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What are we watching?


Just watched the first episode, and I’m in! Seems pretty fun. Also, that dancing scene?!?! So good!!!


I really loved that too. The whole show makes me think of what it would be like if Wes Anderson had a superhero show.


That scene made me think of Anderson, too.
Unfortunately, it was the only scene that did that, and I sure hope if he ever does a Super Hero something, I’ll enjoy that a whole lot more.



Started watching The Order (of blue tulips) and I like it more than I thought I would. It’s a bit clichéy, has quite a lot of plot holes and the most ridiculous almost-sex scene I’ve seen in a while, but it’s also good fun and doesn’t take itself and the more grim aspects too seriously.
Also, I really dig the boozy werewolf gang.


I’ve heard that once it gives up the thriller drama and goes full camp that it gets decent but alas I couldn’t convince my wife to watch it with me.


We started re-watching Deadwood now that the release of the movie has been announced and MY GOODNESS does Timothy Olyphant look like a baby.
Also I was looking forward to marathoning through The Santa Clarita Diet this weekend but with my mother in town visiting it’ll have to wait till next week.


That’s why I watched it alone. :wink:
(In addition to being on sick leave).


New season of Santa Clarita Diet is up on Netflix. There goes my week! :smiley:

(seriously its an amazing show if you haven’t seen it - providing you can deal with the gore level - its equal parts heartwarming and funny which is not really what you’d expect)


Just got back from the new Jordan Peele movie, Us. Well, it’s not as good as Get Out, but little is, and I think I went in with too high an expectation. Spoiler; I guessed the twist ending during the opening sequence, so I was waiting for it the whole time. Might have spoiled my enjoyment of the film, as I knew what was coming at the end. So many plot holes as well!

My advice; wait for it on TV. Harsh, perhaps, but as someone who gets to the cinema much less that I would like - it’s my opinion!




Is that an extensive list?


Between my late father’s friends/colleagues, and my own, the list is longer than most people’s, I would imagine.


Satisfyingly elusive answer.


I have known somewhere between 1 and ?? members of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

Joking aside, I know one person who definitely did work there and I believe still does (my partner’s brother’s ex-girlfriend, who were together for years and eventually broke up because the ex couldn’t maintain a relationship with somebody outside the Service for a variety of reasons), and one person who went through the final application/hiring process and then specifically pointed out that they can’t tell me if they got the job.


A friend of mine lived next door to the Director of MI5 (C?) for quite a while


Did he though?

Did he really? Or did he just THINK he lived next door to the director? Maybe your friend was the Director of MI5… did I just blow your mind? I think I did.


I am saving these for no particular reason. Now forget you even saw this.


Now I am watching (again) my boxed sets of Gerry Anderson’s UFO series, which depict the futuristic world of 1980, and chronicles the efforts of SHADO (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organization) to keep the world safe from aliens who fly 30,000,000 miles here in rickety chandeliers that explode if they stay in Earth’s atmosphere too long. Seems like the enemy high command really didn’t put too much thought into their “invasion”. Or maybe they’re just bored. Anyway, lots of good, clean fun with groovy sets, vehicles, and costumes. I will be starting Anderson’s magnum opus later on - SPACE: 1999


I’m in to Space 1999 at the minute. Bain and Landau are just pure class.

What are your thoughts on the changes between series one and two.

Also Brian the brain ??