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What are we watching?


Just seen End Game. I was kinda disappointed, I guess? So much to say, but don’t want to spoil it!

I’m up for a End Game chat thread if people are into the deep dive (so this thread isn’t overcrowded with spoilers and ongoing discussions)


I am seeing it tomorrow morning, but totally support a new thread for discussion, just make it clear in the title that spoilers will abound


I still enjoyed BSG after it went…a bit odd. I was able to piece together the ending beforehand, but in retrospect, it could only have ended the way it did. And I was so proud of myself too.


Saw Endgame and I really liked it! If you’ve seen it and want to talk about there’s a spoiler filled thread HERE!


I also enjoyed it through all seasons too, but I could understand the criticisms people had :slight_smile:


I decided that I wasn’t watching Infinity War until Endgame came out, so… I have now watched Infinity War! I really liked it, although the sprawling nature of the movie meant there were less of the character moments I’ve enjoyed in the other MCU movies. My favorite bit was when teenage!Groot makes the handle for Thor’s axe (and may have made me slightly weepy).

Unfortunately, the main storyline has veered into the stuff I hate about superhero comic stories; yet I don’t really have a problem with it and was able to enjoy it overall. I was trying to figure out what the difference was compared to Civil War (which I hate), and I think it’s probably that while Thanos’ motivations and actions are pretty dumb and illogical, the responses of the characters are interesting.

I’m planning to go watch Endgame on Tuesday (because I’m cheap) then I will join in the spoiler thread! :grin:


Saw Endgame too and really liked it. Went in a direction I did not expect.


Now I’m curious. What is the superhero comic story stuff you hate? Like, it’s just not grounded and it’s too out there?


In this case, the way death is handled.


Thanks for spooling off a spoiler thread with a new topic, @twispby. That’s good forum…um, foruming?

I’m also planning on seeing it soon and I’ll join all of you there after.

On a different note: I’ve been watching Cuckoo. I can’t decide if I like it, yet I keep watching it. I like Andy Samburg (all the actors give great performances, he’s actually the least of them), and it’s often funny, but it’s also cringe-worthy and unbelievable. I think it’s been coming up a lot because Samburg is an executive producer of I Think You Should Leave and he’s being cross-promoted (which also has its very funny moments, but like a lot of sketch comedy and junk food from the corner store, after a while, you’ve just had enough).


Watched a load of stuff over the bank holiday weekend.

Finally watched Into the Spider-Verse, which was phenomenal and I’m annoyed I didn’t see it in the cinema. Cried a few times :cry:

Caught up on a few things, including Into the Badlands which was really enjoyable. It’s nonsense, but it knows exactly what it’s doing.

Watched all the episodes so far of What We Do in the Shadows and it’s as good as the film. Matt Berry pretty much plays the same character in everything he’s in, but it works brilliantly.

Then started working my way through Letterkenny which is equal parts genius and impenetrable. There’s definitely been a couple of times where I’ve been unsure if I’m supposed to not understand what’s being said.

Oh, and I watched the new series of She-Ra when it came out. Which was just as good as the last, but way too short!!


Watched the first (and currently only) season of Kingdom on Netflix. It’s essentially zombies in Korea’s Joseon period, based on the webcomic The Land of the Gods. The production quality is really good and it’s interesting having the zombie theme wrapped around what is essentially a political film. While I do recommend it, I would suggest waiting for the second season which started filming in February, because you aren’t going to want to stop watching after the six episodes that are currently available!


Last night I had one of those rare evenings to myself (wife + step daughter went to go see Endgame and the smaller kids were in bed by 7) so rather than play a game (board, card or video) I opted to watch some of the movies on my backlog, which ended up being Blade Runner 2049.
Very nice looking movie with some great shots and sound work buuuuut a little drab beyond that. I appreciate the world building and showing growth from the first but I didn’t really engage in the characters.


I watched One Cut of the Dead last night with my partner. I dislike most zombie media, but I really enjoyed this movie. My partner was initially extremely unhappy with the movie at first but she really enjoyed the second half of the movie. The “One Cut” aspect of the movie is done well and the movie is overall more fun than Birdman .

I am not excited for MCU stuff. I haven’t impressed with recent Hollywood stuff in general though. I thought that Coming to America was a better movie than Black Panther. Rouge One is a waste of Jiang Wen’s talent compared to Let the Bullets Fly. Crazy Rich Asians is unexciting compared to Love in a Puff. Baahubali is the greatest superhero of all time and the once and future king.


My partner and I have started watching Lucifer on Netflix.

It’s… fun. It has (several) problems, and I would rate the writing as fair-to-middling at best, but the cast is a delight and the guy they got to play Lucifer himself is pretty good.

That stated… theological problems all over the place (obviously… the episode we just watched had an angel claim that “Every region and religion has its own version of the devil”, which is patently false and enormously oversimplified in the cases that it sticks), and saying nothing about the “police work but quicker because we don’t have to follow no rules” BS trope, but I do lovely a wise-ass smarmy genius solving problems (see: The Glades, Sherlock, House, Justified, Ms. Fisher’s Mysteries, etc…).

I’m enjoying it. And I guess that’s something. And damn but some of the one liners Lucy spouts are just fantastic.


Game of Thrones from series 1 and desperately avoiding series 8 spoilers


So…you dont go on the internet at all


I’ll get round to season 8 eventually. The only spoiler I’ve seen so far is that everyone hates it.

I’m very slowly watching the man in the high castle, and it’s been pretty good so far.


Sin City (again).

Yes, I know Frank Miller’s a bit of a D. I have his comics all around my bookshelves. My appreciation for his artistry does not blind me to the fact that he’s kind of a racist homophobic sexist jerk irl.

But it’s another great Tarantino/Rodriguez team-up, and besides,
Marv has a condition.


As soon as I see a HINT of someone talking about GoT, I scroll quickly past