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What are we watching?


Watched it on Amazon in ~10 min fragments, and I was quite impressed! I also want to watch series 1 again now…


I saw that season three of Into the Badlands is on Netflix, but I’m going to need to find a recap on the first two seasons cause I got poo brain!


… But only with spoiler tags, because some of us are just watching the series for the first time.


So you haven’t watched the whole season yet, it seems.


I really enjoyed Umbrella Academy - it’s very ‘modern comic’ by numbers, but they nailed the balance between realism and fantasy. The slow pacing worked well, though it was maybe a bit too formulaic/procedural in having one mandated revelation per episode.

What question did you have @webs?

I also binge watched the F1 Drive to Survive doc on Netflix. WHAT A SHOW!!! By the end it had me excited about F1!! And i hate sports! They really condensed the main narratives of the 2018 season into lovely little dramas that were easy to understand and exciting to follow on the track. I’d love it if every race season had a documentary series like this to boil it down, though I’d like a bit more of a highlights reel for each race to follow it closer. Hamilton and Vettel, and the top three constructors, are pretty much ignored the whole show. Really interested to follow the careers of Daniel Ricciardo and Charles LeClerc now.

Just a shame that F1 isn’t on terrestrial TV anymore!!


I’m watching MOB Psycho:100 on crunchyroll. Every episode of the new season is immensely satisfying. The theme of the show is basically ‘having power, talent, or prestige doesn’t make you special, being a kind, generous and hardworking person makes you special’. How it communicates this by using the psychic/non-psychic characters is really smart, fun, and very exciting to watch.


To copy the question I posted further up the thread:

What’s up with the commission?
I understand they are out to stop any tinkering with time lines, so that what’s “supposed” to happen happens, but I don’t understand how that gels with them making sure the apocalypse happens - if they facilitate the end of the world, where do they come from themselves? And why would they help ending the world they themselves have to live in?


I’ve not read the comics, but I think that’s one of those frustrating ‘left intentionally blank so they can seem smart later’ comic book things. As far as why they don’t care, they exist outside of time and space, and it’s a typical trope for shadowy bureaus to carry out the goals of the group with seemingly no personal goals or social life (see also, The Bureau, The Matrix). It hasn’t been established if the agents were removed from the standard spacetime continuum (like Five) or always lived outside it.

I wouldn’t read so deep into it, it’s just shorthand.


It’s a thing where you don’t have to think about it. Amazing fight choreography, to be sure, and just enough sci-fi steam-punky post-apocalypse plot to keep you occupied when you’re bored. Fun, but can get a bit tiresome after a while.

Also, I kind of hate time-travel plot-lines.

Yes, I had watched Umbrella Academy, well before I wrote that, by a few days. I just didn’t want to talk about it in public, too much. Like I said, I have a spoiler allergy.

I just saw they had the new season finale of Arrested Development on Netflix. It was about as good as the last bit. I kind of want them to leave it alone, now.


Thanks for the reply!
I think with this and the earlier comment you nailed perfectly why I didn’t like the show.


I watched the first two episodes of Love, Death and Robots yesterday.
It’s a rated R anthology animated series based on short stories by, among others, John Scalzi.
Considering its high nerd-appeal I’m surprised I haven’t read anything about it here.
It’s pretty good.


Netflix promoted it to me last night but having never heard of it before, I wasn’t sure whether to give it a chance. I’ll have to give it a look.


It’s been an appealing anthology, I’ve only seen a little of it, but it’s been pretty good. @webs is right, it’s super-nerdy, we should have said something sooner.


I’m enjoying it. Quite a few are relatively generic/trope-driven, but they’re fun in short bursts. Some of the animation is really impressive! Think I’m watching it more for the art than the stories now.

Reminds me a lot of the Animatrix actually. Really need to rewatch it.


Yeah, the look of Sonny’s Advantage was somewhere between impressive and awkward for me.
I’ve actually never seen Animatrix, but I’m willing to rectify that soon. :slight_smile:


Yes, please do. Its really underrated! Sonny’s Advantage and The Witness in particular reminded me of it. Similar gritty pseudo philosophical feel.


I’ve been rewatching Mad Men with my partner as she’d never seen it. Its amazing how much your forget about a show like that. It seems like such a straight forward premise but it definitely goes places you don’t expect. Most recent episode we watched dealth with some heavy stuff around masculinity and sexual violence that I just … don’t remember from my first viewing.

I’ve also just started The Expanse - only a few episodes in but I love it so far.


I’ve finished Umbrella Academy, not too bad. And I’ve heard from two different people that I should watch Love, Death and Robots, so I think its time for that


My wife and I loved The Umbrella Academy! It was just super solid in every way and we loved every scene with Number Five. I looked up what the next season has in store since it’s supposedly is going to follow the comics closely and I’m not sure about the story direction, but I’ll be sure to give whatever they come out with a go.

Love, Death, and Robots has been cool. I’d echo @KIR and say that I’m more into it to see some cool animation. I will say that I’m a bit of a prude and so some of the nudity feels over the top to me.

Sometimes it feels like when people have free reign with an “R” rating the response is simply: insert nudity, and whether that makes sense or a better story doesn’t seem to matter. Feels a bit juvenile to me is all. Again. Prude = me. Personal preferences and all.


I finished Love, Death and Robots fairly quickly, and it should really be named Nudity, Death and Robots. The nudity was 100% too much for me, but the violence was also too much for me - I just kept on watching because I wanted to see all the different universes (I’m a prude and a bit of a scaredy-cat. I usually don’t go over pg-13 unless it’s an anime). I’d give the whole experience a score of 7/10, but some of the stories are 9/10 and some are 3/10. I feel like writing reviews of each individual episode, and talking about them, though, so it certainly left an impression.

Getting into The Tick. It starts really really slow, but then gets really quite amusing and interesting once we can stop with the protagonist trying to get out of being a hero. Just get through the first few episodes, and then it becomes an actual interesting superhero story that ‘has fun with superheroes’ rather than the typical ‘making fun of superheroes’.