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What are we watching?


I feel it gets crapped a bit too much. For a film in the extended Star Wars universe it’s not as great as Rogue One (which is a tall order to follow) but it’s still a decent film all things considered, especially when you factor in the horrendous production drama.


…pbpbpbptptptppbpbtpt… NO.

(Sorry, that was the closest thing I could write as an onomatopoeia to snarfing my drink)

Rogue One was a weird mess, although it did fill in some gaps. Solo was also a weird mess, but it also had Lando (and other iconic performances that kind-of worked).

They both were lacking at times, honestly, Although: Disney and their revisionist view of “This isn’t cannon”, they are now totally cannon as far as I’m concerned. It needed to be done, to erase the shame and foul flavor of the prequels, not to mention the volumes of contradictory books that had been written.

Seriously, the only other best-seller fantasy series that contradict themselves are the Trek books, and to be honest, most religious texts (yes, I know most religious texts are only available in compilations, often with a lot of books left out due to management meddling. They still didn’t really get into the Chewbacca life debt… YOU KNOW WHAT, I’m going to stop talking now. I’ve been awake doing tech support for elderly CEOs for 30 hours now and you should ignore everything I say).


Pfft. You are like little baby.


You might want to consider adopting my attitude:

Star Wars ended in 1983.

A friend of mine adopted this view after Phantom of Solace, but it took me going to see New Hope 2: Electric Boogaloo (The Force Awakens) to realize that he was right. I haven’t gone to a Star Wars film since. And I am happier for it. :sunglasses:


I don’t despise Star Wars, but I’m not terribly interested in it either. Some time I’ll get round to watching the new films, probably.


I used to be an über-fan, but not any more. That’s okay though; one less obsession is probably good for me. :laughing:


I’m still an über-fan, and always will be.

There’s a kind of holy trinity for me. Bad analogy, since I don’t particularly like school, religion, or dreams. But as far as science-fantasy goes (and be told, these are all science-fantasy, there’s nothing remotely even Arthur C. Clark to put actual science in these franchises):

Star Trek is kind of like my school; Star Wars, my religion; and Doctor Who, my dreams.

I am also willing to fight anyone who doesn’t admit that the Fourth Doctor is the Best Doctor. Baker-4-lyfe!


Noone watching Game of Thrones?


Never heard of it.


In the list of ‘series everyone keeps telling me to watch but i haven’t had time’ shows, I’ve finally booked on Fleabag over three or four days. Loved it. Great to see something that is so blatantly an Edinburgh Fringe show make it to TV. Hopefully channel execs will take more of a gamble on younger talent now…


Oh, heck. I’ve been putting that off simply because everyone thinks I’d like it. I think that you, @KIR, are the final straw, and now I have to see it.


Still waiting for Crave to get Season 7 :disappointed:

I think I might rewatch all of them again. It’s not like I’ll be reading book 6 anytime soon (or possibly ever).


I’m thinking about getting Crave+ just so I can complete my Deadwood re: watch. Apart from that how’s the quality? The UI seems to be better than I remember it still a wee bit unrefined.


It’s still not great imo. We’ve only had it for about a year, and I only watched GoT, Castle Rock, and the Expanse on it. I don’t use it unless I have too, which may tell you something, lol.


OK, not that I’ve watched them all for many years… but his later ones were TERRIBLE. I mean, just bad. Could say that for all of them though! I really like Pertwee, and have met Sylvester McCoy.


Sylvester McCoy is a really nice person. I’ve met him, too. He was, well, a joy. It seems so weird to say it out loud (so to speak, or, rather, type), but he was genuinely charming.

But you can’t blame The Doctor for the writing team! Baker was the best, even if he seemed washed-up and bitter afterwards! :fist_right:


Yeah, took the poor sod a long time to get over it. He was brilliant in Blackadder though! :smiley:

Can you seperate the actor from the script? I certainley had to do this for some of Capaldi’s run, so I will concede that one. (I mean, the moon is a ******* egg really? REALLY? BAH!)

McCoys last season had a streak of nasty in it that I really enjoyed, and I wish he’d got a chance to make more. Pertwee had that action hero vibe - he was really James Bond. And his ongoing battle with the best master was just wonderful.

I think we will just have to agree to disagree! At least we aren’t saying Tennent. Good, but over-rated for me.


(Oh, in case you didn’t get it, my above emoji was me starting the fist-fight. Sorry, everyone.)


The only Doctor I’ve met (so far) is Colin Baker, who was bizarrely at UK Games Expo a few years ago. He was very nice.

I’ve met various others too. Sarah Sutton and Katy Manning being the most notable. Both nice, but Katy was absolutely lovely and gave me a hug :smiley:


Yeah, he was fine. Not the best, but he kept it up like a champ.