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What are we watching?


Ok, replying to myself - but this deserves a separate comment.

Just got back from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and I have to say… it’s good!

It passed the six-laugh test, the animation was unique - it really felt like a moving comic book. The acting was good, the plot interesting, if a little predictable.

Recommended for all spider fans, or comic fans. I ain’t no massive fan of the Spider TBH!


Finished up Season 3 of The Good Place last night!

Probably my least favourite season overall, but with some of my favourite episodes! I think I’m just more invested in the fantastical afterlife wackiness and so the first part of the season was a bit slow for me. Still the best comedy on tv right now!

And we got through Thor on our MCU journey. It was fine, but mostly it just made me think of how good Ragnarok is and that’s not a fair comparison for this poor origin movie. Glad they got rid of most of the silly hats going forward though. What a waste of Idris Elba though.


You mean they had a break of 2/3 weeks to release one episode? That’s downright forking annoying. I’ll have to watch it tonight, if I get the time!

And hey! I like Thor! I think Kenneth Branagh did a fine job!


My sources say there’s 3 more episodes in this season. Not out till January though.


Really?! That’s amazing! The last one had a real season finale feel to it. I can’t wait to watch more now!


I think I like Thor because I really wasn’t expecting much from it. I was pleasantly surprised to find it to be an enjoyable film. I do wish there had been more of a time jump between Thor being banished to Earth and him learning to be worthy of his power. It seemed like two days pass and he’s suddenly a different person. Other than that, though, I really don’t have any complaints.


The Good Place is so good


I’ve been watching Nightflyers, a space horror miniseries which was sort of like a mild Event Horizon for the first half of the series. I’d pegged it at the lower end of the good SyFy shows, then E6 rolled around and was batshit crazy and suddenly I liked it a whole lot more. :laughing:

I’m still not sure I like the characters all that much, but the actors are great for the most part. I’m also curious about where the story is going. I read spoilers for the novella it’s based on and for the '80s movie, and it’s already diverged significantly.

EDIT: Finished the series. So I’m generally pretty forgiving of plot holes and the like, but there were at least three major things that weren’t addressed or executed poorly or plain didn’t make sense. I still appreciate parts of the show, but overall I wouldn’t recommend it.


I just started Happy. 1 n a 1/2 episodes in. It def grabbed me. I asked my hubby of he had any interest, and he didn’t -
(We have stuff we watch together or are free to binge)
And as much as I wanted to binge it (Ha as if I had the time) I knew he would would be interested so I showed him, now it’s on the watch together.
It’s an odd mix of wonderful and horrible. I think I crave stuff like that sometimes to battle whatever kids cartoon they just watched 30 seconds of repeat. As horror stuff is soothing.

Last night I watched Hellraiser 3 first time since a kid. I <3 Pinhead. In an odd way I think 1 and 2 hold up better.

During it I saw some ads for Nightfliers, I am really curious.


Hellraiser is one of my top 10 movies!

Nightflyers has a lot of things to like (from a horror perspective), and I think it’s enjoyable as long as you turn your brain off with respect to expecting logical behavior from the characters. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hellraiser is great!

The bit where something is borrowed is so creepy.


Just finished Jack Reacher: Never Go Back and I have to say - that was bad. Pacing was poor, the character did not work well with the extra two following him around. Some decent action scenes and an interesting co-lead did not fix the many issues. Poor. And I say that as someone who actually liked the first one, despite Tom Cruise being wrong for the lead.


I felt the same, after really liking the first one (not having read the books before I didn’t mind Tom Cruise).
I’m now afraid to watch the Equalizer 2 for fear of the same.


Just finished the final season of Voltron: Legendary Defender.
Music and visuals were absolutely top-tier, but sadly, I hated it.

I’m a ‘side character’ kind of person, and you don’t make interesting side characters and then do jack-all with them.

Also, the end.

Pretty much ruined my day.

But I do have some fine cheese just waiting to be eaten. I will eat that, and feel soothed.


Happy! popped up on Netflix, yay! I’d wanted to watch it last year but forgot to until it had disappeared from my free on demand shows. If I’d known it was a Grant Morrison thing, I would have made more of an effort because his stuff is so over-the-top funny.

Christopher Meloni is so perfect as the deranged protagonist, He’s like a combination of his characters from Wet Hot American Summer and Law & Order: SVU haha. The show isn’t quite as crazy as Preacher, and I don’t know that I like some of the treacly elements, but I really liked it overall.

I also watched Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The only things I knew was that it was animated but a few people had recommended it highly and I wanted to make use of the AMC $5 Tuesday movie thing, and it was so good! It’s so fresh, both in terms of the visuals and animation style, and how the story is told.

(AMC also has $5 popcorn + drink on Tuesdays and they’re both smaller sizes meaning they are actually reasonable sizes! I am only ever going to movies on Tuesdays from now on :laughing:)


Saw Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse the other day as well, loved it! I knew it was animated, but the style just blew me away.

Wasn’t particularly keen on Spiderpig and the anime girl Spidey, but thats a small gripe.


Spider ham not pig :smiley: I’m just glad they kept his original origin!


Since it’s the season it’s time for the traditional viewing of AD:BC A Rock Opera which I can’t recommend enough. Really go spend the $5 (or whatever it costs) and buy it right away. Everytime my wife and I watch it, we’re overcome with a desire to stage it via a ramshackle community theatre troupe.


Holy crap, God is hilarious… Thanks for the recommendation.

King herod the stand up?!


Sorry for being offline, folks, holidays and other more serious thing are happening. Won’t get into the details because it’s depressing.

The Sabrina holiday episode came out right on winter solstice, which was cool (I’m a solstice guy, we have a mini party whenever possible). It was dumb fun.

Travelers had their latest season. It sucked, because it made me cry.

And yes, all the Voltron lovers, I’m going to miss it too, but I don’t think this will be the last we hear of it. There’s gotta be a Voltron Next-Gen thing in the works. (Also, season 8 had a great bottle-episode with episode 7, one of my favorites, hands-down).

On YouTube, I was recently hooked on Worth It (BuzzFeed). It’s a thing where some people try one type of food, at three drastically different price-points (from a few bucks to half a year’s rent). I tend to hate these kind of shows, like really hate them. I could not look away. I had some bad things happen around my life recently, and a dumb show like this was kind of what I needed.