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What are you drinking? (Tea)


I don’t like tea. Or coffee. My T of choice is:

Though if we are talking about the greatest of beverages, it is:

Hey, there’s a ‘t’ in it!


New to the forum today and it looks like I might share more than just an interest in board gaming with some of you…

I’m currently insisting on drinking my loose leaf earl grey (brewed correctly in a pot) from bone china cup and saucers rather than a mug. It is probably a placebo, but I swear it tastes better!

Tea (and coffee) snobbery is a slippery slope!


I rarely drink tea when I’m at home, so the majority of tea I drink is just whatever someone’s bought for the office. When I do have it at home, I’ve currently got a box of Tea India’s vanilla chai (that they now seem to have stopped making) that I’m working my way through.

We do however have a cupboard full of tea because my partner is a tea fiend. Mostly it’s Teapigs, particularly their strong earl grey. Though she tends to save them and just drinks endless cups of Lidl own-brand earl grey.


Fair point for some beaches! :grin:


I work for David’s Tea over in Vancouver! Saigon Chai is an old favourite of mine =)


You and I share a love of quality Oolong.


A tasty Vietnam Yen Bai.
Rich almost chocolatey from a tea estate started by the French
that was let to run wild during the Uncle Ho years. ‘Found’ and
when cut back then cultivated, proved to have gotten tasty while
growing free. Yum!


I’m always eager for more suggestions! (And not just Oolong. I am so curious about that ‘hot chocolate’ AlabasterC posted above…)

Today I am drinking some Scottish Blend, with a little milk.


I got a newsletter from one of my favorite tea brands (^-^). It comes with a free sample! I’m going to try it tonight :slight_smile: :tea:
Also yay sakura season! I’m usually not a huge fan of flavored teas, but sakura is pretty good (^-^)


The sakura allure green tea from Teavana is one of my other favourites. They go so well together!


i’ll have to try it out!


I have a tea free sample story!

About five years ago, I was walking around my neighbourhood, when an unmarked van pulled alongside me and slowed down. Someone in the van (not sure if it was the driver or passenger anymore) shouted “Hey, do you like tea?”. I answered in the affirmative, and he tossed a little ziploc bag at me with a couple teabags in it and a slip of paper saying what it was. He explained “We’re from [unintelligible]!”, but I didn’t catch whatever the “[unintelligible]” was, and they drove away.

It was good tea.


I… would not have tried that tea. :laughing:


I expected that story to have a very different ending!


So, ok, in the interest of the narrative, I may have left a few details out ;). At the risk of ruining the magic, and being a big long-winded, I’ll finish the tale:

I didn’t try the tea. Not at first. It sat in my cupboard and I wondered about it. The paper that came with it identified it as Yerba Maté tea, specifically from Maté Factor. The paper was professionally printed, and the tea bags looked professionally manufactured — it all checked out, but the way it came into my possession was so weird that I was a bit suspicious of it.

Some time later, I noticed a sign for a café/tea house/bakery in front of the empty paint warehouse in the neighbourhood — basically across the street from my house! I checked it out one day and was astonished to find that behind the unremarkable brick exterior, there was a beautiful little health food store & café, selling lots of bulk whole grains and the like, the best cinnamon rolls I’ve ever had, and, yes, lots and lots of tea. In bags, as bulk loose tea, and even as separate ingredients in case you wanted to mix your own blend of lavender and rooibos, or whatever. And there was a lot of Maté Factor tea, and the familiar-looking fellow behind the counter was cheerfully handing out free samples of it in familiar-looking ziploc bags.

It turns out that the both the café and the Maté Factor company itself are owned and operated by a religious group called The Twelve Tribes. Without getting into details, I’ll just say that the members of the group tend to deviate from societal norms along several axes (and I don’t think they’d disagree). After I had visited a few more times, it became clear to me that they had just been driving around the neighbourhood, being friendly and telling people about the new teahouse they had just opened.

After that, I felt it was safe to drink the tea. :slight_smile:


PHEW!! :smiley: It was a pretty hilarious story, truncated as it was.


I generally make tea for two in one of these:

And Orchid Vanilla from TeaForte, or various flavoured black teas from the local Adore Tea. I like quite a few of theirs, but this is probably most notable for niceness and differentness:


It’s a nice pot. I make tea in a pot I bought from Whittard’s:

I’d really like a smaller pot, preferably with some matching cups.


A rather tasty Anxi oolong from an estate I purchase from
regular like. They also grow small fragrant roses for use as
or in fragrances. So often their second flush offerings will
have a slight rose under-scent from the cup. Breathe deep.


I recently discovered hibiscus tea and have been loving it, you can find some here: http://www.republicoftea.com/?q=hibiscus