluminum recycling is is heavily debated.
  2. The packaging method leads to a lot more than necessary transport efforts, costing money and energy.


Yes. It’s great. :+1:t3:


Anybody tried those “Brut IPAs” that are coming up? Very curious, haven’t seen any for sale near me. Feel free to make whatever puns you need to and when you’ve gotten it out of your system gimme some useful hints, tips, and cheats.