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What are we watching?


From what I’ve read, the last season is the last, apparently. Which is fine! Better to intentionally shut it down than to get burnt-out and cancelled.


I saw the trailer. That hits so many of my buttons. :heart::skull::rofl:


Watched One or Two Fantastic Beasts but Actually Mostly Grindlewald. For those who actually liked the first movie, that might be the most damning review I could write, but my other review is: cinematography is painful to the eyes, and too many plotlines and mini-finales make the conclusion feel underwhelming and extremely forced.

Tried watching the first episode of She-Ra. I can’t do it, and not because I’m a ma-aaaan. I’m getting really, really, REALLY tired of ‘child beats up fully grown adults’. Also tired of ‘child is actually thought of as more effective leader than adult’. I work with kids. Some of them have prodigious intellectual and physical abilities for their age. They are not fooling or beating (most) adults at anything. But for some reason every piece of media made for them seems to reinforce that kids just have to scrunch their faces and try really hard and they can beat an adult at anything.

I rewatched Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, to ingest a good HP movie, and once again appreciated that the children are children, and despite being clever, are quite wrong at what they determine, and must grow as a result.

(One of the adverts before fantastic beasts was for a wireless LTE service that advertised a women climbing a mountain and then watching shows at the top. I reflexively grunted ‘Sure, look at your phone and not at the fricken mountains’ and my wife immediately informed me that I am becoming an old and out of touch crotchety geezer.)


We’ll become old and out of touch crotchety geezers together, dude. I got your back. (<-see, I just used “dude” and “got your back,” and it wasn’t ironic until I realized what I had written, and I made this parenthetical statement. I’m sure we’ll be playing Crokinole together in the old nerd’s retirement home eventually, and I can’t believe I spelled “parenthetical” correctly on the first try).



I totally loved She Ra, I am actually on my second run through already…

Unsure if Seahawk or Scorpia is my fave so far…


Your handle is @skeletor. Let’s face it, the only other animated re-boot you could like more would be He-Man. I don’t think anyone’s surprised that you like it!

(you know, because the original She-Ra was a marketing response to the popularity of He-Man in the toy market and…OK, sorry, never mind)

I’m just kidding, it’s actually a pretty fun show, I’m glad this thread brought it to my attention.


Well, yeah I guess that is true. :slight_smile:

Then again on the other hand, being pretty obviously a fan of the source material, I did have some trepidation about whether I would enjoy it or not, but was super happy to see that they did an excellent job of updating what was basically a series of thinly veiled toy commercials and make an actual compelling show out of it! :wink:

Plus, having a 9 month old daughter, I am very happy to have some fightback material for the inevitable obsession with historically problematic princess media.

Finally, if the show is so popular that certain other ancillary properties were to be rebooted, I certainly wouldn’t complain…


The constant call backs to setting fire to ships was brilliant.


My 7yo is loving She-Ra. I saw a tiny bit and it was too high school angsty for my current emotional state to handle.

The CW DC shows are taking up my TV time, but they’ve all seemed to haemorrhage their quality to Legends of Tomorrow, which is comfortably the most fun on my TV radar.


(I’m comically bad at crokinole, and I feel like I’ll be even worse when I’m arthritic. Can we play cards instead? Poker for mints?)


(I suck at Poker. I can lie like crazy, but I have no luck with gambling, even if it’s for mints or peanuts. How about Cockroach Poker? Or Love Letter? The Pathfinder Card Game? If we get more old-farts involved, we could do Monikers or Codenames. Obviously, no Catacombs, billiards, or shuffleboard for you, my friend. Zombie Dice?)


OK, just to get this back on track: I’ve been watching Ultimate Beastmaster off and on. It’s a lot like Ninja Warrior, with athletes trying to run through an obstacle course, only with competitors from a handful of UN-friendly countries against other UN countries, and no time limit (it’s points based for various goals).

It’s a guilty pleasure, to be sure, but it can be gut-wrenching edge-of-your-seat fun. Also, you get to watch other people do amazing athletic things whilst sitting on your couch having a beer.


That reminds me of watching “<Country Name> Gladiators” (I forget which one) many years ago, and they were hyping up their uber-muscley new Gladiator by the imposing name of “Beast”.

Eventually Beast made his debut, whereupon it transpired that no one had explained to Beast that an all-around impression of being Beast-y was going to be beneficial from a P.R. perspective.

“Contestant! Are you ready?” called the announcer, as the game was about to get underway.

“Ready!” affirmed the contestant.

“Beast! Are you ready?” called the announcer.

“yes” said Beast.

I don’t remember exactly what happened after that (we were laughing too much), but someone obviously “had words” with Beast in the interim, as the next time he was asked if he was ready the response was more along the lines of "Raawrrarr!!"


The other night I watched the last two parts of the Cornetto Trilogy;

Hot Fuzz A London city police officer is relocated to the country, but all is not as it seems…


The World’s End A group of men try to relive their youth and complete a pub crawl finishing in “The World’s end” pub, but all is not as it seems…

Well… brief summary anyway. I love these films - they make me smile! The direction tells most of the story - this is cinema with a capital C. “Show, don’t tell.”

For example;

Well worth a watch, minor spoilers, some swearing.


Hot Fuzz is great : )

If you’re not familiar (or heck, even if you are), also watch the Avengers episode “Murdersville”, which is what instantly sprang to mind when I saw that film.

(Edit: Also about time I watched Spaced again.)


I really didn’t “get” Hot Fuzz at all, which seems weird because I remember liking Shaun of the Dead well enough. Maybe I was in the wrong mood when I watched it.


I liked it, but it felt to me like one of those long winded jokes with an amazing punchline. It was fairly slow setting up everything and then the last 30 minutes are non-stop jokes and action based on everything that had been established. My wife and I still say “Big, Bushy Beard!” at random.


We progressed through Iron Man 2 last night and it was so much better than I remembered. I think it’s my favourite of the trilogy! Is that crazy? I remember not liking 3 all that much, but we’ll see when we get back up to it.

It felt like a mini-Avengers movie with super low stakes. Nick Fury, Black Widow, Coulson, and War Machine all in one movie just made the MCU feel real for the first time! I found it funnier than the original Iron Man and Sam Rockwell got to dance, so improvements all around.

A good palette cleanser from those Hulk shenanigans!


If ever “the greater good” (or something close) gets said around me, I can’t resist intoning it in a west country accent.


We remembered not liking 3, but on our Big Rewatch preparatory to Infinity War we found that it is a great set up for Phase Three.

We agree on Iron Man 2, as well. Both are underrated.

On topic, I watched the Iron Bowl again. For those not familiar, this is the final game of the regular season (of college football [American]) between arch rivals Alabama and Auburn.

My team (Alabama) won in convincing fashion, avenging a loss last season. Now we play in the conference championship, then on to the 4 team playoff.