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What are you drinking? (Tea)


For some reason Quinns kept talking about a board game in the recent tea review. I thought we could flesh out the discussion here. What’s being drunk?

Right now I’m sat beside a pot of my favourite tea. Pu-erh (aged 10 yrs), one of the top ten teas of China. It’s a black tea. It has an earthy taste that is not at all acrid or bitter, its easy to brew, and the leaves can be used to brew up to six pots. I drink an awful lot of it.

On our 2015 anniversary, my wife bought me a “tea tour of China”. (Link) From then I recorded each tea, so that I would remember my favourites. I harvest almost all of my tea from the grand old man who grows behind my shed. Another favourite of mine is 大红袍 (Da Hong Pao / Big Red Robe) oolong.


I’m going to immediately take us full philistine with this ‘hot chocolate’ rooibos blend laden with cinnamon, cacao nibs, cardamom, Ginger and chicory. I went 95% caffeine free a while back and had to abandon my purist tendencies. This stuff is gorgeous though. I got a sample on a quick stop in Haarlem and ended up begging them to ship me a kilo.


@Alexava is that from Davids Tea?

My current daily morning tea is vanilla bean black tea from Mighty Leaf. I usually buy an assortment of flavored black teas from them once a year, although I also like their African Nectar rooibos a lot.

My roommate bought some Fortnum and Mason Earl Grey when he was in London that I like as well, although it might be a little too smoky for me.

I also really enjoyed the mango black tea from Hawaii that @nikotte gave me! :smile:

(If anyone was wondering, Quinns was drinking black pearl tea.)


I am the worst tea snob. I’m picky about brewing from boiling (not just hot) water, starting from cold tap/filtered water (not hot), brewing in a teapot (not the cup), and even the type of cup I want to drink out of.

And then the tea itself is bagged Tetley, from a big box. English Breakfast or Bold for preference, but their Orange Pekoe is just fine too! I have loose tea, I have all the paraphernalia, we have an entire tea cupboard, but most of the time a good strong hot cup of black tea (with milk, no sugar) is what I really want.

(Further ruminations saved for a later post…)


I’m a fan of taureau-rouge tea, which is distinctive in that it comes in a can rather than a packet, and has only a very subtle background level of tea. Quite nice though!


The Art of Tea and Spices in Haarlem, NL


Chinese “Prince of Peace” ginger and honey crystals, usually with a shot of Maker’s Mark thrown in. I know it’s not tea, but it serves the same function. I call it a “Hot & Stormy.”


My favorite morning tea is a black, ginger and peach blend. I’m also currently working my way through a fantastic bag the local shop calls “Princess Grey” that’s black, bergamont, lavender and rose.


Those both sound delicious to me!


I like them. :slight_smile: Most of my loose leaf is processed through this fellow:

Don’t tell Erik.


Anyone care to suggest a flavored black tea that goes well with milk and sugar? My nose doesn’t work well, and subtleties are easily lost on my taste buds, so frankly high-quality tea would be wasted on me. If I told you what I drink at work, all tea snobs would probably shun me forever more.


I mean … for years I overstewed my tea because I liked the taste better. I’ve since come off of bitter things a bit so it’s about 50/50 whether I make a tea “properly.”

It’s all tea. Fancier tea sometimes has better flavoring ingredients, but often it’s just more expensive packaging and branding. :stuck_out_tongue: That said I still can’t help you much because as per the above I rarely put sweeteners in my tea. Honey when I’m sick I guess.

Ooh. Actually, Rooibos (not “tea” as in tea plant, but still tea) goes incredibly with milk. It’s the only thing I tend to add anything to. I’m sure it’d do fine with sugar too. A friend gave me a lovely caramel Rooibos from a brand called Lord Nelson that was absolutely amazing with milk.


The tea I’m currently drinking for a treat is Isle of Harris Gin Tea. It’s got a fairly delicate flavour, and the smell just like catching the scent of west coast Scottish beach.


I did have a rather enjoyable lightly-smokey one at the Samovar teahouse in Ely yesterday, but they didn’t have any to take away (and now I’ve forgotten the name). All the more reason for another visit at some point I guess. Did pick up some of their Samovar Chai though (ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves on an assam base). Good stuff.

I couldn’t possibly have it every day, but when I’m feeling gloomy I do like a nice cup of Whittards’ Spice Imperial. It smells like Christmas.


I have been falling back on the v. nice Saigon Chai from David’s Tea of late. I’ve been far more on a coffee bender so it’s not often though! Honestly I’m pretty happy if you stick a nice English Breakfast in my cup anyhow :smiley:


My tea game isn’t great. Jasmine tea is my go to. Unfortunately its hard to find it in tea bags locally for convenience’s sake.

I found some in teabags but it was jasmine green tea which is different. I generally drink tea in this mug that one of my coworkers got me which I ADORE.


Tea! (with scale loch ness ladle)

I’m currently bouncing between jasmine pearls (in the mug) when I’m feeling less caffeinated, and a dark roasted oolong with ginseng (Ten-Ren’s 319) when I’m looking for something with more earthy bite. The pearls are rolled green tea buds heavily scented with jasmine, and look lovely unfurling in the bottom of the mug.

I do love a good cherry or mango green tea, too, and you can never go wrong with rooibos. I think the only tea I’ve ever regretted buying was a blend with a lot of coconut that tasted like old sunscreen.

One of my favourite flavoured black teas was the Caramelissimo from Teaopia (before they were subsumed, sadly). It was a black tea with chunks of caramel and biscuits that just lent itself lovingly to milk (and was plenty sweet before the sugar). It looks Teavana continued to carry it for a while, but then stopped, so unfortunately I don’t have a link for you. Maybe their gingerbread black tea might fare well along those lines?


I grew up a stone’s throw from the beach on the west coast of Scotland. That is not a smell I’d wish appear in a mug.


Today I’m drinking 铁观音(Tie Guan Yin / Iron Goddess)

My friend brought me a box of Anxi style. It is really mellow and delicate in both colour and taste. Very refreshing, and still tastes good to me after its gone cold. Probably my favourite oolong alongside Big Red Robe. Coincidentally also one of the top ten teas.


We at my company’s U.S. office get tea delivered to us from our boss in the Canadian Maritimes: Orange Pekoe (strong and robust). He seems to think we must drink about 90 - 100 gallons a day because we currently have a lifetime supply, yet he still sends it regularly. That’s okay though, we all give the stuff away to people around here too. I generally take my tea black, but he also sends our office tubs of raw honey made on his friend’s farm in Saskatchewan. Incredible stuff. Added to tea, it’s fantastic, and it’s really good when one is fighting a cold too…and I am. :disappointed_relieved: