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What are we watching?


Ok, so I am slightly (very) drunk right now and I want to make an… interesting recommendation.

True Stories tells the tale of the sesquicentennial celebration of a small town in Texas. Its a truly multi-purpose movie and is equal parts funny, funky, thoughtful and touching. It is odd, but not for the sake of odd. It’s different than anything else you will have seen.

Watch it NOW!

(I’d love to know what Americans think of this film. Based off this alone I would love to tour small town America)


In preparation for the next Avengers movie, my wife and I are watching all the Marvel movies again. Started with Iron Man tonight.

After ten years it still holds up really well. I’m still transformed into a little kid gawking as Stark steps into his finished suit for the first time. Marvel has always been criticized (rightly so for the most part) for having weak villains, but I appreciated Obadiah as a “smaller” villain. Knowing the build up to the big baddies makes me appreciate the little stories more.

Next up will be The Incredible Hulk which is the only MCU movie I haven’t seen! It’s one of my best friends favourite movies of all time! And everyone else says it’s really meh! Exciting!


I just watched The City & the City, which was fun! A pleasure to see a book you really like not be totally screwed up in translation, especially one as difficult to film as this. Of course, the ending was a little rushed and fudged, but otherwise it was very well done.


You’re talking about the David Byrne movie with John Goodman, et al, right?
I saw it in the theater when it came out. It’s fantastic.

(Don’t worry about being buzzed, better to be behind a keyboard than a steering wheel)


I haven’t heard of this before, but I looked it up, now. It’s in my queue, it looks cool.


Damn straight! You’re lucky to have seen it at the cinema - I don’t even think it made it over here. (But I’m probably wrong!)


I think nearly everyone outside the UK missed it. BBC only AFAIK, unless you are an unscrupulous pirate.


I am an unscrupulous pirate, no worries there, but I will still do my best to give money to people who I think deserve it.

OK, I take that back, I suppose that statement does say I have scruples. I have purchased a lot of things that have been released for free that I’d tried out first (not quite the same thing as pirating). But I’m pretty sure I was a scrupulous pirate in a previous life.

(also I like saying scruples/unscrupulous, it makes me giggle)


I like the disconnect between scrupulous and unscrupulous.

But, yeah, pirates with scruples (like me!) are also free to enjoy BBC output in my book. You might never find a way to channel any money towards the people involved, and I think it deserves a wider audience.

(if anyone is interested, feel free to ask me for a private filesharing link)


So The Incredible Hulk

I officially have a bottom on my list of Marvel movies. That was really bad. The performances were bad, the daily was so bad, and apparently the Hulk busts out over high heart rates?! Is that a thing?!

Really solid decision to basically forget this movie existed in the overall MCU.


Is that the one that Ang Lee directed, or the one with Ed Norton in it?


Should be the later, since it’s basically a reboot of the Ang Lee one and the one in the MCU line


It’s the one with Norton in it. And Liv Tyler. I haven’t seen the earlier one, but I’m imagining it’s better.


Nope, even worse. I actually don’t mind the MCU Hulk, but it is at the bottom for me. The MCU is so well done, however, that even the bottom isn’t that bad.


Finished She-Ra over the weekend. The first few episodes were a little slow and muddled but the series got significantly better after that. I’m definitely looking forward to next season.


There’s been other positive things about She-Ra (said here and elsewhere), I think my tenuous sense of masculinity has been preventing me from diving in.

I suppose I’m just going to cave in, I love animation and seeing the new takes creators have on ancient franchises (Voltron, just as an example.)

Also, I’ve accepted Crazy Ex-Girlfriend into my life, and I am acknowledging I have a ridiculous fondness for musical comedy romance (I was hooked on Galavant after the first few episodes, and we will not speak of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog because I do not wish to weep).

But, yes, I’ll check out She-Ra even though I’m a very masculine man :muscle:. I can call it part of my interest into the art of animation and storytelling.


Don’t worry, there’s a character for you.


(I’m not actually all that masculine. I am a floppy nerd. I just like to pretend sometimes.)


(I think you’ll really like Seahawk. He even does a song :smiley: )


Make sure that you go and see Anna and the Apocalypse (which, if it hasn’t been and gone, may well be screening around the end of the year).

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is great : ) I was introduced to it recently, and quickly hooked. The songs are often hilarious. I don’t know how long they can keep that up for, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it so far.