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I dug up my boxed set of the BBC’s 1970s production of I, Claudius and have been treating myself to an episode a day for the past eleven days. I’m home early from work now, and will watch the episode where Claudius’ wife Messalina gets her comeuppance while I wrap presents. Only one episode left after this one.


Peak Blessed!


Just saw Bird Box on Netflix. I really enjoyed it. I feel like this was the movie the Happening was trying to be, maybe when it grows up some day.


Interesting! From the still images, I got the impression of a slightly different take on A Quiet Place. I’ve added it to my watch list.


My mom gave me a DVD of Won’t You Be My Neighbor? for Christmas (it’s a documentary about Mr. Rogers, in case you couldn’t figure that out).

I am a huge fan of Fred Rogers. Despite the creepy vibe he inspired in some people, I really do think he was genuinely and sincerely the actual nice guy you saw on Mister Roger’s Neighborhood.

He didn’t “fight” for issues like civil rights, he just soaked his feet with a black man like it was the most natural thing in the world during a time of civic unrest. He did things that would have been controversial if it wasn’t for the fact that Mr. Rogers was doing it, and he somehow made it unquestionably normal. By the things that he did, not by the things that he said, he taught me that acceptance and compassion were things you just happened to live with as part of your day-to-day life.

Yes, a lot of you already know that I’ve never really grown up even though I’m 45, and I’m still a punk and a (white hat) hacker, and have been through a lot of questionable situations when I was younger. But Fred Rogers is still one of my heroes, and always will be.

Poorly described plots (seven words or fewer)

From XKCD, and apparently true;


Watched BlacKkKlansman tonight. Good god, what a film. The impact of every scene is amazing, and the final moments (archive footage from last year) had me in tears.



That is a great show. I loved the books too


Graves was masterful at bringing early Imperial Rome to life. The only comparable recent works of ancient historical fiction I can think of that were as successful are Nicholas Guild’s The Assyrian, and its sequel The Blood Star (the latter title to a slightly lesser extent, but it is the only novel I have ever come across that covers the pre-Bronze Age Collapse Greek settlements in Sicily. That’s worth a read right there). I highly recommend them.


Have you read Colleen McCullough’s Masters of Rome series?


Everyone here knows I am a nerd. Like, the worst kind of nerd. The kind that actually watches fan-projects of Star Trek.

So, anyway, I just watched the entirety of Star Trek: Continues, a fan project that just ended in 2017, and it works. I normally have been on a sliding scale of between “Cute< to >Godawful”, with most fan projects falling into the “Godawful” part of the spectrum. But this one wasn’t terrible.

It was a project that was trying to complete the 5-year-mission, and I think they nailed it as well as any fan project could. I’ve seen quite a few fan projects, but they really dialed it in to near perfection (including the heavy-handed morality plays, but lacking the mid-season silly bottle episodes. Vic Mignogna nails Kirk’s cadence and mannerisms, and even when the casting fails, the presentation and writing works. They made one of the most faithful ST fan projects I’ve ever seen. The cinematography, direction, and props really nails it down).

The Expanse
It started with some cool sci-fi with a big helping of hard-boiled cyber-punk (with the character of Miller [Thomas Jane, from Hung and a the only good role in the last crappy Predator movie]) and it just got more better fun. This is engaging sci-fi, and Amazon Video bought it off from the network because of stupid-fan-tricks, so we can expect an additional season. (Blame Adam Savage).


Oh forgot to mention the guilty pleasure I found and have been rationing myself to avoid blitzing through. So I love Asian dramas (esp kdramas)
And while I was looking to see where I could see Bunraku (Josh Hartnett, Ron Pearlman Gackt)
And found a Jdrama called My Little Nightmare.(Aka Akumu-chan))
A girl has nightmares that are prophesies, and get teacher helps decode the meaning to prevent bad things from happening. Its a decent drama, though quality isn’t the best, but fuzzy.
But you know when you see a show and it feels like it was written for you?
It has dream sequences where my favorite singer shows up (with what looks like a baby wish dragon from NeverEnding Story) takes the teacher to a candy house before flying away on a Pegasus.
I was watching it when my hubby cane n joined me. Gackt appeared.
Hubby- did you know he was in this?
Me-uh…no…wait um yes


About the Expanse - from what I’ve seen I liked the story, but the acting was very spotty. I’ve only seen two seasons though. I suppose I’ll have to check out the third at some point.


Unfortunately, I believe that The Expanse has been cancelled, there is no forth series on it’s way right now, though apparently Amazon are talking about picking it up :frowning: The first book is really good though (haven’t read the rest)


It was off and on. It was much better than most of the usual crap we are given for sci-fi, though.

@superjaz Yep, that seems like “That Genre You Like!” :rofl: There’s no forgiveness for that sort of thing, but there is no blame, here, either.

I can’t get into it, but considering the weird art-house crap I’ve been into, I have to say just roll with it. We’ll have your back, I’m sure there are people here who get it, too.

Besides, Ron Pearlman! Despite not speaking a lick of French, he stole every scene in La cité des enfants perdus (The City of Lost Children) that didn’t have Judith Vittet (Miette) or Joseph Lucien (Denree) in it. He dominates the scenery even more than Dominique Pinon or Daniel Emilfork, and standing out in a Jeunet et Caro film really says something about an actor. Enough said.


The City of Lost Children - first seen at around 2 am at a party after too much vodka in my teens. Took me years to track down that film!


NOPE! It’s been bought by Amazon to become an Amazon Prime series!


Excellent news!


Well worth the effort! Delicatessen,
Amélie ( Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain),
City of Lost Children
and even (yes, I know) Alien Resurrection
all worth the effort to just watch them.

Yes it is! The Expanse has some good story-building and production values, even if they lost their way sometimes. The actors vary from natural-to-stereotypical-to-stiff, but it’s generally some very fine straightforward sci-fi, with a bit of cyberpunk aesthetic, not to mention a few weirdly nuanced characters and performances (I’m looking at you, Thomas Jane and Wes Chatham).


I’m assuming one of these two plays Miller, who is outstanding!


Thomas Jane plays Miller, with the curly mohawk and a bad-ass hat and trench coat (for a while). He’s an awesome normal cyberpunk-grungy cop. Been through the wringer, eventually comes out “clean?”

Chatham plays a “morally different” heavy hitter, he always seems to try to understand why people have the mercy that he doesn’t, to back up people who he thinks are better than him.

(EDIT: Chatham nails his character, btw. He plays clueless (but not stupid), like a puppy who doesn’t get “morality” but will coldly defend the people he thinks are important as a kind of moral obligation.

And, yes, the actual lead players are much less interesting to me than some of the secondary players. The leads are a bit too normal and stereotyped. Despite the show-runners efforts to focus on a protagonist, the other characters make it worth watching).