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He’s far more of a “pair of trousers” protagonist to me, you are supposed to be able to put yourself in his shoes, so he has no personality, because it’s supposed to be your personality!


Straight’s character flip-flops all over the place. “I’m Mars! I’m Earth! I’m Belter! I’m just us! It’s just me!” Typical punch-out tormented hero trope that is inexplicably special.

He does a good job of it, though. Overall, despite my criticisms (because I’m a bastard, I can’t just say something nice about something) I’m looking forward to the Amazon take.


Yeah, you are right to call out some good supporting roles. It was mainly the two “leads” that wore me down.


The “protagonists” kind of suck the joy out from the fun. Also the super-serious plotline. Whatever happened to bottle episodes? Some humor?

That being said, classic “hard” science fiction is a bit adrift now, and this has some cyberpunk grungey-ness, and I still like The Expanse more than a lot of other crap that’s been out recently.


I am years behind on all the “other crap”, so I’m lacking a frame of reference. The Expanse is certainly my kind of sci-fi though.

(Also love Amelie, can’t remember Delicatessen - think I’ve just seen snippets in passing)


A post-apocalyptic love story with a musical saw and a bass and cannibalism. It’s more endearing than you would think.

EDIT: I just realized, I should modify that for the “7 words or fewer” thread! Everyone just act normal!


I have not, but I have heard good things about them.


I heartily recommend them


Speaking of supporting cast, I also like Cara Gee playing Camina Drummer. S3E1 has renewed my interest…


Two more down on the MCU watchathon! Captain America: The First Avenger holds up pretty solidly. I think I liked it more the second go around, but we knocked out The Avengers tonight and wow can you tell that they really figured out their formula with that one.

A large part is just seeing the payoff of all the characters come together, but I think it’s mostly the writing I’ve noticed. Every line is snappy and fun and just feels like it’s a cool one liner from a comic book, but not in a dumb way. If that makes sense?

I found the most laughs in this one (thus far) so that couldn’t have hurt either. It’s got the top rank in watchathon so far…

Aaaaand, my wife got a babysitter so we could check out Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse and it is freaking amazing!

I was seeing it hyped a lot on Twitter, so I was trying to temper my expectations because I usually find myself let down, but this movie is so good. People kept talking about movie of the year, and I think Infinity War still edged it out for me, but it’s close!

The animation is so gorgeous! It’s just eye candy! The story could only work in this format and it’s beautiful! The story is so tight for being about parallel universes, and it’s so well written! And it’s really funny and heartfelt! And the soundtrack is awesome and it’s so perfect and I hope it gets four sequels and everyone go watch it right now! I’ll come with you!!!

Seriously, everyone go see it and we can talk about all of our favourite moments and how it should make more money than Aquaman!

(I’m sure Aquaman is fine… I’m just so excited.)


That was the one with the improbable failed suicide scene, wasn’t it? That was hilarious!


Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse is great! I went in without having even seen the trailer just based on word of mouth and it just feels so fresh.

I binge watched Westworld S2. I like it visually, love the soundtrack, and it’s an interesting story, but I still have the same complaint I had about S1 that there isn’t really anything new? For S1, it was the rise of the machines thing, then now it’s a retread of The Matrix pondering if something that feels real is as good as being real. I’ll keep watching, though.

I also finally watched Blade Runner 2049. I think the core premise of the movie is really dumb, but that didn’t ruin it for me because I loved how it looked visually. It took the original movie’s then-innovative bleak, futuristic world and did the same thing, but with all of today’s production values. I think if it had a decent story, it would be one of my favorite movies of all time.

I’m halfway through Captain America: Civil War. I hate it so far, but I already hated the premise going in. I just don’t have the “who would win?” curiosity that drives the basis of the movie. I somehow didn’t know how much Black Panther stuff there was in there! For some reason I thought that the UN attack happened at the end of the movie and not the beginning. I am suffering through it for the sake of watching Infinity War with my friends. I think if I watch it in 15-minute intervals I’ll be okay. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s too bad because I love most of the characters.


I didn’t want to quote your whole post, even though I wanted to, so I just took that bit. Sometimes you are my favorite nerd.

Yes, we may have to cross many time zones and latitudes, but if the opportunity ever happens I’m buying you a beer (or sodas for the fam, or leave-in conditioner, it’s up to you).

I am also “excited” about Aquaman. :neutral_face:

Because of you two, @Tika and @twispby, I’m checking out the Spiderverse (mostly because of Tika, don’t get a big head twispby!)

Yeah, the whole thing was pretty good, but wasn’t something to write about in all-caps. I liked it a lot, but I didn’t love it.

I really wanted this to be amazing, because the original had a huge impact on me during one of those times in one’s life where art can hit you hard. 2049 was disappointingly just good, which somehow made it worse. I think it was crippled by it’s legacy. The same “everything about it” would have done much better without the Blade Runner part of the film being attached to give it some buzz.

Fun action scenes! But, on watching it again (OK, more than twice), not the best Marvel movie. It was all so dead-serious (except for at the airport, that was fun).

Also, Infinity War is just a prelude to whatever they’re cooking up next. A good excuse for buttered popcorn, but I want to see heroes heroing again (seriously, Ant-Man and the Wasp was more fun, IW was a dismal excuse to stick in as many MCU characters as possible into one movie).


My wife and I saw Aquaman Friday night. I think it was the most fun DC film in what has mostly been a flaming garbage heap of a cinematic universe. I do feel Wonder Woman is a better overall film, but Aquaman was incredibly fun, really colorful, and just a great overall popcorn flick.

Jason Momoa has a wonderful charisma that really makes the character work. I have to agree with my wife, though, that Patrick Wilson may not have been the best choice for Orm, simply because he looks (and is) older than Momoa, who is supposed to be the elder brother. Did a fine job with the role, don’t get me wrong, but it just seemed off.


Hmmm. :thinking: Ditto for me. :sunglasses:


I was a touch sick over the New Year hiatus, and took a slight break from “Red Dead Redemptioning” my way around New Hanover to rewatch A Bridge Too Far. Excellent film, and certainly the best one to be based on a Cornelius Ryan book.


I failed to mention that I loved the original Blade Runner too. But I thought that the sequel couldn’t possibly live up to it so I watched it with lowered expectations and was able to enjoy it.

My friend pointed out that in the original movie, you had an ending that was satisfying, but it also left you with enough questions to keep you thinking about it. The “what happens next” of 2049 is not an interesting question.


Nailed it! Give your friend a hug from me, that’s an excellent observation.

I know this is off-topic, but have you ever liked a game so much that you can’t help criticizing the few things that really piss you off? (I know, we should be talking about this over in Cool Ghosts, apologies to everyone. I just had my typing fingers on, and RDR2 is a fairly cinematic experience at times).


Last night we rented Bad Times at the El Royale and it turned out to be a pretty solid film. I’m a fan of Drew Goddard and this is definitely a Drew Goddard-ass script. It’s not as meta as his other work but there are some twists and some smart banter.


No, no, no, no, NO! :sob::sob::sob:

I’ve only ever watched that film twice. Once when it came out and once year’s later when I showed it to my GF. The first Alien is my absolute favourite film ever and I have watched that around 50+ times so that is some feat that Alien: Resur…Alien: Res… … that mess has annoyed me so much! :angry: