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What are we watching?


That’s absolutely horrifying. Why would you even tell us that?


Well, I enjoyed The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. Well, all apart from the third story. I note that that particular one didn’t appear on any of @MinuteWalt’s, his son’s, or his son’s fiance’s lists of favourites. I’m not really able to order my preferences for the others, as I thought they were all very good in their own way.

… and now I’m developing a grudging respect for the third story too, but I didn’t enjoy sitting through it.


The Gal Who Got Rattled is the one that upset us the most, in a good way, and each story has it’s merit. Even the third story!


I just reread that, and all I can say is there was going to be all kinds of context had I not been distracted by my young granddaughter. Edited.



It was unpleasant, uncomfortable, it wasn’t fun at all.
Which isn’t to say it wasn’t good. It was poignant, and classic Cohen when they’re being serious.

Man, that really upset me, too, I was so hoping for a happy ending.


Was intending to re-watch Paterson as a local streaming service was playing it, but I had aspect ratio problems connecting laptop to TV and couldn’t bear to watch it like that. I’ll have to get it on disc instead – just the first few minutes brought on a rush of memory about how special that film is.

Watched The Philadelphia Story for the first time, instead. (Recommended. Would Philadelphia Story again.)


Just tried Sabrina and I’m afraid it’s not for me. Just too much telegraphing of the plot. Sorry people!


Just watched Shin Godzilla. No obvious guy-in-a-rubber-Godzilla-suit thrashing a miniature city, but plenty of West Wing-esque walking conversations? FAIL.


I was bored by the end, which I didn’t expect. Yeah, blah blah blah, it had some moments, and I have to say it wasn’t the worst Godzilla movie, but it wasn’t the best.


My feeling is that recent productions have forgotten that we “Godzillaphiles” don’t love Godzilla despite the fact that it’s obviously a guy in a suit; we love it because it’s obviously a guy in a suit…and we always wanted to be that guy. A “realistic” portrayal of a 500 ft nuclear Tyrannosalamander is always going to fall flat in the end. As for building up tension with a plot, “Godzilla has to leave Monster Island and defend Earth from a giant laser tulip brought by the evil space owls from Zeta Reticuli for no discernible reason” is much better than the “bureaucratic gridlock is annoying and often counterproductive” theme in this new film. I’m going to go watch Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla now.


The more I think about it, if they had dispensed with Godzilla entirely and replaced it with a massive earthquake, it had the makings of a pretty good disaster drama. I’m going to go watch Godzilla vs. Megalon now.


If the scale of the buildings relative to Godzilla doesn’t vary by an order of magnitude depending on the shot, it’s not a proper Godzilla movie.


Parks and Rec reruns.


Black Mirror


Now that it’s getting close to the holidays I can finally start to work on the stuff I put off watching for one reason or another. I ended up waiting until the last season of The Expanse was done so I could binge it. I’ve also got the last half of the last season of Orphan Black to finish up. Hurray for mandatory days off work!


It’s that time of year again when I get drawn into Masterchef and I’m a Celebrity… (my TV guilty pleasure). Not really been watching much ‘serious’ stuff since we finished Killing Eve There’s been the occassional Black Mirror.

I’ve started watching Star Trek: Discovery which I’m hoping might be the Star Trek that I can convince my fiancée to watch. :fearful:

On the bright side, it’s also getting that time of year where we watch Lost again! Yay! :sunglasses: When we finished it (again) earlier in the year it left a tangible hole in our lives and I’ve been itching to watch it again ever since!


We finished the rerun some time ago. When to start the next one?


Just keep alternating between that and the Office forever.


Saw The House with a Clock in Its Walls on a whim, I didn’t know too much about it. I wish I’d seen it back in October now. It was creepy and bizarre and a lot of fun you didn’t have to think about too hard to enjoy, which was perfect because I was feeling a bit ill.

S2 of Patriot was released, and “un monsieur triste en costume” (“the sad man in a suit”) is still being perfectly portrayed by Michael Dorman, and still swings you around the poles of hilarious and “oh, nooo…” Ever since Die Hard, I like main characters who are not invincible (in that era, that’s all we had until then, DH was the first to show that the hero could be vulnerable and hurt), and this portrays this trope better than anything I’ve seen.

Great music, too!

Happy! It’s about a little girl’s imaginary cartoon flying unicorn who helps her get rescued from bad guys! It made me believe in Christmas again!
I loved it!
(NOTE: Multiple trigger warnings, this is not a kid’s show, and probably not a show for some adults. It doesn’t exactly “walk the line” between endearing and disturbing, so much as wobbles along it like a drunk taking a field sobriety test. If the first 1 and 1/2 minutes doesn’t grab you, just back away slowly. It settles down a bit, then gets weirder and weirder over time, as well. If that sounds fun to you, don’t read anything else about it, just watch it.)

Also, a great soundtrack, but mostly in the closing credits.


Happy! Was sooooo good, but IMHO the ending has obviously been changed to allow a season 2. Good god, roll on season 2! I agree that it sin’t for everyone. I knew my wife would hate it - she is a little more proper than I. Then, one night she says “Can we watch this with tea?” and sticks Happy! on. I have never been prouder in my life!