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What are we watching?


I hope you aren’t saying my 3-year-old daughter shouldn’t be a huge fan of Adventure Time, because that ship has sailed…


Adventure Time is amazing (dangit, was amazing. I’m so sad it’s done, now, it broke my heart when I saw the final episode).

There are many, many super-freaky bits where I thought (to myself) NOPE NOPE NOPE! This isn’t for kids, this is barely even for me!

But the artistry and obvious love that went into it outweighs everything. It was a fantastic series.
(Guess who’s getting himself a box-set for Christmas and calling it a “gift” for his 8-year-old! OK it’s obviously me.)


Interesting to hear that there are people who strongly disliked The Babadook – I think it’s such a good film, and Essie Davis gives a fantastic performance. The hardest part of the film for me is the early scenes in which they do such an effective job of portraying how shatteringly intolerable her child is, that it drives the viewer a bit crazy too. It’s fairly important for the story, though, and I’d never dissuade anyone from watching the film on that account, but it might be something you have to brace yourself to get past.


I used to watch Adventure Time and Gumball with the kid when she was 4! I was done with Dora. Oh and also the surprisingly good Scooby Doo reboot with the overarching storyline about a Lovecraftian cosmic horror.


Just got done with The Kominsky Method. Good lord, Micheal Douglas is a great actor!


Tonight is the weekly gathering to watch Riverdale and I gotta say, this season is really hammering home how stupid Jughead is. The literal second Betty is off doing something else Jughead puts himself in mortal danger. I’ve seen toddlers with more common sense than him.
Other than that this season is fine. I was hoping it would be more True Detective based on the pre-season teasers but it’s just the usual so-bad-it’s-OK TV.


Riverdale. This has had so much potential, but it keeps…arrgh, it’s like a roller coaster that can never quite get to the top.

I’m sorry for that bad analogy. It’s just so close to being good, almost being great, but every time it’s almost there, it fails. I’ll still watch it, though.

@simian, irt Jughead, look up “idiot ball
(or not, I can summarize it: it’s basically when you have a character doing something that no real person, even stupid people, would do. That character is carrying the idiot ball. It’s a common lazy writer’s shortcut for when they have to just churn out a plot.
Also, the Kardashians).


My wife just showed me the trailer to that. Looks great!


It was interesting enough for me to watch the whole thing last night. And I never do that. Mind you the Jim Beam Devil’s Cut and the cat on my lap may have played a part.


I binged the whole of She-Ra on Thursday/Friday and it was so good! I’m torn deciding what my favourite bits are. Possibly just any time Sea Hawk or Scorpia are on screen …


We finished of The Haunting of Hill House, and I agree it really went down (for me) in the last couple of episodes. That said, my gf and others I’ve talked to, seemed to really like the ending.

I think our next show is Game of Thrones Season 7 which just popped up on Crave (part of the relaunch I believe). We still need to finish The Expanse, and my GF wants me to watch Banshee with her. She has already watched it, but says its right up my alley.

One of these days I’m going to finally get to Walking Dead S7 and 8…I need to see what happens with Negan.


I’m a bit behind I know, but I started watching The Good Place on the weekend, and binged most of season 1. Its really good - very entertaining. Ted Danson is great in it.


Most people who know Danson know him from Cheers, which I’ve never seen. I first encountered him in the later seasons of CSI, where he was a fairly pompous patriarchal type (I can go on for some time about the problems of that show’s worldview). I rather think the way he plays in The Good Place is informed by that.


Over the weekend watched The Ballad of Buster Scruggs and, well, it was sure was a thing.

  • Was it well shot? :white_check_mark:
  • Was it well acted? :white_check_mark:
  • Where the locations beautiful? :white_check_mark:
  • Was it well written? :question:
  • Did it need to get made? :question:

I’m of the thought that if you’re going for gallows humour (HA!) it needs to be absurd in order to land properly. Apart from the first two and final vignettes wasn’t so much as enjoyable as it was bleak.


I had the same reaction. “Hey these are kind of amusing! Oh, dear… Oh no! But… why?”

It felt like a western Black Mirror by the end. I felt like some of the later ones really dragged on too.


I finished The Good Place season 1! And it was terrific, I’m hooked.


@simian and @twispby

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

I thought it was Cohen Brothers through-and-through. I expected no less or more. It was silly, and painful, and spoopy, and other things in turn. It was an anthology, though, so you take the parts you like and ignore the rest.

But one thing is for sure, it was the Cohen’s, whether you’re a fan of Finnegan’s Wake or The Hudsucker Proxy, it contained most of their repertoire in excellent form. I also was appreciative about the music, they reverted some of the “Western” songs back into the immigrant lyrics.

I’ve had some debate with my son and his fiancee about our favorite bits. I liked the first, second, fifth, and last (in that order). They liked the last, first, fifth, and fourth, in that order.

I gotta say, having Tom Waits singing and frighting all the wildlife away was too clever by half, he’s an amazing guy but famously has that gravelly voice. And seeing Saul Rubinek pulling off a French accent was a hoot! I’m a big fan of Saul’s.

But, as I have said (sorry, I repeat myself sometimes, I’m getting older and we do that. Also I got hit on the head a lot as a teenager) it’s a movie of many parts, take the ones you want and leave the rest behind.

My main disappointment is they didn’t include any of their notorious dream sequences.

EDIT: I also have to add, Stephen Root showing up in anything is a special treat. He’s from my home town, we went to the same university, and is a very versatile and prolific character actor. Just like in Office Space, he’s virtually unrecognizable here, and a blast to watch in the short screen time he’s given.


I had little interest in this whole conversation until you said Coen Brothers. Now I’ll have to track it down =)

… also, wow, there’s a whole lot of stuff they’ve made in the meanwhile. How did I manage to miss the last 10 years of Coen Brothers?


Starting watching Homecoming last night and even though I’m only 2 eps in I’m fighting the urge to binge the whole season all at once. I’m a big fan of Mr Robot/Sam Esmail so this definitely something I want to savour.


Ah! The joy of the anthology! You don’t have to spend too long in any one world, if it’s good - you get to enjoy it. if it’s bad another one’ll be along soon.

I really enjoyed this film, I just wish one particular story hadn’t been quite so bleak. But, that’s the Coen Brothers for you! I like their films, but can never watch them more than once.

P.S. Had to google the word spoopy as I thought people were just misspelling spooky. :blush: