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Ah, I would love to know what were the spoilery parts!
You can mark any part of text and then click on the gear symbol and select blur spoiler.


I need to check out Sabrina. We were into Riverdale but the third season went off the rails, and we haven’t gone back. Inline of want to see if it get better.

I keep forgetting that The OA had more seasons. I never watched anything past the first. Might have to give that a go.

Does Santa Clarita* have zombies? I thought it was just a family of cannibals. Not sure I can really use '‘just’ in that sentence :thinking:.

Last night my gf and I gave The Order a second chance, and finished episode 2. It might have just enough going on to keep us going back.

What I really want is a way to watch my cheesy supernatural show of choice, Supernatural, but Netflix didn’t renew the right in Canada and no one has picked it up.



In that case it was that I was surprised by the cliffhanger, and that I was waiting for season 2..

The first part could possibly be considered a spoiler, so sorry for that.


Yeah! What the heck OA?!?!

We binged season 1 and just got done episode 4 of season 2 last night. I like the direction the series is going as long as there’s some answers eventually.



What the heck is up with a psychic octopus? That really came out of left field. It was already bonkers with a crazy AR game that’s messing people up, weird shady dream studies, and dimension travelling ghosts, but telepathic octopi are another level for me.


Hm, I’d say a season ending with a cliffhanger is rather the norm, though I understand how that knowledge can alter your expectations for the last episodes.
I’d advice you to keep on watching The Order, it’s simple good fun imo once it passes episode 2/3.

The Magicians I bounced off pretty hard, the first two episodes left me positively irritated, that’s why The Order was a pleasant surprise.

Unfortunately, it also ends with a sort of cliffhanger, and a stupidly illogical one at that.
Don’t read this last bit until you finish the season or decide the show just isn’t for you. :yum:


Finished Umbrella Academy today. It’s everything @Derelicte said. Enjoyed it, though definitely irritated by some characters at the end.


I haven’t read the comics. The tone seems to be generally “friendlier” from what I’ve read comparing the two.


It is all about the zombies. ALL ABOUT THE ZOMBIES!


I am learning The Movements. It just seems so silly and stupid, but kind of irresistible. The OA is redonkulous strangeness that doesn’t make any kind of sense. I’ve had to categorize it in the space in my brain that was previously reserved for the latter episodes of Twin Peaks.


At the end of the first season…


I was very satisfied with the duality of the paranormal side of the story and the possibility of OA just being straight up delusional about everything. The show did a good job of investing the viewers in the nightly story and then letting them feel like she had made it all up. The silliness of the movements made it hilarious too. I kind of liked that ending of the show ended there, but it gave the option that maybe it wasn’t all a story.

Season 2 blows that option away and goes full hog on the crazy stuff. We have two episodes left and it’s clearly not going to wrap up he story. I really hope they get another season, or two, to finish the story.

Spoiler tags never work for me on mobile. I wonder why that is?



It isn’t the first time this has come up. It’s always worked for me, I think it may somehow be regional? I’m still investigating.

Back to the subject! The Movements kind of sold me on The OA. Once things get that bonkers, I can’t look away. And, yeah, S2 just cranked it to 11.


What browser are you using? https://www.whatsmybrowser.org/ will give you really specific info.


Last night our family unit started on the recently released Sabrina continuation and, while I’m not proud to admit this, I immediately tuned out.
Since it’s filmed in Vancouver I tend to give it (and it’s ilk) a lot of leeway but I couldn’t get over how awkward all the dialogue was. The first time they shoe horn Satan / devil worship into everyday conversation was funny, the second may a little less but the nth time WOW does it ever take me out of the story. They might have been using an airhorn.
I appreciate some of the stuff they’re dealing with (gender politics, however heavy handed, sexual identity) but that can’t save what I feel is an extremely mediocre plot.

That said, Farscape is the best show ever broadcast and I will pistol duel any who say otherwise.


Heavy handed, you say?!? (I try to lift it up, and then put it down, and just pretend I was making a point while “casually” supporting my back).

Yeah, Sabrina’s a little try-hard, and I kind of napped-out a few times. It’s brutal and dark, but it can get a bit dull when you can clearly see where the plot is going.

I will duel you on Farscape. It is not the best. It was pretty danged good, but not the best.



Maybe once I had satisfaction you will see, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that crackers DO matter.


Farscape is great @MinuteWalt, plus Ben Browder showed up in the Doctor Who western cyborg episode whaaaaaat


Also James Gunn credited Farscape as the inspiration for tone of Guardians of the Galaxy.


This just ruined gotg for me.


I loved Farscape! It’s just not #1 in my book. In the top 40, sure, but there are others that I like more. It came during a time when we needed more good sci-fi, the Trek spin-offs just weren’t doing the job, and the only other thing we had at the time was Stargate.


I’m a little concerned about the sheer volume of duels that you are about to undergo, simply because you like Farscape a whole lot more than everyone. The tragedy is, a lot of people really like Farscape, but I’d bet my bottom dollar that you’re gonna be the only one claiming that it’s the Best Show Ever Broadcast.

So you’re going to have to kill all of us!