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What are you drinking?


What? There’s something other than baseball being played now? Oh, soccer…or futbol, or whatever. :wink: I’ll bring it back to topic then: Woodford Reserve tonight, but not my usual Double-Oak! Tonight it’s their rye whiskey which is pretty damn good mixed with spring water.


I understand you don’t want to talk about high-hanging fruits, @MinuteWalt. :grin:
But to get back on topic, I’ll head to the next supermarket during break to get some of the craft beers they’re carrying.
Should be nicely accompanying watching the Serbia-Switzerland game tonight. :wink:


You drink spring water? In summer?


Of course. You can’t have a “bourbon & branch” without the “branch” (water taken from the runoff of a spring).


Homemade limoncello and Kirkland pilsner at the 2 year olds birthday party, now on to this tasty treat


Cheap beer, four pints in, feeling tipsy (My liver is rubbish) and trawling this forum for fun!


God bless America!


Hey folks, I’m looking for recommendations on where to take my drinking pallet next. Generally I’m pretty open to suggestions, but I’d like to try new things. I’ve got some Dragon’s Milk currently, and some of my favorites include Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, and Woodchuck Summer Cider. As far as liquor I prefer Tom Collins, Jack and Coke’s and Martini’s. As far as wines go I prefer something sweeter that goes down smoothly. So I’m looking for where to go next after I finish my Dragon’s Milk. Thanks!


I say just go for it and start trying some whisky (whiskey) neat! Given you appear to have a preference for creamier and sweeter things, to begin with I’d probably start with Irish whiskey or Canadian whisky. Make sure you nose it before drinking to really try to pick out all the unique flavours that whisky has to offer (don’t nose hard or you’ll just end up inhaling alcohol vapours). If you want something really reasonably priced that is lovely and buttery and a bit chocolaty, I’d go for Jameson Caskmates. If you want to splurge a bit more, Green Spot and Redbreast 12 are my favourite Irish whiskeys. If you want something sweeter, but still buttery, I highly recommend Lot 40 Rye, a Canadian whisky. To me it tastes just like apple pie- butter, apple, cinnamon, and clove. It’s also quite cheap for how nice of a whisky it is, at least for me, but I live in Canada, so it may be more expensive where you are.

It takes some time, but once you develop a palette for it, whisky is really a lovely and extremely diverse experience. Eventually, maybe you’ll move on to the world of peaty scotch (the best whisky).


Good lord, I had never heard of it, but I want it now!


Another absolutely naughty Even More Jesus variant from Evil Twin. The whole thing is probably my calorie allowance for the day. No fucks given.


Do those cans have widgets that release compressed nitrogen when you pop the top? That head looks like whipped chocolate milk, I can’t imagine how it would look that tasty without one.


Cheap, cheap whisky and lemonade for me tonight…


Nope, this was a standard can, no widget! I just gave it a hard pour.



Unsung brewing #0070 Saison w/guava


Green Cheek brewery Berliner weise


Old Peculiar.

For my American chums, I doubt this wonderful stout is available over there. It used to be better, many years ago, and would only be served in 1/2 pints. My amazing wife bought it for me… she knows the way to my heart!


I know that from Martha Grimes novels, and always wondered if it really exists…


Really? Old P gets a mention?!

Colour me impressed!