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What are we watching?


If you fancy another surprise appearance of HJK, you could watch the beginning of the new Tomb Raider. And then turn it off after the scene she appears in, because it’s pretty crap.


I had seen that (on the plane to Vancouver for SHUX I think!) but her appearance was so brief I didn’t bother to mention it. :laughing:



(coughs) excuse me, sorry. I meant to say,
oh to hell with it, I really did mean to say “Yeeeessssss!!!” I would watch Jean-Luc be a crazy grape farmer in the 24th century for at least 6 seasons.


I’ve just finished binge watching Duckman, very entertaining


I just binge watched Russian Doll. Terrific stuff. So much to think about, that I need to think about it.


My partner and I are "re"watching ST: Enterprise too!

I say “re”, because apparently I only watched the first two seasons. All this stuff about it suddenly going grim-dark and the Zindii (sp?) is new to me!

I feel kinda sorry for Jolene Blalock… “This episode is kinda slow. Throw in a half-naked T’Pol.”

So many times. I mean, Trip, as a written character, gets the shortest end of the stick (“We need somebody to be sick and weak to make Archer look good… Trip, get in there!”), but yeah, Jolene is half-dressed almost as often as she is dressed. And it also makes me feel a little sorry for Linda Park (“We need somebody to be half-naked to increase viewership… no, not you Linda. Just Jolene.”), but mostly it just makes me glad we seem to be moving away from that sorta needless cheesecake in shows (or at least the shows I watch).


@Marx09 I hear you. The whole sexy-in-your-face thing was a big turn off for me (aesthetically! With the plot line! I won’t lie and say I didn’t enjoy it at least a little).

It didn’t happen a lot, but I think it wasted time that should have been used with developing those underutilized characters. The fact that they opened with those scenes is a big part of why it tanked, I think that turned a lot of fans away from it.

And now I will not talk about anything Star Trek again, for at least a couple of days, I apologize to all of you.


Agreed. Thing is, this is the same franchise who set standards for diversity and inclusion in the 60s all the way to Voyager. I think the writers weren’t aware of the platform they had to get away from lazy stereotyping and shape societal attitudes. The episode set on Risa in the first season was uncomfortable viewing - Trip and Reed’s behaviour is poor, verging on reprehensible.


Russian Doll. Initial thoughts. Spoilers below.

In most iterations of the repeated timeline (notably the end of episode 2 and the start of episode 7), nature appears to get older. Plants wilt. The fruit in the bowl in Beatrice’s flat start to spoil. This indicates that time is moving forward with Nadia and Alan, yet for everyone else it’s repeated. This is odd. The episode where the number of people at the party reduce is interesting. The lack of mirrors adds another element to the environment changing. All of these things must share a connection, but I need to think about that further.

I’m watching it with my wife, who has a philosophy degree (she disliked ethics, but liked the more metaphysical, time travel aspects, so this should be in her yard, so to speak).

The ending was pretty sublime. The passing Nadias, the merging of the divergent timelines, which lends more intrigue to the timeline moving forward when their timeline doesn’t thing. Den Of Geek had a good article which goes some way to explore this. It’s so clever and there’s so much meaning. Emily of New Moon, for example, is a real thing (I didn’t know) and I’m intrigued to know that if I read it, will I discover more? Has anyone read it?

Apologies for the long, blurry post. It’s a very literary TV show - there’s so much to it. I need to revisit my tools of English literature comprehension and dissect it.


Annihilation was good. Not as interesting as the books, and very different, but a good film in its own right.


Due to daughter’s indoctrination by Disney marketing materials, I had to watch a bunch of Disney princess films over the long weekend:

Cinderella I was surprised by the amount of screen time given to animals. Not bad.

Sleeping Beauty kept my daughter gripped for the duration, and was pretty good. I was really surprised by the inserted fight scenes and dragon and the like. Still, it had my daughter casting evil spells and turning into a dragon all evening, so I guess it works. Probably her favourite.

Snow White is old, and it shows. Key portions of the tale told through text boxes, due to poor editing or budgetary constraints. It’s the story she liked acting out the most even before seeing the film though, so it is still one of her favourites by default(?)

The Little Mermaid I found the time to get streaming to the living room working, so I only had to watch a third of this. I liked the seagull.


Sorry, I got two episodes in and gave up - Russian Doll just didn’t grab me… :persevere:


It’s the end of the third episode when it kicks up a gear. My wife was the same - “where can this be going?” - but is now gripped.

Totally get it’s not for some folks, though.


My partner had been told she has to watch “Bojack Horseman”, since she is apparently very similar to Diane.

We watched 3 or 4 episodes… and she loves it, but I am honestly struggling with it. It is extremely, extremely well written, but I think I laughed maybe 4 or 5 times? And, this is a personal bugbear, but man do I hate when people try to make me feel sorry for the extremely rich.

Look, I get that misery is a human emotion, and that rich people can be as miserable as poor people and that money alone won’t fix that. But gods do I hate being told to pity the unfortunate rich man who has nothing aside from money, a beautiful house, no responsibilities, tonnes of free time, no major health issues, and copious amounts of sex, food, and pleasurable pursuits.

I just want to grab the people who wrote this and shake them.

Some really clever commentary (the rant Bojack goes on about the American military industrial complex ALMOST redeemed the show for me), some witty and clever writing… but yeah. I think if I liked Bojack at all I might stick with it, but nah. No time for that noise.


I don’t think this is a spoiler, but I’ll spoiler-format it anyway:

Ralph Breaks the Internet

I thought it was not terrible for a sequel, and had a clever Disney princess bit.

Anyway, it’s an OK Disney movie for grown-ups, as well as kids. It made me laugh occasionally, even if it wasn’t their A-game, plot-wise. There were quite a few Disney in-jokes, but the whole thing was so crammed with pop culture internet references it lost its effect after a while.


We’ve been doing a Netflix binge recently, finishing Jessica Jones and Punisher Season 2, starting Daredevil Season 3, and almost done with the first season of Ozark.

My dad lived down in Lake of the Ozarks, so it’s kind of cool hearing familiar names. Doesn’t really feel like they’re down there, though that could be because I know they shoot in Georgia.

Still keeping up on Blacklist, Supernatural, and Star Trek: Discovery too.


The Umbrella Academy. Holy Moses, this is amazing! (FYI this is based on a Dark Horse comic I’ve never heard of, I may have to pick up the trade paperback, now).

I don’t wanna talk about it any more. Imma gonna change the subject to:

What I’ve been seeing with my younger son on daddy days is Captain Underpants. I had no idea that it would be genuinely funny and entertaining. My older son and his fiancee keep on getting distracted by it and cracking up laughing. It’s pretty danged good for a kid’s show.

Imma gonna change the subject to:

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. I am not going to say anything about it at all. If someone has seen it, or would like to start an invited convo, I hope you can let me join.


Have you seen the Captain Underpants movie? It’s really good! I wish it had done better at the box office.


It was stupid good! What the heck? The quality of this franchise continues to amaze me. “Tra-la-laaa,” indeed! Season 2 continues the silly-amazing thing they’ve been doing.


I had a moment of immense self awareness giggling away to the movie on an airplane, wondering if an adult man should enjoy this as much as I was. Then I got over myself.

I wouldn’t have watched if it wasn’t the third film of the flight and 4 in the morning, but I’m glad I did.