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What are you drinking?


Distillery travels continue with a visit to Fettercairn Distillery. No production just now, but they did have unusual stills, using running water to cool the neck of the stills and aid reflux condensation.
The whisky was alright, not breaking into my favourites, but the still design was interesting and unique - only one in Scotland to do this.

Interesting to see the political influence in its origins as it was one of the first legal distilleries, and set up by the father of a former UK prime minister; who happened to be influential in the tax and legal reform that allowed the growth of the whisky industry. Funny that.


Maybe it’s just that I have a thing for pipes and valves and dials and machinery and science being used to make something I’d like to taste, but that really resonates with my personal sense of aesthetics. Seriously, that looks beautiful.


What am I drinking? I’ll tell you… Cucumber-Lime Gatorade.

Seriously! It’s pretty good!


I’ve actually had that! It’s not bad for Gatorade. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s just “lime,” only they toned down the artificial flavoring and sugar until it’s tolerable. They did something similar with a flavor of Rockstar a while back, and it was pretty OK.

(To vet myself on my expertise of Gatorade, I used to work for my younger brother doing lawn and landscaping in insanely hot Florida weather. We alternated between Gatorade and water in gigantic insulated cups. We both think just drinking Gatorade would have given us diabetes, but it really did help. We do not recommend it as a casual beverage, you should be exerting yourself strenuously and sweating a lot).


I just recently tried some moonshine my neighbor had distilled with a still he had made with his brother (now sadly deceased). He had 2 kinds, one simply white and the other was infused with pear. They were both crystal clear (OK, the pear was colored like whiskey, but still as clear as a lens). The white was like some of the finest vodkas I’ve tried, only slightly sweet. The pear actually had a bourbon-like flavor, but was still quite subtle.

Both were strong as hell, practically evaporating when it hit the body temperature of the tongue, but very fine nonetheless, I was very impressed.

He showed me the getup, and how it worked, and that was geeky heaven. It was not unlike @shaky_jk’s photo above, only on a much, much smaller scale.


I’ve been on a domestic holiday for the past 3 weeks (Australia is big so I have been many places!) but spent the last week down here in Tasmania with good friends. Today we went down to Lark Distillery to taste a flight of delicious whiskeys. I was particularly partial to their classic cask (as they call it, their “Breakfast Whiskey” and their single barrel but I just don’t feel I appreciate a nice whiskey enough to spend $150/250 on a bottle.

I would have posted this to the selfie thread, but technically I didn’t take it so it’s not a selfie.


Try as I might I just can’t get into the whole peaty whisky thing. I have tried maybe 4-5 different single-malts now, from Glenmorangie to Laphroiag, and --to me—they are all more or less variations on what a friend of mine so memorably said: “It’s like drinking bandaids.” It seems that when it comes to brown liquor I am forever a bourbon or possibly Irish whisky person.

I’m glad other people like them, they’re just not for me. So if anyone wants to come out to Southern California and play board games with me and drink up all the smoke juice I have received as birthday presents over the years, lemme know…


That’s better than my friend who stated Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or tasted like horse piss - before asking for another glass. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
By the way, Glenmorangie is as peaty as Gatorade. Maybe you confused it with Ardbeg that is produced by the same company.


My wife’s preferred descriptor has always been “burning Chloraseptic.” She, too, leans in the bourbon and Irish directions.

I, however, love the weird smoke. I will also happily drink a glass or two of Retsina, which also repulses her. And because my love of cucumbers apparently knows no bounds:


I think I have a problem.


@Hammond I have to ask, is that lovely knitted yellow garment your friend was wearing a really elaborate scarf or a really elaborate sweater? It’s really nice, but confusing somehow.

(Also, really nice eyeglass frames on your friend! They look great, but I would have gone more with and also I keep forgetting I’m not an optician anymore. I’m guessing mild farsighted/astigmatism by the slight distortion in the lenses why do I keep doing this?)


It’s a very elaborate scarf that I believe she knitted herself. In Tasmania you need a lot of different scarves for every occasion.


Oh god please tell me she’s knitted special combat scarves for fending off the wildlife and she’ll share her techniques with me.


Noo! You want to welcome the wildlife to you. In the past week I have seen an echnidna, wombat, quoll, numerous possums and untold amounts of wallabies, potoroos and pademelons.


I just mean the wildlife that’s actively trying to kill me! I love most of the animals here (both human and other) but you can’t escape nature where I live, and some of these things have it out for us.

Full disclosure, we’ve nursed all kinds of animals back to health, from ducks to squirrels to raccoons to bikers (or motorcyclists if you prefer that term), and have also been attacked by each of said wildlife (not always the same individual, admittedly. The biker was rad (well, one was, the other was just normal-ish), the duck was a jerk, the opossum and mice racoon and newts and turtle and stray cats and dogs and birds and everyone else were on a sliding scale, so to speak.

I’m pretty sure you can tell at this point that my family has a problem.

I was just hoping for some self-defense tips while still being able to look fashionable.


I love a good peaty whisky. Irish is great too, but obviously a very different experience. I have to say bourbon is easily my least favourite style of whiskey. I find it both too sweet and usually too green tasting with a pronounced grainy, woody finish. Because of the pretty limiting legal definition of bourbon, I also find it all tastes pretty similar. Not for me.

Speaking of cucumber beer, I’m a big fan of Nickelbrook Brewery’s cucumber and dill gose.


Love Hobart and Lark and Tassie and . . . well everything down there.

DId you get to MONA, it’s on my to do list, the restaurant there is supposed to be strange and amazing.


I did go to MONA. My friend lives within walking distance so it’s a good bet I’d end up there. I was able to snag a ticket to do James Turrell’s Unseen Seen which basically puts you in a sphere full of light that’s flashed at your retinas. The patterns you see are amazing!


It’s all fun and games until the Triffids land.

Look forward to getting back to Tassie Soon ™.


Basil Hayden Dark Rye Whiskey today.

Oh! And I’m wearing my Tudor Black Bay too.