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What are you drinking? (Tea)


does it work out usually?


Yes! The combination of a little sugar, hydration, and a bit of caffeine, keeps my voice smooth on the mike, and keeps me from falling asleep after lunch. And it’s super tasty, 100% better than soda.

The cheesecloth is a bit loose for more fine-grained tea, you get a bit of sediment. The more curly leafed stuff is fine, but I’m looking for a better solution for loose orange pekoe black.



a coworker brought some tea in one of these and now I want one tooo!! :smiley:


If you have an “asian grocery” near you head to the houseware section and keep an eye out for a pack of these “fill them yourself” teabags.

You put your loose leaf tea in the pouch and then fold over a flap on the side to close the bag. The mesh is fine enough that minimal amounts of tea escape.

They are a fairly popular item in east asia which means they can usually be found in the States if you look in the right place. At least, they were easy to find 11 years ago when last I lived in the States.

They are usually made out of polypropylene+other plastics, so that may or may not be a deal breaker.


I like to brew loose-leaf tea in a teapot with the tea leaves freely floating within, and then I just strain it as I pour it.

For tea with larger/more intact leaves (and consequently no real “sediment”), sometimes you needn’t bother straining it at all – you may be able to throw a few leaves into a cup and brew and drink it as-is without really risking swallowing any of the leaves themselves.


@Spoof I’ve been looking for these kind of bags in all the wrong places, like grocers and health-food stores, and I have an Asian grocery that I go to that’s less than 5 minutes from my house, WHERE I BOUGHT THE TEA FROM!

I’ve been using a tea ball (which is fine but not ideal). Good lord, I can’t believe I didn’t think of that, like, 4 years ago. (I’ve also wanted those for a clean bouquet garni, but have been stuck with wrapping them up in cheesecloth, which is a pain).

@Phil does have a point, though, with larger leaf teas you don’t always need it. I had a perfect pot with a built-in strainer, but it broke a long time ago and haven’t been able to find a replacement.


You can also find them on US/UK amazon if you search for “disposable tea packs/bags” or similar terms. There seems to be a few different options there, from drawstring type to the fold over type.
So that may be an option if your local doesn’t have them.


Someone gave me this for a birthday:

Put in water and loose tea; steep; place over your mug, and the tea drains into the mug while a screen filters out the tea leaves. Usually takes a few rinses afterward to get all the leaves out.


I received one as a birthday present too! (Many, many years ago.) I usually just rinse it out, but every now and then I run it through the dishwasher.


It’s not that I don’t want to trust that it works, but there is no way I’m ever buying a teapot which releases hot (or cold) tea from the bottom. To my mind, that is just asking for trouble.

Even if I’d seen that it worked (as it surely does), I’m sure my subconscious mind would constantly be worried about it…


I’m with @Phil, something about it just seems suspicious, even though I’m sure it works great. Also I trust @Tika’s opinion, if she’s using one, I would give it a shot.

I do like the micro-mesh metal filters you usually find for coffee, though! It can be a bit of a bother to adapt for tea, but it’s not that big of an issue.


Pre-drain, the weight of the water pushes down on the plug to keep the bottom sealed. The seal is released when something pushes the plug up, the intention being the lip of your mug. There is some guard to prevent the plug being moved pre-drain though someone could mess with it if they tried, I suppose. I’ve never had any mishap with it.


i had to watch a video to figure out how ot worked :laughing: i didn’t realize it releases into a brand new cup. haha


Oh yeah, that was a lot clearer than my description. :smile:


I have a Teavana PerfecTea Maker which I have been using for several years. It uses the same principles and I have been very happy with it. I am glad there is another product out there I can replace it with when the seal in the bottom finally decides to start leaking.

Does this product come with a little coaster to set it on?