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What are we watching?


So, you hate every other Star Trek series too? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I have to say, I am a sex-crazed American. I do think the violence should be given a harsher rating here than naked people having fun.


OK, so:

I am a fan of every Trek series, they are in my very bones. I don’t have a choice. It makes up an enormous part of my very being. That’s why when something discordant comes up, I have to be a nerd about it (like the horrific theme song to the otherwise lovely Enterprise. It’s got it’s other awkward bits, but I liked it a lot).

I just have a problem with time travel when it’s used as a major plot-excuse for an entire frikkin’ season. Time travel is lazy writing (except for DW, because it’s then just fantasy), and there has been a lot of both excellent and really lazy writing on Discovery.

EDIT I guess this sums it up:

Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.
Groucho Marx

(…maybe. Sir Terry Pratchett said this, too, but it seems to predate both of them)


So in a quick update…I am now on episode 10 of Season 2. Sunday was NOT a productive day.:roll_eyes:


Into the Badlands Don’t feel like you need to power through it. It’s not worth the effort.

It’s fine cheezy sci-fi! The fights can be fantastic. Don’t get me wrong!
Just don’t feel obligated if there’s something better you can do with your life/TV viewing time.

It’s a good Sunday depressing pick-me-up.


Yeah, I wasn’t actually trying to power through it. I just didn’t have much going on yesterday, and got kind of hooked. It’ll take me a little while to finish off season 3, as I watch a lot less TV during the week (and most weekends).

I think it was partly because I haven’t had a TV binge day in awhile, and just wanted to be a potato (though I did get a few things done around the house, just not much, lol).


It’s a dandy potato show!

(EDIT: Admittedly, I potatoed the heck out of it on a couple of my potato days.)


Yeah, I may have let a couple very strong images colour my experience. I probably should have watched them at a less rabid pace! However I may feel about the series, it certainly is visually arresting, and held my attention firmly!


Talking about Star Trek time travel could be its own topic. Or just time travel? I’ve been slowly watching through Voyager (which I missed the first time) and the time travel episodes are (as usual) my absolute least favorite ever, but I don’t blame the writers. It’s the fault of western-style 90’s television programming that everything has to be resolved in one or two episodes. The amount of times in DS9 that something geniunely horrifying or mind-destroying happens during a time-travel episode and then nobody acts like it ever happened afterwards… “What’s new this week, O’Brian?” "Oh, just met a civilization full of my descendants which I then had to obliterate. And I beat Bashir at darts!"


What’s new this week, O’Brian?Oh, just met a civilization full of my descendants which I then had to obliterate. And I beat Bashir at darts!

Umm spoiler warning…I am only in season 2 of DS9.


Eventually everyone beats Bashir at darts.


ahhh sorry!

@RogerBW lol


I honestly can’t remember any of the time travel episodes of Star Trek being decent, apart from Trials and Tribblations.

Although I am a sucker for the mirror universe. I do love a goatee.


Finished season 2 tonight. Man, they upped the ante in the episode!

I was looking for some info on the show, and discovered it’s in its final season. Apparently the second half of season 3 launched yesterday (after Walking Dead; another show I’m way behind on) and they will be the last.

Hopefully, they had time to at least alter the end and film an true ending. Sucks though, as I’m really digging this show.

The article did have comments about how a show like this gets cancelled, but we keep getting seasons of the Bachelor and Real House Wives of Wherever. Makes me sad.

Edit: Not trying to start a debate about that whole thing. Just venting a small bit.


I’m watching New Amsterdam. I’m a sucker for a medical drama and I’m loving this


I’m enjoying the show (season 2 more than 1), but I don’t understand all of the emotional gushing that people (especially on Twitter) are doing for it.

“Oh, this episode was so powerful and gave me the feels so much!!!”


Still, a good show I think.


Apparently Fleabag hasn’t been mentioned in this thread at all?? Somehow it started off brilliant and has managed to get even better in series 2.


Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is great.


We started watching The Umbrella Academy yesterday and got through the first three episodes. Good so far. It is also fun since we haven’t read the comics, so we don’t know what to expect.


This weekend I binge-watched Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (1979) and Smiley’s People (1982), having never seen them before. They were both excellent, and I enjoyed TTSS even more than expected because it was much more true to the book than the recent Gary Oldman vehicle (I enjoyed that as well, but being a six hour mini-series gives it a leg up on the thorough adaptation scale). To my mind, the perfect spy film/spy novel package will always be The Spy Who Came In From The Cold (also Le Carré). Burton’s portrayal of Alec Leamas so closely resembles many of the ex-intelligence personnel I have known.