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That’s like getting Splenda when you wanted sugar.

Sarah Sutton and Katy Manning is super-star awesome, though, and I’d give my eye-teeth to have gotten a hug from Katy.


I did a re-watch of all of classic Who a few years ago (highly recommended), and while Baker was clearly taking over a lot towards the end it was only his last season I didn’t much enjoy. And that was the one with the new bosses who were trying to rein him in, yes, but also to make the show a Serious Science Show with Adult Themes (i.e. dark, because dark is always trendy).


By all accounts, Colin could’ve been a brilliant Doctor if the show had let him. He’s much beloved by Big Finish listeners.


My wife used to run a Dr Who convention back in the 90’s, way after I stopped watching as a kid. Tom Baker was the last one I really watched, until I met Carol, and then I watched McCoy - hence my like for him.

I went to one of her con’s and met all sorts of people who I had no idea who they were. I’ve met - Sylvester McCoy (Who was amazing), Sophie Aldred (Who my wife embarrassed me in front of), Nicholas Courtney (Who was a genuinely nice chap), Jacqueline Pearce (Who was an octopus) and quite a few others. It was damn good!


I officially now like your wife more than you. :rofl:


Well, she just said you are welcome to come over for a brew any time. Now I’m worried! :smiley:


So I tried Parks and give up after a few episodes of season one, season two is better but still a mixed bag. The show really starts to find its feet in the last two eps of season two when they reshuffle the main characters a bit and Adam Scott/Rob Lowe appear. From there it is fantastic with rarely a dud note, and from giving up on the show it is now one of my all time favourites.


Exactly this.


Agreed with Derelicte that the UI for Crave still isn’t as good as Netflix, but I have to say it is better than Amazon Prime Video. That UI is both not intuitive and constantly glitchy for me. Also, the live streaming on Crave has been flawless so far. I live streamed Game of Thrones on Sunday with no issue whatsoever.


Follow-up: I am glad you flipped me from avoiding it to giving it a shot, it’s really clever, I’ve had a great time.


BIG in france

All of the characters are selfish a-holes. Why did I end up caring about them so much?


Just watched the first 5 episodes of Star Trek Discovery and not sure I like that show.

It is not like Star Trek at all, but that isn’t my problem with it.

It is just laying on too much. Its tone is so much over the top.

Edit: And too much non-sensible happens only for story reasons.


I won’t go into spoilers for later episodes but my immediate impression, which later episodes did nothing to change, was that everyone in the show is a horrible person. (Except Tilly.) Which is something I find makes a show unpleasant to watch, even if they’re really well-portrayed horrible people (e.g. Lorca).

(Haven’t seen season 2 yet.)


Season 2 definitely improves on that, at least it did for me - it feels more like Star Trek and the characters seem much more likeable. The tone is still a bit over the top though…


Totally with you about Discovery, @Boronian . I’ve already gone on about it at length here (especially contrasting it with The Orville being more Trek than the official Trek) though, so I won’t bore everyone else more with my rants going on and on about it.

So I’ll change the subject suddenly with this!
Electra Woman & Dyna Girl! A feel-good buddy-hero movie rebooted from an old Sid & Marty Kroft franchise. It’s not for kids, but it’s fine for grown-ups who feel like they’re still kids. It was just what I needed after a rough day.


Discovery needs to be more grim / realistic like Battlestar Galactica or The Expanse or Stargate Universe. That would fit more what they try to do in my opinion.

Your complaints went into the different direction I believe :slight_smile:


I think it needs to make more sense. Battlestar made no sense near the end (although the space combat stuff was great throughout, and they had some great fake-physics stuff that was just close enough to be believable).

But you are right about my complaints (EDIT 4/24: the following are my personal feelings, which were different than yours, but you brought up a good point I hadn’t thought of), the current Trek has none of the hope, optimism, or sense of, well, discovery, for a Trek show called Discovery.

Also, the tech is way more advanced for the period it’s set in (within universe), they ruined Klingons, what the hell does a “Mycelial network” do to make a ship do back-flips, and this has never come up before even though this is supposedly a prequil that the showrunners promised would be true to the timeline of…

OK. I can no longer pretend. I wanted it to be good sci-fi, and I do care about the characters, but it’s even more nonsensical than the nonsense that I like. It could have been something interesting, without forcing Trek in there to make more clicks. They should have produced an original series, something new and ballsy, but they wimped out and decided “oh, Star Trek has some audience caché we can mine!”


BSG went a little bit off rail but it started out differently.

It was this amazing survival battle with all the grey areas it touched in brutal ways during that. It was great. And way more convincing than Discovery.


WAY more convincing than Discovery.


OK, so…

The Tick season 2! HAHAHA, it actually got a season 2! Two more seasons, and it will have lasted longer than any Tick thing since the comic book!

This one was a lot tighter on the plot and still had stuff that made me laugh against my will.

After the comic, I thought I wouldn’t like the cartoon (which was great). After the cartoon, I thought I wouldn’t like the live-action with Patrick Warburton (which was good silly fun). And when I saw this one was coming out, I again thought “oh hell they’re going to ruin The Tick.”

BUT! It wasn’t bad. It was good silly fun (and returned to some of the violence of the comic, not too bad or too serious). The 2nd season improves on the character development, while leaving in all the silliness and comic-book twists, and introduces some cool (but also ridiculous) new heroes, which were missing from the last season.

I guess I’m on a hero-buddy-comedy kick since watching a movie that rebooted legendary Sid and Marty Kroft’s creation of Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, which I have to say, was a hoot! It grew up, but not too much.

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