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What are we watching?


(Let’s take cover behind this wall of The Simpsons DVDs. If we can’t shoot our way out, we can high-tail it over the valley of The Sopranos and into the free lands of some other iconic niche series I’m too lazy to really think about. The Hills of Grey’s Anatomy, maybe. The Valley of Scrubbs. The Suburb of Community, next to the town of Breaking Bad… I don’t know, we’ll have to figure it out on the run).

(EDIT: I’ve been playing a lot of Red Dead Redemption 2 lately, so that may be coloring my language and idioms, a bit)




“a god damn sexual Tyrannosaurus”


“Dug in tighter than an Alabama tick.”


Just to clarify this factual error. I also claim it as Best Show Ever Broadcast. Happy to got to bat for @simian on this.


Agh! Where do I mail my bottom dollar to?


I watched Bad Times at the El Royale over the weekend, and enjoyed it. Excellent ensemble cast, and Jeff Bridges was superb. While I don’t like time travel movies, I do enjoy films that jump back and forth along the characters’ timelines, and BTatER has that by the bucketful in the 1st half. I am also a big fan of Googie architecture and product design of the mid-1960s, which also feature prominently here. Super soundtrack too.


Farscape was amazing when it got going in later seasons. I keep meaning to rewatch it. But The best ever? No.

Fringe was way better than Farscape. Although no-one seems to agree with me on how cool the damn show was.


Yes. This.

I had to watch it piecemeally (I didn’t have time for the full shebang) but I have to agree, it was a lot of fun.


@MrJackdaw I will agree with you that Fringe has a place in my heart (despite an understandably lopsided final season, if you know the production drama) and that it is either a tie for Best Ever or a close Second.


Lopsided is an understatement. It was, I believe, fully and truly, “off kilter.” (Much love for Walter throughout! He was off-kilter in the very best way. Not Alter Walter, that guy was kind of a D).


Oh man I’m itching for a series re-watch… Maybe after Deadwood.


Deadwood, Justified, Santa Clarita Diet: the Holy Trinity of Timothy Olyphant.

Cowboy sheriff, cowboy sheriff, dude freaking out because he’s married to a zombie.


I don’t know the production drama! Please enlighten me! I needs to know my precious!

I enjoyed the last season, and thought it tied the story off well.


YES!!! Fringe was SO good!!! I have a couple of friends and family that also agree with you on this on! :wink:

Not every season was equal, especially the final, but as @simian said, that was understandable; at least they got a final season.

I’ve been thinking of rewatching it for awhile. Maybe I’ll see if I can get my lady into it at some point.


Thank goodness they were able to tie it off! So many good shows just get canned and have a lot of loose threads dangling (I’m looking hard at you, Person of Interest and Pushing Daises!)

@simian may know more about this than I do, but I thought it was because there were money problems and issues with the direction the show was going. I would also be pleased with further enlightenment.

Once you get into alternate universes and/or time travel, I, for one, am totally like “sorry J. J. Abrams you lost me. Cheap trick, dude.” It works in some things, but he can’t really pull it off, and uses that sort of thing as a plot device when the writers have written themselves into a corner.


I’m working through Season 3 of Enterprise and it’s excellent stuff, although Archer’s character has changed into a somewhat deranged revenge junkie, which is at odds with the whole peaceful explorer thing in the first two seasons. It’s good TV, though. Star Trek Discovery is superb, though not really Star Trek. Thoroughly gripping stuff.

For what it’s worth, here are my Top 5 TV shows purely for entertainment value (I mean, The Wire is terrific but it’s not a laugh-a-minute terrific). I got a kick out of them because of the twists, the situations, the quotes and just looked forward to another episode. I am also keeping them to 42 minute American TV shows. Because if you get on to British sitcoms, we’ll be here a while. Some absolute gold in that genre. And I can’t choose a single series of Star Trek because they’re all great in their own way. That episode of TNG when Picard played the flute. The episode of Voyager where they were stuck in orbit for 30 minutes but 30 generations passed on the planet surface. The Borg. The Xindi. And in a Discovery spoiler, Spock, as a bit of a dick, is truly joyous.

Babylon 5
Alias (I was convinced the Rambaldi stuff was going to rear its head in Lost, but al(I)as, oh so many alases)
Angel (so much better than Buffy).

In fact, my wife and I are rewatching Angel (thanks Amazon Prime) and it’s really good. I will go back and watch the others, too.


I loved Alias in its build-up phase. Then, to me at least, it suddenly seemed clear that they didn’t have anything except the build-up – whenever anything had at last to be revealed, it was just another layer of complication.

Which effectively immunised me against Lost


I think, because it was the Abrams show after Felicity (which is also great), he decided to mess around with the format from season to season. It was new. I adored how each season was a big reset button, changing the dynamics between the main characters and setting up new intrigue. What I really wanted, though, was a massive reveal of all the medieval, Da Vinci, Rambaldi stuff. There were some amazing ideas in there, just lacking an emotional and worthy payoff. Just like Lost.

The first season of Lost is stil spectacular TV. The flashback style of storytelling was also new and felt pioneering, almost. They had so much to play with and pissed the promise up a wall, Sorry for the crude analogy, but that ending still gets my goat. that said, I’d pay good money to watch a Hurley and Sawyer spin-off.


Haven’t watched a lot of the mentioned content.
Taking this as the reference, starting to watch all those given
Hoping for good times !!