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What are you drinking? (Tea)


I have a rather nice black tea with roasted chestnuts in it from my sister I’ve been drinking lately. It just tastes like chestnuts.


I’ve been drinking this tea:

I bought it because i like the tin but it’s pretty gooood.:hugs: it’s the one I’m brewing the most right now.


What are pink peppers?


According to the Japanese description here, what it means to say is “pink peppercorns.”

They do kind of look like little red daruma dolls when scattered amongst the tea.


I tend to drink a mixture of Earl Grey, black tea, and whatever else my sister brings into the house. There’s also a green tea mixed with rice whose name I can’t recall that I have been feelings pangs of need over after a friend gave some to me. I used to drink exclusively bagged tea, but I received a french press for Christmas that has been seeing daily use and its opened an entire world for me.


thanks!! :smile:


I love that tea as well!
The same company also has a peach-oolong that is currently in my cup.


Genmaicha! I agree with you, it is a lovely tea. I toast a batch of brown rice (some of it even pops like popcorn!) every now and again so I can add a spoon of it to a pot of green tea (green rooibos also works). A young visitor to my house saw it and said it looked like ‘insect tea’. She’s not wrong.



i really like this tea company. they closed their shop in san francisco which made me sad. now i stock up when I’m in hawaii​:smile: I’ll have to look for the peach oolong next time.:nerd_face:


I just got a bag of lapsang souchong from my local Asian grocery (I actually just went there for hot lime pickle, sweet chili garlic sauce, and assorted candy and snacks). I forgot, I haven’t had this smokey green tea in well over two years.

I made a small pitcher of it iced with turbinado sugar, and if that sounds weird, that’s because it is. Iced jasmine, oolong, gunpowder, orange pekoe, etc. those are all fine cold. Lapsang is usually a hot tea, and one not everybody likes anyway, in any form.

The first time I tried it, it made me sick. But every time afterwards, it made me feel better.

Living in a hot climate, I had to figure out how to make an iced version, and I kind of really enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong, it may be “an acquired taste,” but I forgot how much I liked it. It’s just a bit hard to find around here, and the other iced tea varieties are more appealing (I ain’t gonna lie).

That is also a great tea to serve cold! It’s super refreshing, and cleanses the palate. Genmai is sometimes sold in bottles in the refrigerator section around here, with the other Ito En teas, in the natural foods/gourmet groceries, with the fancy-pants soda-pops.

I still keep getting the Jasmine or the Oi Ocha (bold) because they don’t stock the Genmai like they used to.


Ooh that’s spooky @MinuteWalt , I was just about to toast a batch of rice this morning for my tea… Actually it’s not that spooky, it happens about once a week now that my kids have decided they love Genmaicha in the summer too!

Lapsang souchong sounds good. It’s not on the menu of our favourite tea house, but it is now on my grocery list. Thanks!


If you haven’t had it or know about it, it’s tea that’s been smoked (usually over herbs, old tea, or green-ish hardwood).

It’s a strong flavor, it really is something that isn’t for everyone. I do recommend trying it! I don’t recommend liking it.

Like a lot of flavors I enjoy, it may be a bit on the extreme side (I like spicy food, dark dark chocolate, black licorice, matcha, Mexican salty-spicy-sour-sweet candy…the list of idiosyncrasies goes on and on).


I had a smokey caravan tea once that I could not finish. It was the flavour of whisky, as told by someone who does not like whisky. The woodsmoke smell was delightful, but not in a “I want to put that in my mouth” kind of way.


That pretty much nails lapsang souchong. Smells great, but if it’s not actually whisky…


Just finished up a bag of tea (Mighty Tea Brazilian Fruit) and have opened up a Formosa Oolong which also has a smoky flavor; it is a bit like that peat taste of whiskey! I do like whiskey though, which I suspect is because it’s a bit like brandy, which my mother would let me sample pretty regularly when I was 6. :laughing:


The only ones I’ve come across smell strongly of burning rubber and taste of . . . burning rubber.

So not a fan!


I don’t blame you, it’s not for everyone. I’m still not sure if it’s for me.


I usually drink a spiced ‘chai’ black tea (with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger, pepper) which I always have with soy milk (and is lovely with a dab of honey, but I weaned myself off that on account of consuming significant quantities most days). Recently I’ve been enjoying Assam Namdang BP, which is nice and malty. Early Grey is my other go-to. I once picked up https://twgtea.com/Products/Golden-Earl-Grey-1 at Singapore airport and concluded it was the best Earl Grey I’d tasted, so it’s surely at least decent : )


At work I brew my tea in one of these double-walled insulated teapots:

Without that, I’d go a bit crazy with how quickly it would go cold (as indeed I used to before I bought it).

At home I’m less fancy, and use a thermos for a teapot : )

(edit: The forum keeps awarding me for doing mundane things. I wish it would stop that.)


(I have to admit, when I go to work, I usually just grab my giant insulated convenience-store mug, dump a big spoon of genmai or whatever I have on hand in a cheese cloth bag, fill it with ice and water and a lump of turbinado and hope that by the time I get to work it has become :dash: iced tea.)