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What are you drinking?


There’s a Toronto brewery that makes something called “Peculiar”, which I can only imagine is an homage to Old Peculier. http://www.lcbo.com/lcbo/product/granite-brewery-peculiar-strong-ale/686980#.W0z4Gi0vyUl


Yeah, it’s the favorite brew of the inspector’s ex-noble (he gave up his titles) sidekick Melrose Plant, and he orders/tries to order it at least once in every book of the series afaIk.


Sadly, not in my relatively remote, rural town. But I have fond, fond memories of Theakston’s and the other fine Yorkshire ales from my days studying at Leeds.

Oh, those Riggwelter hangovers…


Look at you all fancy and stuff! I’m drinking the wine my husband uses for cooking, because there’s nothing else to drink at home and I had a looong day :wine_glass:


It’s available at a few better bars and stores. Top notch!


Nice to know I can get it if I ever manage to get to the states!


Its not a stout…


I wouldn’t go about calling Riggwelter a Theakstons beer. Its from Black Sheep Brewery and they are not best of friends! :slight_smile:


I’ve been fooling around with Aperol liqueueuer (I can never remember how to spell that)-based cocktails, usually pretty low-alcohol to allow for sustained drinking during long games. The classic Aperol spritzer is Aperol/Soda/Prosecco but that requires committing to going through a whole bottle of prosecco in one night. Some substitute versions attempted have been Aperol+Grapefruit soda+beer, Aperol+soda+gin, etc. One of the hallmarks of our regular game night is the ongoing “game of weird drink combinations” that we continue to play. So far, heifeweizen+gin+Sriracha sauce is winning.


You’re right, of course. But it was the closest analogy I could think of at the time. It doesn’t work like an Ale to my - it’s too… umm… thick… more like a porter really but… um…

Yeah, it’s Peculier!


It’s not really that rare in the US, and I have to say…(sorry) it’s just fine. It’s OK. It’s lovely, and I wouldn’t kick it out of bed (obviously, kicking a beer out of your bed would be quite messy).

I have found a Dogfishhead 120-Minute IPA, which is like finding diamonds when you’re mining for gold. Normally you can get the 60-, 75-, and 90-Minute, which are all typical IPAs, they ramp up in citric bitterness and heat, but the 120…it’s different.

It’s like silky dark chocolate milk that punches you in the face with a leather glove from the Vatican when you were only expecting some lovely fresh orange juice.



I don’t trust your opinion on beer.

There are too many IPAs and it needs to stop.


Might I recommend the Frank Collins for your weird cocktails?


Frankly, I’m tempted.


YOU TAKE THAT BACK! Old P is just… well it’s… Well, I can only drink one, but I really enjoy it!


I agree, there are too many IPAs, and the 120 Minute Dogfishhead has no taste characteristics of an IPA, it’s much more like a rich malty Porter, or a really hoppy Imperial Stout.

But to say you don’t trust my opinion is going a little too far! I take offense! I’ve forgotten more beers than you’ve ever tried!

(Of course, the “forgetting” part may be due to the fact that there was a lot of beer involved.)


Too far?? “Too far” is saying my favourite beer is only “okay”!! :rage:

(Really I just don’t like pale beers :stuck_out_tongue: )


I don’t, either. The 120 is not a pale beer, I have no idea why they even say it’s an IPA.

I will admit this: Old P was the best beer I’d ever had at the time I had tried it, and is in my top 20 of all time.

I almost just responded with a facepalm emoji to both of you, but honestly, I’d try it once, too.


Beer sucks. :wink: :rofl:


No! You suck! Runs off crying