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Is it just me, or did J.A.R.V.I.S., pardon me, Vision, get nerfed in the next movies?


I keep thinking that Stark will reactivate Ultron to fight Thanos / defend the earth while they’re away.


Corner Gas is one of my faves. I am just bummed that they were forced to demolish the old Ruby/Corner Gas set before I ever got to take a selfie there.


While I didn’t love Ultron, this was probably my biggest issue; the trailers made him seem incredibly menacing, bordering on psychotic.

I need to watch it again at some point, as I barely remember how i felt about it (beyond thinking it was fine).

I think that was also at a time when Marvel was being a lot more heavy handed with regards to how the movies were tied together; they seem to have backed off a lot on that, and let the directors have more freedom.


I think you’re right. He seemed almost omnipotent in Ultron, but was (briefly) overpowered by Wanda in Civil War.


I was really excited about how evil he was going to be, but ultimately that’s not the tone they’ve chosen to go with the Marvel movies, which is fine. But that makes the trailer such a tease! And with the fantastic creepy version of “I’ve Got No Strings”.


This weekend, my wife and I watched Split, in preparation for seeing Glass tonight. While the film as a whole was just okay, enjoyable but not really needing a re-watch, James McAvoy deserves an Oscar for his performance(s). The man knocked it out of the park!

Sunday night we finally got around to watching our new Blu-ray copy of Vampire Hunter D. We have it on DVD, however the film transfer was incredibly dark, making some scenes virtually black and impossible to determine what is happening. In comparison, the Blu-ray copy is beautiful. The visuals are bright and crisp, just truly an excellent restoration. We watched VHD on our very first date a little over 13 years ago, and we had intended to watch this on the actual anniversary of the date, but life happens, so it got delayed by a week or so.


Ultron singing that song was so good, it really set him up to be so much worse than he was in the end.


Just got back from seeing Glass. It was pretty good, and I think a fitting end to this trilogy of films. It is nice seeing Bruce Willis look like he gives a damn about his performance (though to be fair the last things I saw him in were Expendables 2, last Die Hard film, and G.I. Joe: Retaliation, which all looked phoned in), and James McAvoy again deserves an award for his performances, shifting between characters right before our eyes and making it believable.

Still not as good as Shyamalan’s earlier films, but a damn sight better than some of his later ones.


I just had to look this up as I forgot it was a trilogy; turns out I never watched Split, and forgot it even existed (though I now remember having some interest in it at the time).

Glad to hear you enjoyed it. I don’t think I’ve seen one of Shyamalan’s films since Lady In the Water. Does he still have a major twist in every movie?


As far as I know, there’s a twist in every movie (although I haven’t seen The Visit or After Earth to verify, and also maybe The Last Airbender, which I haven’t seen and being based on its own IP might not have some of his usual touches). I think the problem with that, though, is now everyone expects some kind of twist in his films and looks for it throughout the film, so lately it feels like he either puts few to no clues in the film to conceal it until the end (which is how Glass felt to me, but YMMV), or spells things out so clearly that you can pretty much guess what’s going to happen (Split felt this way to me, but again YMMV).


Currently four movies in to the Criterion release of the Lone Wolf and Cub movies:

Proving to be as delightful as hoped. I’d only ever seen ‘Shogun Assassin’, the editing that grafted the first and second movie together. The originals are pretty amazing and the transfers are really nice. I really want to watch a bunch of shows on Netflix, Hulu and elsewhere, but feel like I can’t exactly commit to them, so I never start. :frowning:


I think you’re doing it pretty fine. I’d like to have that in my own collection.

Criterion takes good care of their movies, and they did a heck of a job on the Lone Wolf and Cub stuff. That’s one of their best remastered properties.


I’m rewatching Star Trek: Enterprise while I wait for new episodes of Star Trek: Discovery.

I think it got a lot of unnecessary stick. I’m really enjoying it. A full critique once I’ve seen the whole lot.


I think I’m going to start doing the same thing. As long as I can skip the theme I’m good with Enterprise I’m really enjoying Discovery I’d like if we had a space for spoilerific Star Trek discussion. At this point I’ve only got my dad to talk about Disco with.


I think we’ve talked about Enterprise here before (I can’t be arsed to scroll up, this is a “lazy day” for me), but, yeah the general consensus was “it was pretty danged good except for the godawful theme song.”

Discovery. I think it’s awesome, but it’s not really Trek, they should have just gone with a new IP. It would have made a great stand-alone sci-fi. For all of the creators’ talk about being true to the series, the weird-ass Klingons and hyper-advanced tech really threw me off.

The Orville is spotty, but much more Trekky. (The last episode S2E6 was also pretty fun).
Also, fun fact, you can spot Seth MacFarlane in two episodes of Enterprise in engineering!

Also, I heard Patrick Stewart is reprising Picard in a non-captain Trek role. BUT THAT’S ENOUGH ABOUT TREK! I’m sorry, I could rant all night if I didn’t stop myself.

I highly recommend Russian Doll if it’s available in your region. I was so done with the Groundhog Day-style plot device, but this won me over in a big way. Natasha Lyonne’s character “Nadia” kinda sideswiped me, so I’m not sure how objective I’m being.

Also, if you want a good Western that’s not just a shoot-em-up, The Sisters Brothers is great. I’ve often thought John C. Reilly had better acting chops than most of his other B-list comedy roles would let him explore, and Joaquin Phoenix is just submerged in his character (as usual). I kept on thinking “how is this not a Cohen Brothers movie?”


It’s so very exciting.


I get free HBO with my cell phone plan (?!) so I watched a couple of movies for free while I can.

Ocean’s 8 - I’ve always liked this franchise, and the new cast was a nice way to make things fresh. The scene with Sandra Bullock scamming the free room at the hotel was great, and I wish the heist itself had been as clever and entertaining.

Ready Player One - I have a couple of minor issues, but overall I thought it was a fun movie! I especially loved all of the stuff to do with The Shining, which is probably the most influential movie of my childhood (I recently looked it up and I was 5, not 6, when I watched this :laughing:) and firmly established my interest in horror movies. It was also lovely to see Hannah John-Kamen (from Killjoys) as F’Nale and Olivia Cooke (from Bates Motel). My negatives: The reclusive company founder is a total loser, and the character of Parzival is quite weak. Never read the books so I don’t know if both of things were intentional.

Ant-Man and the Wasp - I think I would have enjoyed the movie anyway, but I was so happy with all of the scenes shot on location in San Francisco! :heart: :bridge_at_night: Some of the car chase scenes were shot in my neighborhood and I knew exactly what street were on. The kid and her stepfather were at home and actually watched them filming some of the scenes! Hey, another surprise (to me) appearance of Hannah John-Kamen! It was a bit weird to see her in this though, as she’s using her normal accent/voice and aspects of the character she played are similar to her Killjoys character.

I started watching a couple of new TV shows, both of which are good enough to keep watching!

Deadly Class - This is based on a comic series I’ve never heard of. It has the tone of Garth Ennis’ stuff, but without as much humor. It’s like Harry Potter, but instead of being wizards, everyone’s an assassin! :laughing: This is also set in San Francisco but not shot here, but I do appreciate seeing SF the establishing shots. There’s a nice mix of characters, but I don’t know if the plot will hold my interest long-time.

I Am the Night - This is sort of about the Black Dahlia killer, but so far there’s been a lot of stuff about race relations in the '60s, which is… the more interesting part so far? We know that the murderer was never arrested so there will be no satisfaction in seeing him brought to justice; the only hope for a resolution of sorts lies with the granddaughter’s story. She’s the illegitimate child of the killer’s daughter, who lied about the father being black so that she would be given up for adoption and would be safe from her horrible family. The baby ends up being raised as black in her community even though she totally looks white. (She has to keep explaining that she’s “mixed race”.) Chris Pine is also in the story but he’s a tired stereotype and a lazy way to include some walking exposition.


I’d be completely fine with this being a show about Picard being a crazy old grape farmer.


The comics are absolutely fantastic. The storyline is middling to fair (trope heavy, entertaining enough), but the art is AMAZING. Well worth checking out.

I’ve heard they’ve taken the TV show in a different direction compared to the comics, since none of the team felt comfortable making a show about teens murdering each other. The comic makes a few quick 180s though so would expect the same of the TV show.