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What are we watching?


It was a movie I was asking for.

Screw “people,” this was a movie that “we” (Star Wars nerds) wanted.

It was super-fun and hit a lot of fan-service, even though pedantic nerds like me will always be bugged by some things (just don’t ask. It was a dammed fine Star Wars side-story).

Also, I don’t get how something grosses $400 mil off a budget $255 and gets called a “bomb.” The aftermarket will be big, too, I assume.


That’s fair. I wasn’t asking for it, but really liked it when we watched it.

It was actually a great story, if not perfect, and the peformances we’re all great (as you hinted at previously).

I’m clearly misremembering how much it made; maybe it was just Disney that considered it a bomb (perhaps just critically?). Now I’m not so sure…though I seem to remember there were story’s going around that Disney may have abandoned whatever they had planned as a direct follow-up.

Though I’m also curious whats going to happen to the new trilogy (or was it two movies?) that Rian Johnson was supposed to do. There was such a vocal backlash to The Last Jedi, I wonder if they’ve abandoned that as well.

Its a common problem with any large, passionate fan base. You’re always going to have some of them that are never happy, even when they get what they think they want.

I remember an interview with G. R. R. Martin, discussing how fans got upset that he kept killing of favorite characters, or making their (characters) lives miserable; he said that fans didn’t know what they wanted, they only think they do. I don’t think that’s always 100% true, but I get his point.

Either way, I’ll be watching Solo with my son again soon. I’m not sure if its on Netflix Canada yet though, I’ll have to check.


When a large project takes in less than 100mil, both in movies and in videogames, they are often described as a “loss,” even if they cost a tenth of that to make it.

It’s bonkers. It’s not a “hit,” and everyone looses their jobs.

I still don’t get that. It was too long, sure, but the “Jar-Jar Binks-style” hatred for the current movies is weird as heck.

(This isn’t directly related, I just needed to vent, so I’ll spoiler-text it. There are no spoilers, I just don’t want to all-caps out loud about authors.)

Also, GRR Martin, WRITE THE NEXT BOOK YOU FAT [email protected][email protected] before your inevitable heart attack and we have to suffer. SAME TO YOU PAT ROTHFUSS!!!


This is one of the coolest parent movies to watch with your kid, if it’s not there yet I’ll mail you the disk myself.


Yeah, you see the same thibg in video games. Sqaure Enix had issues with the new Tomb Raider games because they didnt make enough money; despite the fact that they all sold as well as anyone not at Sqaure thought they would. It sucks; everything is either a mega hit, or a failure.

I’m in the same boat, I dont understand what everyones issues is. I will admit that the fact that they just killed off Snoke, without really doing anything with him, and then expected us to care was a let down. I also was kind of hoping the theories I’d heard about Luke were true; that the reason he believed the Jedi had to end, was that they were the reason that the Sith even existed. No light without dark kind of thing. Though that said, I was fine with what actually happens.

I’ll be honest, I never really heard what the crazy outrage was about, just that people were outraged. I didnt bother looking it up.

100% agree with your last statement. Seriously, how long has it been?!?!


I think the most that we need to say is this:

We are all totally taking this a little too far because we really, really love Star Wars.

(Also if you really want me to mail you a disk, PM me. I was joking, but I can’t let a SU&SDer down if you really need one)


OK, let’s get back to how IO kind of was almost good, in fact, all the good things about it made it somehow worse for all the things it was lacking?

I also got to re-watch Boondock Saints for the 1billionth time, and holy crap, it’s still the awesome every time I see it.
It may be because I was in a certain time of my life when it came out, when I thought that shooting everything with fat guns and having Willem Defoe dressed in drag kicking ass as a back-up was the the most amazing thing that could have happened, ever (obviously, this was before I had children).


Two things here:

(a) Hollywood accounting means that very often a film “makes” or “loses” exactly as much money as is needed to minimise the payouts to people who are on various sorts of percentages. (For example, there’s no standard about how much of a marketing budget to include in a film’s cost.)

(b) The total of ticket sales needs to be divided by somewhere between 2 and 3 to calculate the amount of money that gets back to the studio.

One of the numbers studios like to look at is domestic gross on the opening weekend as a percentage of budget. Obviously, humans being humans, that means that big-budget films in particular get made to get bums in seats over the opening weekend rather than to run for an extended period (there’s rarely any effort made to reward repeat viewing, for example).

If you find this stuff interesting, I recommend https://www.boxofficemojo.com/ as a good source of ticket data.

Meanwhile, I’m catching up on Legion and 12 Monkeys


Valid points about Hollywood. I always forget that they dont always include marketing, which can sometimes equal the cost of actual production.

Legion is another one I want to watch. I’ll have to see if its on Crave, because Netflix doesn’t have it.

Also, somehow I’m already on episode 9 of the Punisher. Today has been a very productive day:roll_eyes:


I get it, I still find it frustrating. I suppose my frustration goes back to video game companies like “Squenix” calling a multi-million selling game a “disappointment,” while a small studio gets entitled with “The Best Game You Never Played” which was actually very successful.

Anyway, both you @RogerBW and @Derelicte: ALL THE YES for Legion!

@RogerBW I liked 12 Monkeys, but I think I was spoiled by the movie. I’ll have to revisit the show, because I did enjoy it a lot. I kind of lost the thread when something else grabbed my attention and I forgot I was watching it (these things happen. I am bad at being a pop media nerd, sometimes).

@Derelicte Punisher is one of the Netflix MCU things they seem to be taking their time with to make it right, not just a comic-book adaptation. It’s doing “antagonist(s)” right. Many (not all) of the MCU NFlix shows have baddies that you can feel real empathy for at some point, and S2 of Punisher is very strong with this. (They don’t quite set up a deuteragonist for their protagonist in most of their shows, but they come close here, with Frank and Billy).


I think Daredevil, Punisher, and Jessica Jones have all been done really well. Daredevil really changed things, giving comic book media a “real world grit” thats lacking in most of the MCU films (I love the MCU but it’s fairly light by comparison).

As far as the Netflix part of the MCU, Punisher is probably at the top for me, just because thats the character I know, and like, the most.


I just been watching a bunch of anime, which I have been enjoying quite a bit.

My Hero Academia This is a pretty fun show, which is set in this super hero society where these kids are learning to become super heroes. I really enjoyed it as the main characters are all likeable, if not at some times a bit cheesy.

Attack on Titan This was a a massive change from the more lighthearted feel of My Hero Academia but I think I overall enjoyed the more serious tone more. I must say though the first few episodes are amazing.

On a completely different note, I have watched all of the Agents of Shield episodes. The first few seasons were pretty superb but the quality really wore of by the last season as it felt like they had run out of ideas and just were reusing them over and over again.


Pfft! They said 12 -18 inches, but we got less than 6. That’s hardly worth worrying about! The big problem is the cold air mass that followed in its wake. It was a balmy 0F this morning! :cold_face:


Moon is such a good film!

Went to see Stan and Ollie over the weekend - absolutely superb! John C Reilly and Steve Coogan just melt away, and I only saw Laurel and Hardy. Magnificent acting.

And I only cried one.

For about the last 1/2 hr of the film, and about 1/2 hr afterwards. Tears streaming down my cheeks while I laughed. I managed to be sad and happy at the same time.

Good, good, good movie!


After Winter Soldier we marched right along with Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Age of Ultron!

Guardians is still one of my favourites! I’ve seen it a few too many times and so the jokes don’t have the same punch as they used to, but I still grunt in humourous approval. I love ensemble movies where they put together a team of lovable misfits and this is one of the best and it’s in SPACE with a kicking soundtrack.

My kids have never seen it, but they ask for the Guardians Soundtrack a lot in our house for impromptu dance parties.

I’m curious how other people feel about it, but I liked Age of Ultron MORE than Avengers.

I think it’s because the characters feel more real as time goes on. Their relationships are more genuine and nuanced. Movies don’t often get to invest so much time in their protagonists, so it feel more like a tv show.

Anyways… I enjoyed Ultron as a villain. I liked his frustrations when confronted with his shortcomings and that the stakes felt so much bigger than in the first Avengers.

Stark also makes a reference to this being the “endgame” when discussing creating Ultron and I wonder if they had the 4th Avenger title already in mind, or if that’s just a coincidence?

And HulkBuster vs. Hulk is one of my favourite fights!

And Steve Rogers ripping apart that log!

And the new Avengers team at the end of the film!

Bah! I love it so much!


It’s like when we get warned about tropical storms, tornadoes, and lightning, and all we have to do is sweep out the water incursion from the laundry room (which I admit, is a huge pain. Also the neighbor’s cedar tree exploding because of lightning was kind of a dramatic moment, but it’s a miserable 21c here. I was born in the tropics, I get cold!)


OK, now I have to see that.

I have also seen Guardians more often than I’d like to admit in polite company (thankfully, are here, instead of in polite company). The soundtrack is really quite special (true for both movies, but the first was better).

That’s a bold statement about Ultron, especially because of the impact made by Avengers when it came out. I think a lot of people give it short shrift unfairly, I’ve seen it a few times and it got better each time.


Whoops, almost forgot what this thread’s about!

I’ve been watching Corner Gas when my younger son’s with me. It’s super charming, mostly family-friendly, and often pretty funny. It’s like a very easily digestible form of “clever and quirky” that makes it very watchable. I’m sorry I missed it the first time around. It’s adorable, I want to put it in my pocket and give it a good warm home.


Whelp, it took me about 48hrs to fly through season 2 of The Punisher, but it was worth it. What. A. Ride! I haven’t binged a show like that in awhile, normally it takes me a month or two to get through a season.

The final scene gave me the impression that this is the end, amd Netflix knows it. I REALLY hope Disney can (and/or chooses) to keep some of these shows going. I kind of doubt it, but it all depends on contracts.

Not sure what I’ll move on too next…maybe Titans? It doesnt look as good as the MCU stuff, but how could it? It’s DC!!! Lol.

Speaking of DC, has anyone seen the trailer for BrightBurn? It’s produced by James Gunn, and is straight up ripping off Superman. Well, until he finds out he’s an alien and goes all Michael Myers. Trying not to get my hopes up, but as a long time Superman anti-fan, I find the entire idea extremely appealing.


Being born and raised in Saskatchewan, I am always glad people pick up this show. It’s a decent representation of how kooky small town life can be!


Cant remember how I found it, but love it, wish there were more

I still make the “pickup trucks” joke with a friend at work


I liked Age of Ultron but he ended up not being as scary as he was in the trailer. That monologue was great, though. I vaguely remember the movie getting a lot of criticism when it came out, but I thought it was comparable to the first Avengers movie.