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What are we watching?


Magnum P.I. is great but … well a bit problematic for this day and age. I still enjoy watching a handful of episodes every so often though.


More binge watching!

Killjoys S4 - Excellent world building in this series (comparable to The Expanse) with great characters and so much fun. I don’t like the transition from episodic to serial (because that makes it less fun) but I really like the character development with all of the supporting cast. Pree (the flamboyant bartender) and his warlord husband :heart:, scientist!Zeph and her relationship with reformed shady character Pippin, even their cranky former boss Turin and former antagonist Delle Seyah have changed and grown.

Next season is the final season which seems just about right. I love it when shows end at the right time (12 Monkeys did it the best).

Legion S2 - Got to the finale. It wasn’t as annoying as I thought it would be, but I take issue with the trope of, “oh our hero has done some questionable things” and that somehow justifies a free pass for villains who have intentionally done much worse. Overall, the season continues the excellent visuals and style of S1, although no single scene to rival the Bolero sequence from S1.

Stranger Things S2 - It took me a long time to get to this because I wanted to watch this with the kid again, and she was jaded about second seasons of good TV shows because they are never as good as the first (she’s not wrong, for the most part). We really liked it! I liked Max a lot, and Bob grew on me.

Spoilers follow: (Sorry, something in the following text is breaking the spoiler tag. Don’t read the rest of this if you want to avoid Stranger Things S2 spoilers!) I don’t like that Eleven was separate from the kids until the season finale, but having Max in the group helped somewhat, and I loved the relationship between her and Hopper. I was a bit :roll_eyes: about Eleven being jealous of Mike and Max, but it makes sense given that she essentially has the emotional maturity of a 5-year-old because of her abusive upbringing.

Even though it’s heavily inspired by the '80s, I really appreciate that they continue to stay away from some of the more annoying tropes. Will’s mom (Winona Ryder) continues to impress by being smart (despite being frazzled and worried) and actually listening to her kid and believing him when presented with evidence despite how crazy everything seems. She recognizes the monster in the video tape, she realizes that Will’s seemingly random drawings connect to make a map, and she figures out that they need to crank up the heat to “exorcise” Will.

Steve connecting with Dustin to form what we called “Team Idiot” was also a lot of fun. He’s not the best match for Nancy, but he’s generally a good guy, and was a brave defender of the kids.

The most heartbreaking storyline was poor Barb’s parents selling their house to pay a private detective to keep looking for her. :cry: The short scene of her funeral at the end kind of killed me.

And after all of the justiceforbarb stuff, they go and kill Bob. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not saying he shouldn’t have died; he did something very brave and incredibly risky so it wasn’t out of the blue. The kid was excited to learn that the actor (Sean Astin) was Mikey in The Goonies because she loves that movie.

I found an article with an easter egg about Hopper and Eleven. His daughter had a blue ribbon that she used to tie her hair, and after she died, he always wore it on his wrist. At the dance at the end of the finale, Eleven was wearing it around her wrist. :joy:


I thought I was 1/2 through Legion S2 but I just checked and I’m only 3 episodes in. I really like it but it’s definitely not a show that I can binge.


Oh! And Sapphire and Steel. That’s still great, even if the effects are a bit wobbly. Used to teach a kid who was obsessed with The Professionals. We watched them at dinner time with his friends. Was OK actually!


I know, so sweet!


Steve and Dustin were my favorite part of S2.


I’m semi-obsessed with Sapphire and Steel because I watched it when I was 4 or 5 and it really left an impression on me! It was very weird and dream-like and slightly scary, which are all things that I still like.


@Tika I have the boxed set of Sapphire & Steel on my bookcase. Even now I can’t watch the one with the creature living in the photographs without getting really, really spooked.

EDIT: Missed the strong text


Started watching the new She-Ra series and I’m cautiously optimistic. It seems the right amount of being its own thing while giving good nostalgia/easter eggs.


I knew you were a nerd, I just didn’t know how much of nerd.
I’m impressed, honestly.

My ex gave my kid the box-set of the original a few years ago for Christmas, I’ve been very tentative.
You generally have a reliable opinion, though, please give some feedback once you have a handle on it! I’d appreciate it, at any rate.

I know this is neither here nor there, but I do have to say to @Tika sometimes a single space or an “Enter” (aka a “Carriage Return”) can break formatting on the forums, especially with spoiler text. Sometimes you need to mess around with it a little, or report it if nothing works.

That being said, for Stranger Things S2 yep to all of that, however I do think Dustin is actually the smartest guy on the team (even if Steve is probably the dumbest).

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, @Tika has my respect for her opinion of media, she has never led me wrong.


I watched the first couple of episodes of She-Ra yesterday and I enjoyed it. And I’ve heard nothing but good things from everyone who’s seen it. But it’s Noelle Stevenson, so I didn’t expect anything less.


I finished The Haunting of Hill House


It seemed scarier at the start, before they explained everything. Maybe after a few episodes I just got used to the spooky stuff. Still good tho.


I actually tried to watch this the other day. Emphasis on the tried. I am sure I watched it years ago and loved it, but this time I was just bored! I only gave it 15 mins though… I’m wondering if this is a bit like Star Wars - I loved that as a kid, but now find it rather dull. I like the new ones though.


I actually moved the spoiler tags around, trying to narrow down the offending text, then realized I was basically debugging, which is what I do at work, and stopped. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dustin has some interesting ideas, but his emotional immaturity is a big liability. Lying to all of his friends could have led to worse things than a dead cat. (I hate cats so I was like “oh wow, it ate the cat!” while the kid was horrified haha.)


Oh man, have you watched Home Alone recently? My friend had it playing at her house while I was there for Christmas and all I remember was the kid setting crazy traps for the burglars and the reality is that it was only the last 15 minutes of the movie. Pretty much nothing else happened the rest of the time.


The films in our memories are better than the real thing!


Started watching Babylon Berlin with my partner.
Wasn’t sure I’d be into it, but it’s really well made and the plot starts to move along nicely soon.
There supposedly are a lot of historical inaccuracies, but despite having visited a seminar at uni about Weimar Republic Berlin, I don’t think I’ll really notice many.

The only downside is that Germany having not that many prolific actors, I feel like I recognize a little too many faces from other shows.


@Tika This is referring to your spoiler text, so I won’t elaborate.

You must have loved ALF :rofl:

I’m sorry, that was stupid, let’s move on!

I have taken a re-intrest (is that a word?) in Kevin Delaney and his Street Science show. I’ve always had a weak-spot for presenting real science like it was a magic trick, and this neck-bearded nerd has a bit of aplomb.

He’s run through all of the classics that are supposed to get kids interested, but made it look like a show for grown-ups, which I approve of (there are too many adults who are not freaked out by science, and need that child-like awe sometimes). Myth Busters did it best, but he’s continued the tradition in a more science-y fashion…


Ok, so let’s be honest here. The show we are watching is suitable for age 7+. I’d say the target audience is 10-12 years old. I am more than four times that.

Look, we like the odd cartoon, ok? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hilda is a show from Netflix about a little girl who moves to the big town, and joins the scouts. That’s pretty much it.


It also has;

Really weird creatures…
No, Really…

Watching the show is like slipping into a nice, warm bath…


Don’t look at the “target audience.”
Look inside yourself.

I’m kidding, Hilda’s a super charming show anyone of any age should be able to enjoy!
It does have some creepy elements, but that makes the adorable ones better in contrast.

It’s also a billion percent less prone to cause nightmares than Adventure Time (or even Gravity Falls, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, or Steven Universe (all of which are most excellent, don’t get me wrong, I’d recommend them to anyone aged between 8-to-145)).