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The changes for season 2 were hated by fans at the time, and the show certainly lost some of its sciency sophistication (not that it ever had a lot). But what I think people forget is that Fred Freiberger was a guy who knew what TV audiences wanted, and how to give it to them; the alternative to letting him have his way was not “season 2 like season 1” but “no season 2 at all”. He was the guy the network put in when they really wanted to cancel the show and were already slashing budgets and changing schedules (see also Star Trek season 3), but needed to make it look as if they were giving it a chance.

I’m sure I’d have disliked him personally if we’d ever met, because I don’t get on with extroverted TV people. But a lot of fans seem to think of him as the Guy Who Ruined Then Killed Their Show, where I think one could make a better case for his being The Guy Who Gave It The Best Chance It Could Get.


I prefer Season 1 to Season 2, but truthfully, I enjoyed them both. Frankly, I was so young when I first watched these that I only really cared about having more exterior shots and Eagle fly-bys. Rewatching them as an adult, I can say that I missed Barry Morse’s Dr. Bergman, but I am a Catherine Schell fan, so Maya as a replacement was not much of an issue for me. Besides, the chlorine-breathing monster she could turn into was neat; as were all of the other creatures and creepies:

I vaguely recall Brian the Brain but I can’t remember the plot more than that there was an evil computer.


I really love eagles. They just seem like they could exist? Does that make sense?

Although obviously they do seem to explode a lot.


Makes sense to me. The interiors are geared towards up-down, 1G orientation (seats are unnecessary and space-wasting), but the outsides look good.


Compared with the Star Trek and Doctor Who spacecraft of the day, and even Star Wars, you have actual manoeuvre thrusters and such like things. You can see where people get in and out. (And the SFX crew went to a lot of trouble to get the models properly dirty and “lived-in”.)


This guy’s job was a breeze (I am terribly sorry):


I used to have a model of that ship


I think maybe we all did. :wink:


Quite possibly!


Finished S1 of Deadly Class. It was okay; good enough for me to keep watching, but not something I’d recommend to anyone unless you’re super into '80s nostalgia. This would be the punk, new wave side of the '80s and not the cheesy pop side.

Then I started S4 of The Magicians and it’s great! They introduce sweeping changes every season and somehow always seem to make it work. It’s also the only show I’ve seen that has a character who’s a rape victim who isn’t just that. Reminds me of House which, despite being a procedural, would do crazy things like fire the entire staff working under House.


Funny story, went to a panel at ComicCon where people debated ‘what spacecraft would win a fight’. It’s Con so it’s like the Enterprise (Kirk vs. Picard’s), Carl Sagan’s Ship of the Imagination, or Salvage One taking on other fictional ships. It’s all pretty ridiculous in the reasoning. When it came down to the Space 1999 Eagle, it faced off with a Star Destroyer. Might have been the Executor but that’s neither here nor there. The winning argument was that the Eagle would win because they argued that the whole moon had been hollowed out and filled with them. The Star Destroyer would be demolished by attrition. Seriously, how many ships did they have and how many were blown up? :smiley:


This technology was later adapted for the USS Voyager…


Finished off The Umbrella Academy today. I actually really enjoyed it, and I didn’t see a lot of plot elements coming (though some were obvious). Surprised by the ________. Looking forward to ________.

Now to find something else to watch…

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Gah, spoilers!


I’m sorry!!! I’ll edit it for content!!!


Use the spoiler blur tags, they’re there for exactly that.


To be fair, I thought he was joking. I didn’t actually think anything I posted was a spoiler.


How is Deadly Class for a fan of the comics (if you’re able to comment?)

Both my wife and I are huge fans of the book series for The Magicians and tried to get into the TV series but unfortunately couldn’t get past our book biased. It looks like it was going in the right direction when we left off but I guess dealing with how much of a sh!t Quentin is in the first book is a lot easier in the books then seeing it on the screen.


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has resurfaced. And, WTF? Which is fine. Archie Comics going total ape-sh1t gore…that’s fine. I’m fine. Hail Satan.

It was a lot better than suffering through Black Lightning, which was so close to being good. It was trying so hard to be Luke Cage, but it was so cheezy, I kept on falling asleep (literally, I did really snooze off trying to watch it).

The OA. I thought this can not get any weirder, and then the next season came out. I am awaiting emojis for the movements.

Mentioned above, The Santa Clarita Diet is still amazeballs awesome. It’s still very fun, for a zom-rom-com, but it’s also a family situational comedy, so it’s a zom-rom-fam-sit-com. I really like that the protagonists (Barrymore & Olyphant) really still have passionate love for each other, kind of like Gomez and Morticia. It’s one of the few examples of true love in the face of social norms (which usually exemplify compromise over commitment).

(Sorry, my philosophy major took control for a second, there! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

(I also think that Olyphant is hilarious after being a hard cowboy sheriff in both Deadwood and in Justified).


Partially. Knowing that element about the ending does affect my expectations somewhat. We are going to try to finish the last two episodes tomorrow.