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What are you drinking?


I admit to being a bit of a beer snob (I love me some craft beers and local micro-breweries), but on the down-low, I actually get cheap beer more often. Like PBR, Steel Reserve, Natty Daddy, etc.

Yes, I want the 120 Minute Dogfishhead, or a Deleriums, or something so Belgian it’s more like wine than beer, or something so dark you can stand a spoon up in it or float a penny on the head. However, I’m skint, so I go for what fits the math. Cheap-a$$ football beer (I am not differentiating between the various games we all call “football,” I’m pretty sure the same quality of beer is consumed in copious amounts everywhere for any game called “football.”)

I’m so ashamed. I’m a bad beer snob. I love good beer, but I actually drink “sports” beer.


I’m not a beer snob. I only like a few brews. Dos Equis Especiale is my current hot weather fave.


Since it’s quite early still, I’m drinking coffee.

Friday after work, a Gin Martini is always nice.


Dos Equis?

With lime? Lemon?

Possibly mixed with a tumbler of soda or tomato juice?

(I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist teasing you. We can buy each other gin-and-ginger beer shandys next time we hang out.)

(As a punishment drink.)


You can keep the fruit. Ginger beer is excellent. Gin is just Pine-Sol that doesn’t kill you as quick. :wink:


Moscow Mules, then?

(I’ll still make you drink a shandy! I’ll suffer one as well for solidarity.)


Gin is what happens when your distillation process isn’t quite up to making vodka, so you bung in a load of juniper to cover up the nasties.

I’m a fan (Hendricks, Aldi London Gin (yes, really), The Botanist), but I have no time for snobby gin. It’s the ruin of the people, not of the aristocracy.


I only have issues when people go to a craft beer bar, order Fosters or Stella and then get annoyed with the bar staff when they tell them they don’t serve it. Loads of other pubs serve generic lager, go there instead! /rant

Tonight, I am going to Siren Tap Yard, hoping they have some Project Barista and a Suspended in … on. Also, Caribbean Chocolate Cake is a winner, so i’m hoping they have that one too.

Are any of you beer types on Untappd?


My local pub does real ale very well. (I once had a bad pint. They asked for it back before I’d more than tasted it.)

Alas, I’m off to Expo - well, great for gaming, but lousy for beer.


My partner generally hates Gin, but has found Hernö Gin which she actually likes. So we’re all posh Gin nowadays.


So fancy! (I can’t actually get that here, so I thought I’d be minorly passive-aggressive.)


I’ve been using it for a while. And given my numbers, probably too long.


This evening I am sailing the good ship HMS G&T, because what else am I gonna do.


Douglas Adams on G&T (someone, surely, was going to put this here eventually, might as well be me):

It is a curious fact, and one to which no-one knows quite how much importance to attach, that something like 85 percent of all known worlds in the Galaxy, be they primitive or highly advanced, have invented a drink called jynnan tonyx, or gee-N’N-T’N-ix, or jinond-o-nicks, or any one of a thousand variations on this phonetic theme.


Sevtap winery 2015 Merlot


Tonight, and the rest of the week probably, is time for sake.
On Saturday my partner and I visited Utsunomiya, the capital city of Tochigi prefecture just north of Tokyo.
After stuffing our faces full of gyoza and local beer for most of the day, We stumbled into the basement of the Tobu department store while trying to kill the last hour before our long train ride home.
There, we met with the most delightful and helpful young lady. She was a representative of the Azumarikishi nihonshu brewery (清酒東力士株式会社)and she proceeded to help us lighten our wallets with the aid of her generous sampling policy.

Tonight we cracked open the one bottle we didn’t get to taste out of the several that we bought. It is also the largest, and was the cheapest. We noticed it for its marketing gimmick and bought it without fear due to our guide’s previous generousity (we were quite drunk by this point, which was a great sales tactic, sober us would not have lugged all those bottles back home).

Tonight, and the next few as well, we drink トロピカル純米酔夏 or Tropical junmai Suica

The pun in its name was what caught our eye.
Of course suica is the Japanes word for water melon, hence the nice picture on the lable. However it is normally written as スイカ or perhaps in the less common kanji varient 西瓜.
The sake writes its name as 酔夏. Which, while read with the same sound as watermelon, suica, is, as far as I know, a made-up word with the benefit of roughly meaning “drunken summer.” We are suckers for this kind of stuff.

Luckily for us it’s quite good, lightly filtered, slightly dry, and very smooth to drink when cold(the recommend way to drink this bottle)
Our 1,400 yen got us a very drinkable 1.8L bottle (the traditional isshou bin 一升瓶). I am glad it is good, finishing one of these you don’t particularly enjoy can be a bear.


Happy step-fathers day to me!


Since the US didn’t make the world cup I’ve decided to support the geographically next best thing with Mexico. They certainly didn’t let me down.

But to go with, been drinking Modelo Negra most of the day.



But I have to say congratulations to them for exposing the weaknesses of the German team and deservedly winning tonight.

My consolation is that this should have been the wakeup call (or otherwise they don’t deserve to get out of the group) and that Swiss saved the day a little by holding off Brazil.
It would be ironic if Mexico managed to win the group only to still have to play Brazil in the next round.



I should have expected from a topic about drinks that it would eventually devolve to sports.

Unless @Boydesian says otherwise (his thread, he’s the man here), lets keep it on topic. I really don’t want to talk about the cup here when I’d much rather be talking about beverages.