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What are you drinking?


Currently enjoying one of my favourite Irish Whiskeys. Jameson Signature Reserve. Only place I’ve ever found it is at the Canada/US border Duty Free.


Delicious water. “Fueling life, since always”.


My dad used to call it “Adam’s Ale”

TableHop! Beer brewing, wine making, for tabletop gamers (and general fermentation)

It’s my homebrew, Monkey Tennis. A pale ale which turned out more like a Belgian ale. It’s not bad at all. I only have 12 bottles left from this batch. We brew a stout in September.


Met up with our mutual good friend @Boronian on Tuesday and he presnted me with some beer he lugged all the way from Bavaria just to give to me. As you know, I’m not a big beer person, but these monks know what they’re doing. :grinning::+1:t3:


Today I’m going to the Siren Craft Rainbow Project launch at Siren Tap Yard. It’s going to be epic.



My hangover is epic. And I’m at work.


Yet more German beer courtesy of @Boronian:


Glad you enjoyed the beers! And now that I know you like Schlenkerla I know what to bring you next time :wink:


I’ve just tried this. It’s nice. A minor variation on gin and tonic.

Muddle 3-4 fresh basil leaves, make the rest a regular gin and tonic with ice, preferably Bombay Sapphire gin (also works with Sapphire East, but not as well). Squeeze a slice of grapefruit (pamplemousse, pompelmo, whatever you want to call it in your language) about an 8th of the fruit. Not the sweet ruby-red, REAL grapefruit, the bitter, terrible kind. Quickly stir or shake (don’t bruise the gin). Garnish with lime, and basil or Vietnamese mint.

I’ve been a bit off beer and straight liquor lately, I’ve been looking into traditional cocktails and mixed drinks. I still love single-malts and hideously expensive tequila, not to mention really nice craft beer. (I’ve had some fantastic and unusual wines, but wine just doesn’t grab me).

When it comes to “pairings” with food, I’d honestly like a nice strong glass of plain unsweetened iced tea (it cleanses the palate and quenches your thirst).

But having late-night fun with friends, if there’s food, I’d want a simple mixed drink that won’t fill me up (vodka club soda with a splash of grapefruit juice on the top). If we’re just hanging out, some ridiculously malty beer you have to serve in a tulip glass.


When you have to go to Elba to find a new German beer- which is also quite good.

@Boronian Do you know it by any chance?


OK, don’t just post a photo, @webs and leave us hanging! Describe it! In detail.

Seriously, I’ve been lacking in unique beers here, lately. @Boronian you are also in the hotseat.

Please describe to the best of your abilities. Be florid and poetic, seriously I haven’t had a really great beer in over a year.


Haha I just drank my last bottle yesterday. It is a good beer and good brewery :slight_smile:

It is from my area and I often have a case with 20 bottles standing around. You found it on the island Elba? That’s really fascinating :smiley:

Reminds me how I found and drank my first bottle of Maisel’s Weisse (from Bamberg) in Eugene, Oregon :wink:

@MinuteWalt German beer is so different from US beer, we usually don’t like the hoppyness of the American craft beers and Bud and similar ones are too watery (if that is a word). A great beer in my opinion is mild (meaning not bitter) but also aromatic (a translation of the “Würzig und Mild” on the bottle, Commerzienrat is a great beer, I am glad to live in a place with such a good brewery, it was different in the past). I am not a poet sigh
There are many different types of beer in Germany, so it can also be very malty and dark, love those too but the good ones avoid bitterness. I enjoy the ciders in the US a lot though!


That is, indeed, a word. It describes the great majority of American beer you can generally get in a grocery (I don’t just mean USA, I’m including the entirety of the continents of North and South America). I suspect this may be almost a global phenomenon (I’ve had a lot of Asian imports that were basically Budweiser with a fancy label), or I may just be a beer-snob.

I totally get that US craft beers often overdo the hops. That used to be one of my favorite things about them, when craft breweries exploded in the 90s and 2000s, it was like, “finally, something that isn’t identical to Coors Light!” Now, though, instead of really making a balance, a lot of craft breweries just use hops as a flavorant to indicate to the buyer that it isn’t a Miller. We’re glutted with IPAs, I’m done with them.

(Anchor’s Liberty nailed the balance years ago, then Dogfishhead 120 Minute destroyed the insane amount of hops with a very heavy malt making a rich and sweet, almost chocolaty, beer you could practically chew, but both very rare).


I do like a good IPA from time to time, and don’t mind the hoppyness in them, but for daily consumption I also prefer ‘regular’ German beer/Pilsner. There are some differences (e.g. Rothaus from my area is a rather bitter variant), but like @Boronian I also prefer the milder ‘süffigeren’ ones.
We were out for dinner today and I found and ordered another Riegele solely for @minutewalt’s benefit! :wink: (it seems quite a number of restaurants have it on tap here, the way brewery contracts work is a mistery to me).
And yeah, I can’t add much to what @boronian has already said. Its definitely not bitter, but it isn’t watery either, maybe the best way to describe it would be smooth?
It’s a bit sweet, a little malty with a solid body and a generally enjoyable aroma.
It reminds me a bit of Augustiner Edelstoff which is readily available in my region, but after tasting it twice I’d say it’s way better.
I’ll definitely look into getting it once we’re home again.


(Thanks! :grin:)


I’m finally home, and I’m exhausted. I have some Modelo in the fridge, so that’s what I’m having. :slightly_smiling_face:


Boy, I gotta tell you Modelo has been…variable? for me. Sometimes it’s spicy, sometimes it’s sweet. It’s never bad, per se, but I stopped getting it a long time ago because of the inconstancy (although I did get a surprise once: it cellared well! I found a lonely few bottles in cupboard once that were apparently forgotten about from a party. I think they had been there for over a year. They were fantastic). This was long ago, though, I don’t know if they still use the same techniques that they used to.


I don’t often get it, but it’s okay for me as far as beers go. I have never noticed any flavor variation, but then I don’t drink much beer…usually.


I don’t know how to do a sardonic chuckle in text.

So I’ll just ask @Boydesian about what Scotch he’s been into recently (even if it is something I can’t get here, you selfish [email protected]!)

Seriously, he’s got a pretty good line on whiskey. All the inside info I have is the tea from my local Asian grocery.